Every Single Disney World Ride Ranked from Worst to Best

We get this question, a lot: What is the best ride at Walt Disney World?

It’s basically an impossible question. Do you mean the best ride for kids? The most iconic ride? The most thrilling? If only there was a (not-really) scientific way to answer this difficult question… .

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

We’ve searched through YOUR reviews and already addressed what YOU think the BEST rides in Disney World are, now we’re diving even deeper to RANK THEM ALL.
Now for the fine print.

We scoured the AllEars Review Section and pulled together a list of all of the  rides and ranked them from LOWEST to HIGHEST. (Keep in mind these are RIDES — no shows, walk throughs, or theater experiences included.) We’re not saying we agree on all counts, but these are the rides that keep you coming back again and again! And here’s the deal, folks, if you don’t agree, or if your favorite ride is too low on this list for your liking, then go in and review it! Our data is only as good as your submissions!

Now, as Peter Pan says: “Here we gooooooo…..”

48. TriceraTop Spin

Score: 4.05/10

TriceraTop Spin

Our Readers Say:

“Not very immersive and I prefer the originality of Dumbo to Triceratops spin.”

“Okay, yes….it is a dinosaur themed Dumbo style ride. But there is little to no wait….you get awesome music as you ride, and it is a flying dinosaur!!”

“Dinosaur Dumbo” (as I like to call it) is certainly not the best attraction in the Park (or even DinoLand U.S.A.), but every ride has a target audience. Since it doesn’t have a height requirement, it might be popular among young children who cannot ride most anything else in the Park, especially given the lack of rides for small kids in Animal Kingdom. It only lasts 90 seconds and takes the same circular path as Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Magic Carpets of Aladdin, and Astro Orbiter. It is probably even less popular than the aforementioned rides due to its lack of Disney theming. A good ride for kids (if they ask to go on it) but just a time-suck for anyone else.”

47. Tomorrowland Speedway

Score: 5.42/10

Tomorrowland Speedway

Our Readers Say:

“I can’t believe how underrated this ride is! I think Tommorowland Speedway is a great experience, especially if you have little ones. Did you know you can even get your “driver’s license” after you ride? I know some people rate this ride badly because the line can get very long, the cars are noisy, and they’re gas-powered cars so you smell gas in line, but this is where many people will remember their first time driving a car! This is a classic, and I just can’t underrate it.”

“You’ve got the overwhelming smell of burning rubber assaulting your nose while you wait in line and then the terrible steering controls once you get to ride. The cars themselves move too slowly and if you’re unlucky (like I once was), you’ll get stuck behind a kid who keeps brake-checking you when you’re just trying to enjoy a short drive. I truly feel sorry for the cast members who work at this ride. Not a must-do unless you think you need to let your kid try their hand behind the wheel for 2 minutes. You can skip.”

“The smell is awful, the cars are very small. I can’t imagine poor parents with long legs. It’s a loud, smelly, boring attraction.”

46. Magic Carpets of Aladdin

Score: 5.61/10

Our Readers Say:

“This ride is nothing to write home about. It’s the same as Dumbo and Astro Orbiter, but with less of a wait (usually). It makes for a good filler attraction between Lightning Lanes or when a member of your party can’t ride something else.”

“Flying carpets and spitting camels”

“This is a Dumbo style attraction with much lower wait times. The theming is super cool and I LOVE the spitting camel. If you have littles who love Aladdin (or are like me and love Aladdin) this may be a better option over Dumbo. I personally disagree that this ride sticks out in the land I think it goes with the overall theme. I think it appears to stick out because of the sunglass shop next door which makes it seem like the ride doesn’t fit. This is a personal favorite and I would ride this over Dumbo every time if I had to choose.”

45. Astro Orbiter

Score: 5.67/10

Astro Orbiter

Our Readers Say:

“Great views, not exciting”

“Not with the wait. Just another dumbo style ride but with a better view”

“My family and I went on this right at fireworks. Amazing photos but a little slow to get the right moments”

44. Liberty Square Riverboat

Score: 6.26/10

Liberty Square Riverboat

Our Readers Say:

“Casual boat ride. Great way to fill some time. Rode again for the first time in many years, and it was just as I remembered.”

“Grab some popcorn from the popcorn cart right across from the riverboat entrance and go on a relaxing ride. It does make you feel calm even though you’re in the middle of a bustling theme park.”

“Beautiful river boat. Our family loves to take this leisure ride every visit. It’s a great change from all the commotion. It feels like you’re going back in time.”

43. Barnstormer

Score: 6.26/10

The Barnstormer

Our Readers Say:

“Fun and great for the kids! Not a terrible wait!”

“So the barnstormer very fun first kid coaster but super short and not that tall but I do have good memories of going on this ride 4 times in a road with my grandma when I was 6!”

“Barnstormer is a really fun low intensity rollercoaster that even my 6 year old enjoyed. I think in terms of “movement” it is even more fun than the 7 dwarves rollercoaster”

42. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel

Score: 6.65/10

King Arthur Regal Carrousel

Our Readers Say:

“I know this is “just” a carrousel but it’s an excellent one. All of the horses are beautiful and there are varying sizes for all ages. Plus you have a view of the castle while riding. I may be biased because I love carrousels but truly this one is a fabulous one.”

“Very nice carousel in nice location, but something you can do places outside of Walt Disney World”

“Typical carousel, but with Disney music. Not a must do but we will ride if there is a short line.”

41. Na’vi River Journey

Score: 6.68/10

Na’vi River Journey

Our Readers Say:

“Its beautiful!! I think it deserves better. It is fun, and if you don’t like it you can go on Flight of Passage”

“The colors are enjoyable to look at and it is a very relaxing boat ride.”

“Relaxing ride through a beautiful glowing forest. The animatronic is amazing and my daughter loved this ride. If you love pandora at night then you’ll like this ride.”

40. Alien Swirling Saucers

Score: 6.74/10

Alien Swirling Saucers

Our Readers Say:

“Theming is cute, waits are normally lower then posted, fun for kids. If looking for thrill would probably skip this”

“I like the concept of the ride, it’s like one of the old rides that used to be at carnivals.”

“Just a light hearted filler attraction that lets you ride around in an alien driven spaceship.”

39. Mission: Space

Score: 6.74

Mission: SPACE

Our Readers Say:

“This ride is underrated!!! Amazing technology, cool story, awesome feeling!!!”

“The orange side does an excellent job at simulating what an actual rocket launch would feel like. It’s a very unique experience. The green side is great for people prone to motion sickness. I do wish they would update the ride however, it is one of my favorites!”

“It was great mother had to get out before it started because it was to small do not recommend for people with motion sicknesses”

38. The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Score: 7.22/10

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Our Readers Say:

“If there’s less than 10 minutes for a wait, it may be worth it. Maybe 20 minutes if you have a desperate need for A/C. Or if you can get a late lightning lane. Other than that, it is super meh”

“This is a great ride for people with kiddos or looking to relax for a minute in the park. I love it personally and love that it ends in an aquarium where the adventure can continue”

“A must do for kids. A fun family ride that is similar to ‘Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid’ but better. Fantastic exit to aquarium.”

37. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Score: 7.22/10

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Our Readers Say:

“Of the three rides in the this style at disney world; ROTR, mickey and Minnie’s runaway railway, and this, Remi’s sits very firmly at the bottom. Way too much is in front of 3D screens, and nowhere near enough physical set pieces (impressive as they are). Considering how much better both ROTR and Mickey and Minnie’s is compared to this, I can’t justify they long wait times this ride still sees.”

“Amazing. Even though it’s a screen, the 3D effect makes it look real”

“This was truly spectacular. Even though it is just screens, with the 3D, it feels like it’s real! Great technology and is super cute.”

36. Kali River Rapids

Score: 7.38/10

Our Readers Say:

“This ride is AWESOME!!! If your not a big fan of water rides you may not like this one, and it’s also very exciting for the kids, the only con I would say this ride has is if you have a party less than 8 you have to sit with another group.”

“It is very exiting for little kids to get wet and cool off on some of the more hot days but it needs to have a better theme.”

“This ride so much fun!! The theming is Awesome and I love getting soaked on a hot day!!! This ride is so Thrilling!!”

35. Mad Tea Party

Score: 7.4/10

Mad Tea Party

Our Readers Say:

“When I was younger, I liked this ride. But, now that I am older (over 50), I have different feelings about it. It is fun if you don’t get motion sickness, but unfortunately, I just can’t handle it anymore.”

“As Alice in Wonderland is my fav Disney movie (which may sound strange to some) this ride is pretty cool! It easy to get nauseated but it is most of the time worth it😂

“I love this ride. Yes it is a standard tea cup ride but it is so much fun. You can get the ride vehicle spinning at a pretty good clip if you desire. The ride vehicle is a little small for a teacup and my spouse and I were a little uncomfortable sitting in one together, but a single adult or an adult and a child would probably be fine.”

34. Dumbo the Flying Elephant


Our Readers Say:

“Nostalgic and what you think of when you think of magic kingdom rides. Everyone should do it once but not really anything special. Great for the little kids and the wait system is great!”

“How can you not love Dumbo? He’s the cutest. I recommend riding this at night, it really adds to the magic.”

“A MK classic! Not a super long line but is the longest compared to triceratops spin and magic carpets of Aladdin! Amazing queue and super fun for kids! (air conditioning in the queue! And a playground for kids!! Must I say more?)”

33. it’s a small world

Score: 7.43

it’s a small world

Our Readers Say:

“I got lucky, I didn’t get the song stuck in my head. Other than that, it was kind of boring, the dolls are kind of creepy, and even the song didn’t get stuck in my head, it was still annoying. The only reason we rode this was because it is a huge icon of Walt Disney World.”

“A Disney classic!! I feel it is a must do for those taking their first trip to WDW. A lot of people think of this as a kiddie ride, but it is nice and relaxing (although the song may not make it that way for some through the ride). The song does not get on my nerves, like it does with some people. I just sit back and sing along quietly with the Small World kids.”

“This ride is an absolute classic!!! I absolutely love the song and the scenery!!”

32. Star Tours – The Adventure Continues

Score: 7.45/10

Star Tours

Our Readers Say:

“I absolutely love Star Tours. I’ve done a lot of simulator rides that have made me sick (Universal Studios, I’m looking at you), but this one doesn’t make me feel sick to my stomach. I love that it’s different every time I ride, and it really does feel like you’re flying in a galaxy far, far away. I think this one doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Make sure to ride it at least once!”

“Normally not my favorite, but I feel compelled to give it a positive review for the sheer fact that my nephew went CRAZY for this one. We rode it 3 times in one day, which tells you how short the lines can be! A good ole’ simulator. Same story: don’t ride after eating. Don’t ride if you get motion sickness easily. But otherwise, pretty low on the thrill factor.”

“I personally loved this ride, give it a go if you like simulators and/or your a star wars fan”

31. Jungle Cruise

Score: 7.5/10

Jungle Cruise

Our Readers Say:

“Terribly boring. You’re just floating around for 20 minutes looking at plastic animals. The skipper was very funny and that’s why the score is 3 instead of 1. Luckily we had a Lightning Lane. If I’d waited 45+ minutes for this I would have been furious.”

“Skipper Jimmy provided such a fun and exciting cruise. He is quick with his humor and so responsive to the excited kids. He made this the most enjoyable experience ever!”

“Fun ride with great puns. This ride depends on your skipper. It’s a classic but I wouldn’t want to wait an hour for it.”

30. Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Score: 7.5/10

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Our Readers Say:

“Fun ride! Good for all ages!”

“Very fun ride, difficult to control. The trigger on the gun is less sensitive than I’d like it to be, and it’s hard to tell where your “laser” is pointed at. I always have to calibrate my gun before the game starts by shooting in the first room with Buzz Lightyear just so I know how accurate my aim will be. The red dot never seems to correspond with where I’m aiming, so it’s difficult to know when I’m scoring points or not. I never do well, haha.”

“This ride is so much fun. Even if you can’t figure out how to use the guns like me it is still really fun to see how interactive you are. The best for the whole family.”

29. Gran Fiesta Tour

Score: 7.51/10

Gran Fiesta Tour

Our Readers Say:

“Probably not a must-do as most kids (including myself; how do you do, fellow kids?) won’t understand who the 3 Caballeros are besides Donald. The ride is cool in that it takes you past the restaurant and shops inside. But, not a must-do.”

“Grab Fiesta Tour is a delight! A really relaxing ride with some animatronic elements similar to It’s A Small World but with a fun theme of trying to find where Donald has gone off to in Mexico. Never much of a wait and a nice, chill way to pass some time and smile!”

“This ride is definitely worth it if the line is short, it’s a nice way to cool off, and it introduced me to José and Panchito! In my opinion, it’s way better than Na’vi River Journey and it’s a small world.”

28. Living with the Land

Score: 7.69/10

Living with the Land

Our Readers Say:

“This ride is overrated, Boring, and Outdated!!! Sorry, but this ride needs to go!!! I loved it but it’s way past it’s prime!!! Replace it with something new and exciting!!!!”

“My favorite ride in WDW! Amazing vibe! Calming and a beautiful experience!”

“It is relaxing and informative. Plus, over Christmas, the overlay is excellent! Highly recommend it at night.”

27. Dinosaur

Score: 7.87/10


Our Readers Say:

“This is probably the most thrilling ride in the whole park but I wish that there was a disney aspect of this ride.”

“Dark, loud and jerky but it was one of my daughters (8) favorite rides. She would give it a 9.5 lol”

“If you consider darkness theming then this ride is for you. The animatronics barely move, you can’t see anything. They took a great ride from another park and cheaped out on the theming. IF there isn\\’t a line and its hot out it might be worth a ride.”

26. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Score: 7.98/10

Millennium Falcon

Our Readers Say:

“This ride for me is one of my favorites! it is so so fun. My friend and I were both pilots and it’s one of my favorite disney memories. The other guests in on our ride with us were just as excited as us to ride.”

“Really cool to board the Millennium Falcon. As for the ride… results vary. I would love to fly but I feel if you get stuck with bad pilots it changes everything. I have only done Gunner and Engineer. Engineer at least allows you to enjoy the ride. Also… ASK A CAST MEMBER ABOUT CHEWIE MODE!”

“This ride is ok. We had fun when we were the pilots. But it’s not a must do any n my list. I’d rather take my 40 min wait time and have a beer flight at baseline. Do it at least once.”

25. Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

Score: 8.09/10

Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid

Our Readers Say:

“Everybody should do this ride at least once but no more than that”

“This ride is honestly so underrated! This is a classic dark ride through the iconic story of the little mermaid. The animatronics are great! The music is amazing! A truly amazing attraction.”

“It is a lovely ride, specially with little girls, but the animatronics show their age.”

24. Frozen Ever After

Score: 8.09/10

Frozen Ever After

Our Readers Say:

“Such a cute ride! My family and I love this ride and it is a must do every time we go to epcot.”

“Cute ride but nothing special. For sure not worth the super long waits that it has. Little kids that are fans of Frozen will love this ride but it doesn’t really have much more going for it”

“Kids will love this ride for the Frozen theme and parents will love this ride for the (albeit minimal) thrill factor. Beware, though — the line is always long and it’s usually the ride that people rope drop. Norway is also a small pavilion so there isn’t much to do there outside of wait in line, which sometimes flows out into the World Showcase walkway.”

23. Peter Pan’s Flight

Score: 8.17/10

Peter Pan’s Flight

Our Readers Say:

“Definitely a must-do attraction. I love the unique ride system where you “fly!” Very fitting with the theme. A good ride to rope drop because lines will be long shortly after the park opens. Despite being an Omnimover, the ride seems to load very slowly. It’s also over very quickly. But the scenery is neat. Be sure to spot Ariel!”

“This ride is an absolute classic, and one of my favorites!!!!”

It’s a cute, nostalgic ride, but DO NOT WAIT IN THE STANDBY LINE. You will be disappointed! It IS NOT worth the 60+ minute wait it almost always has! If you want to ride it, use a lightning lane. The standby lane moves incredibly slow as the cast members only let through one party from the standby line at a time, while prioritizing the lightning lane (not saying this is wrong, just fact). And while the interactive queue in standby is cute, it’s still and infuriatingly slow line.

22. Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Score: 8.21/10

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Our Readers Say:

“Cute theming, neat technology, puts you into the story of Winnie the Pooh. Be sure to wear white!”

“You get to bounce with Tigger! Nuff said.”

“I love this ride its so cute and im obsessed with winnie the pooh!! This ride is really good for younger kids but if your older kid likes dark rides or classic disney movies its not bad for them either!”

21. Rise of the Resistance

Score: 8.34/10

Rise of the Resistance

Our Readers Say:

“Big Star Wars fan but this ride disappointed. Ride was down in morning and once opened we entered right away and still waited two hours because line was super slow. Once on we saw why it took so long. There were individual cars empty along the way. Not cool. Don’t drink any water. You end up torturing your bladder. Lost 4 hours in the morning just to get on. Disney is disappointing a loyal guest.”

“Very immersive, exciting, cast members totally in character 100% of time. Definately a must do.”

“When you go on this ride you are “in” Star Wars. You are part of the story. Absolutely epic experience! A must do….. and a must do again & again!!!

20. Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Score: 8.39/10

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Our Readers Say:

The theming of this ride is just fantastic! I love the bit where the wall disappears and you are in the cartoon, very clever! It’s a family ride, so no big thrills, but the story and artwork are brilliant!”

“Literally My Favorite Ride In The Whole Of Disney World! I’m An Animator So I Had A Personal Connection To This Ride And It Really Feels Like You Just Stepped Inside A Cartoon.”

“Absolutely delightful new dark ride! I did not expect to be as charmed, or as impressed.”

19. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Score: 8.41/10

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Our Readers Say:

“I was desperately wanting to ride this ride so my family early admission rope dropped it and that made it worth it for sure. The queue is fun with the singing water taps, crystals that make noise when you touch some, and the spinning barrels. I just wish there would be more of those kinds of things earlier in the line as I can see it getting really boring before then. There may be and we got bypassed it as we didn’t wait very long to ride. The roller coaster itself is not too bad. My mom and I didn’t get motion sick and we both are prone to it and we were in the very back. The story scenes were good and detailed. That being said when we all got off and waited in line for another ride we all agreed it felt like a little letdown. It felt way too short and there was only one drop that was memorable and it wasn’t even the biggest drop.”

“Lovely ride! The rollercoaster is a lot of fun, and the lines are not too bad thanks to the tree shade, and the cool props.”

“A fun ride for kids has a thrill for the teens. Short ride is not worth the long queue wait.”

18. Spaceship Earth

Score: 8.43/10

Spaceship Earth

Our Readers Say:

“I haven’t gone on this ride since 2004 and obviously it’s changed a lot, most of it for the better. The Judi Dench narration is inspired and a decided improvement on the original. The interactive activities I could do without, however I see the point of it but that said they could do way better.”

“With high crowds was so nice to walk on with no wait! Liked all the scenes and loved all the stations after the ride!”

“Nice indoor dark ride, not a must do but it’s definitely a great filler attraction.”

17. Test Track

Score: 8.53/10

Test Track

Our Readers Say:

“So first off, I’ll admit I’m a bit biased. As a 90s kid who loves cars this ride always got me wildly excited and still does even though I miss the dummies. I will say the new car designs are fun and can be a cool way to compete with your friends and family. This past year I went with my wife who had never rode it before and she fell in love with it so I do believe it has a wide appeal as a thrill ride. I don’t understand the critique that it’s just a car and we drive those every day, if you drive like the ride please let me know when you’re on the road so I can avoid it :).

“This ride is Awesome!!! One of the most thrilling rides in all of Walt Disney World!!!!”

“Test Track is AWESOME!!!”

16. Slinky Dog Dash

Score: 8.9/10

Slinky Dog Dash

Our Readers Say:

“Slinky dog dash has a great theme and is a mild but thrilling coaster. My entire family enjoyed it. great stepping stone for children from small rides to larger rollercoasters, but can get really Long wait time.”

“I loved this family coasters. I like mild but still a bit thrilling roller coasters and this is just perfect. It is so much fun with great hills and curves. And it’s in the best themed area of Hollywood Studios (note: I haven’t been to Galaxy’s Edge yet).”

“This is a fun coaster even for coaster junkies, but a great coaster for youngsters who are going up from things like Barnstormer. Like most of DHS rides, this one does get a VERY long line! And it’s outside too. So be ready for that. I recommend Rope Drop or Genie+.”

15. Walt Disney World Railroad

Score: 8.92/10

The train!

Our Readers Say:

“What a fun way to get around the park and see some things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. I’ll be interested to see it when it reopens!”

In my opinion, it is your run of the mill train ride. Similar to what you will find at almost every amusement park and zoo in the country. It will get you from the point A to point B with a little entertainment. But, if you’re in a hurry, it may be faster to walk.

“I miss you friend! Such a great way to take a break on a hot day! Just hop on and ride around the park!”

14. Space Mountain

Score: 8.95/10

Space Mountain

Our Readers Say:

“It had a terribly long wait. The theme may have been super cool in the 80’s but it shows it’s age, and the rollercoaster feels like you are going downhill on a skate. It rattles and you fear you are going to be beheaded by one of the beams that support the crazy flashlight show. I didn’t enjoy the ride and it left me with terrible neck pain for days.”

“This is my favorite ride!!!! It is so much fun!! We were there from February 1-11, 2022 and we were staying at a Deluxe resort so we were able to utilize the after hours so we were able to just walk on. We were able to get our own ride vehicle because of the amazing cast member Maggie. Everything and always Space Mountain!!!!!”

“A very fun rollercoaster dark ride with amazing theming. Very bumpy but for me, this is just an addition to the thrill factor.”

13. Pirates of the Caribbean

Score: 9.01/10

Pirates of the Caribbean

Our Readers Say:

“Such a classic! Not only is it a long and arguable relaxing boat ride, but it is also one of the best-themed attractions in the world! Its theme alone allowed for the creation of one of Disney’s most beloved and popular movie franchises!”

“The gold standard. What else can be said? This is the ultimate theme park attraction.”

“Yo ho! I fell in love with Pirates on my first (and only *so far*) ride. I wasn’t expecting a drop, but I loved it! The smells, the animatronics…everything was just magical. It felt like I was right there in the scenes. The part that amazed me the most was when we were right about to step into the boats. I looked behind me, and saw the scene of the water and the fog. It looked so real!”

12. Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover

Score: 9.11/10


Our Readers Say:

“I don’t know where to begin, the People-Mover is one of the best attractions at Disney World. It’s most definitely a Must-Ride when you are visiting the parks, Great way to experience and explore Tomorrowland without moving a step. I don’t recommend riding this in the middle of the day cause the wait normally spikes up to around 25 witch is crazy for this ride. If this ride is a Must-Do, save it for the end of the day when you can walk on and see Tomorrowland lit up! If you time it correctly one of my favorite things to do on this ride is watch the fireworks.”

“Relaxing ride after standing in line for space mountain. We always ride this at least once. It is a most do”

“Though not everyone will agree, I truly think that this is a must-ride for all new MK guests. This is the perfect ride for an afternoon cool-down period or between rides because it offers a cool breeze and shade. It’s just as fun to ride backwards as it is forwards! Learn all about the history of Tomorrowland and wave to all the people below!”

11. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Score: 9.13/10

Tower of Terror in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Our Readers Say:

“I’m glad I did this once but honestly unless you like drop rides (I don’t) there isn’t much to this. I was hoping for a bit more dark ride build up to the drop. But still worth doing once.”

“Scary and fun! It shure was very spooky and the ambience was frightening. The drop made you feel like if you were flying!”

“I love this ride! It’s spooky and the random drops are a total blast! The theming and queue are also fun! Highly recommend. Can have long wait times, be wary!”

10. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith

Score: 9.18/10

Gettin’ ready for a super stretch limo ride!

Our Readers Say:

“This ride is so fun!!! It’s quick and thrilling and has great music!!!”

“So, so fun! This was the headliner attraction when I first went to WDW in 2008 as a kid, and this one never disappoints. It’s fast, fun, and who doesn’t love some Aerosmith blasting as you ride?”

“I love the launch start and boarding area. The track as a whole is fairly average and pretty short. Not the biggest Aerosmith fan but it works for the ride.”

9. Haunted Mansion 

Score: 9.26/10

Haunted Mansion

Our Readers Say:

“My favorite ride of all time! An absolute classic and good for everyone to ride!”

“This is a very eerily fun ride.”

“Dare I say the best ride in the park? We love love love this one. This classic ride is a must do. They’ll be waiting for you”

8. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Score: 9.35/10

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Our readers say:

“This is our family’s favorite ride in Magic Kingdom! Such a great roller coaster for kids without overwhelming them! The theming is perfect and it’s just an overall super fun coaster!”

“I love Big Thunder Mountain! It is a ride I am always excited to ride when at Magic Kingdom😊 Although, it may be too intense for little kids, but overall this ride is great!!”

“I went on big thunder mountain railroad at night just before park closed. It was MAGICAL! The castle was lit up for the 50th and the twists and turns were even more intense in the dark. Hang on to your ears!!!”

7. Avatar Flight of Passage

Score: 9.39/10

Get ready to, uh… FLY!

Our readers say:

“Just rode this today ride exceeded expectations, just insane, best I’ve ridden”

“We absolutely love this ride! The only reason it isn’t a 10 is because it makes my husband nauseous. My daughter who is 9 talks about going back to ride this at least once a week. We rode it 3 times during our trip. The smells and water splashing on your face make it an incredible experience!”

“I love this ride and the que makes it even better! So much to look at! I also like that you can put your stuff safely away while you fly. And the smells are incredible!”

6. Toy Story Mania

Score: 9.4/10

Toy Story Midway Mania

Our readers say:

“this is still a hit for all ages. from your oldest party member to your youngest, everyone comes off smiling.”

“Fun, and a little competition, for the entire family! This interactive ride lets you play midway games just like you were really there!”

“This is one of those attractions that people of all ages can (and do) enjoy regardless of how they score.”

5. Kilimanjaro Safaris

Score: 9.44/10

Rhino on Kilimanjaro Safairs

Our readers say:

“Amazing scenery and animals which is magical at sun set. Cannot go to animal kingdom and not see animals!”

“Different experience every time you ride! Ride in the morning and at night/ different weather. You’ll see tons of different animals every time! Loveee how close they can get!”

“The most unique thing you’ll do on your vacation”

4. Soarin’ Around the World

Score: 9.50/10


Our readers say:

“The best ride in Epcot undoubtedly! This is a unique experience you can’t find anywhere else (well, besides DCA)”

“Soarin Around the World is awesome. You truly feel like you are hand gliding above some of the most breathtaking views on Earth.”

“Great ride for all members of the family.”

3. Expedition Everest

Score: 9.54/10

Expedition Everest

Our readers say:

“Thrilling roller coaster with beautiful theming and some unique elements. One of my favorite rides at WDW.”

“One of the best roller coaster ever created. I would argue its the ride at WDW. Just go on it.”

“Phenomenal roller coaster. Absolute must-do, over and over.”

2. Splash Mountain

Score: 9.62/10

Are you ready for the laughing place?

Our readers say:

“AMAZING I love this ride it’s a total must do!”

“Great, especially on a hot day. Nice and long for a flume ride”

“I always walk out with a smile on my face. The song just makes you happy.”

1. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Score: 9.7/10

Cosmic Rewind

Our readers say:

“Fantastic! We are pass holders and reserve epcot every time we head to orlando just to ride this… We’ve done it about 10 times and can’t get enough! I would say its a mixture of Space Mountain with Aerosmith but much “gentler” on the body despite going fast and taking lots of turns.”

best ride ever very smooth, good queue for long waits

“This is my new favorite ride. I just love trying to predict the song I’m gonna get each time I ride. The track layout is amazing and the ride runs very smoothly, the spinning concept of the ride is the cherry on top. I couldn’t take a smile off my face at all during this ride, We did end up paying $17 to ride it but it was most definitely worth it!.”

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Every single ride in Disney World. We did them all, you rated them all, and we ranked them ALL. Did your favorites break the top 10?  Be sure to rate and review your favorite attractions!

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