Next Batch of Vintage Photos Features Hammer Man and a Scary Clown

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In the last edition of Still Goofy About Disney, we featured seven vintage photos from Disney’s “very historic past,” as Walt once said … press photos that were, on average, at least three decades old. We decided to reach into our collection again and came up with seven more photos from Disney days gone by. Enjoy the next edition of Disney Memory Lane, Vintage Photo Edition.

SAILING WITH DISNEY: PART 4: From Park Attractions To Modes Of Transportation In Florida

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In building Disneyland, Disney’s creative staff had to figure out ways to make realistic-looking bodies of water on fertile soil that had supported orange groves for decades; in planning Walt Disney World in Florida, planners had to learn how to manage water in a way that was both efficient and environmentally sound, as well as devise ways to transport guests on the area's waterways.
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