How to Get Around Disney World

At nearly 40 square miles, Walt Disney World is huge, and getting around on your vacation almost always requires at least one form of Disney transportation.

Here we’ve gathered links to all of Walt Disney World’s transportation options! Learn more about operating times, capacity, and tips for making the most of it!

Epcot Monorail

Happy Limousine Service

Looking for a personal touch from a leader in limousine service in the greater Orlando area? Happy Limousine is our recommend transportation service. The company provides a variety of different services for visitors to the Orlando area, making it an easy trip from the airports to the theme parks or Disney Cruise Line ports.

Check out Happy Limousine service here!

Disney Buses

Disney buses have become icons of Walt Disney World. Whether the ones you ride are wrapped in characters, have raised seating, or articulate around the corners, you can explore the World in style with Disney buses.

Click here for the full scoop on Walt Disney World Buses!

Disney Skyliner

If you want to say “we can fly / we can fly / we can fly”, the Disney Skyliner gondola system is for you!

Learn more about the Walt Disney World Skyliner gondola system here!

Disney Monorail and Trains

The Walt Disney World Monorail is iconic, and the Walt Disney World Railroad is a must-do, historic experience. But there’s a third train at Walt Disney World, and it’s wild!

Get more information on Walt Disney World’s Monorail and Trains here!

Disney Boats

Disney boats offer a relaxing, slow-moving way to see the World. Find out where you can ride a variety of boats when you’re going from place to place in the World.

Float your boat with more information about Walt Disney World’s Boats here!

Disney Trams

What’s the first ride your experience after parking your car at Walt Disney World? Disney trams!

Learn more about Walt Disney World’s Tram service here

Minnie Vans

Travel the World in seriously adorable style with the rideshare Minnie Van program!

For more information about Minnie Van service at Walt Disney World, click here

Miscellaneous Disney Transportation

There’s a handful of other transportation available in the World, too! From golf carts to horse-drawn trolleys, we cover them all!

Learn more about Golf Carts, Taxis, Rideshares, and Main Street, USA, Vehicles here!