It’s Time. We NEED to Talk About This Controversial Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Debate

Apparently, we love to stir the pot a little especially when it comes to divisive Disney opinions where there can only be ONE right answer!

Pirates of the Caribbean

From time to time we like to ask our readers about all sorts of Disney-related topics like ‘extreme’ Disney adults and which is the BEST Disney World hotel. We recently posed a question on social media that seemed to have come with very strong opinions one way or another and now we think we’ve found our people!

As we mentioned before we’re always up for a good thought-provoking Disney convo and our latest question seemed to have separated the Disney experts from the novices.

Adventureland Sign!

We took to Facebook recently to ask which version of Pirates of the Caribbean ride between Disney World and Disneyland is SUPERIOR and you practically shouted the answer right at us!

What’s your pick?

Sure there were a few of you who gave answers similar to Nancy G.’s response which read, “I honestly think it’s the one that you, as in each individual, prefer best.” but for the most part, the overwhelming majority chimed in unison with Karen S. in responding, “Disneyland!!!”

Pirates of the Caribbean entrance

So just what about such a similar ride makes them different enough to have a (strong) opinion of one over the other? Well, as Gabby S. pointed out, “Disneyland, can’t beat the og and blue bayou.” If you’re not as familiar with Disneyland’s version of the ride, Pirates of the Caribbean there starts very similarly to how the Gran Fiesta Tour in the Mexico pavilion in EPCOT starts with a slow-moving boat ride around an open scene where other visitors can watch as you float on by.

Blue Bayou Restaurant

Additionally, Mike W. chimed in, “It’s longer and has twice as many scenes.” Which is true! There are additional scenes to the version of this ride found in Disneyland over the one found in Disney World.

Sorry Disney World, you just can’t compete with TWO drops over in Disneyland!

We have to say while we can completely agree that this ride is a must-do at either park when you’re visiting, we have to side with those who prefer Disneyland’s version of the ride more.

We’re always keeping up with the latest changes, and refurbishments, and asking our readers questions to get their opinions on current topics at both Disney World AND Disneyland so be sure to stay tuned with us for even more soon!

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Which version of this classic attraction do you prefer? Leave your preference in the comments below and defend your pick!

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