Walt Disney World Services for Guests With Hearing Disabilities

Walt Disney World offers several services for guests with hearing disabilities, ranging from moderate hearing loss to total deafness.
Guests with specific questions may contact Disability Services at  (407) 560-2547 or [email protected].

In-Room Accommodations

Guests staying at a Disney Resort Hotel may request specific in-room accommodations by calling (407) 824-4321. These include:

  • Door knock and phone alerts
  • Phone amplifiers
  • Bed shaker notifications
  • A strobe light smoke detector
  • A Text Typewriter (TTY) Telephone

Other hotels may offer similar services. Contact your hotel or travel agent for more information.

Handheld Devices

A Handheld Device is a special assistive technology available at Guest Relations for a fully refundable $25 deposit. These devices offer two services to guests with hearing disabilities: Assistive Listening and Handheld Captioning.

A Disney Handheld Device (circa 2010)

Assistive Listening

Guests with mild to moderate hearing loss may use the Handheld Device as an amplifier through headphones or an induction loop at the following attractions.

Handheld Captioning

Guests may use the Handheld Device to provide real-time, on-screen captioning at the following attractions.

Video Captioning

The Handheld Device can provide real time captioning to many videos in pre-show and exhibit areas. In addition, select monitors in the areas are marked with a CC. Many pre-shows offer captioning by default. Ask a Cast Member for assistance if needed. This service is available at the following attractions.

Reflective Captioning

Reflective Captioning is a newer service available at most theater-style attractions, which uses a transparent LED display to project captions over a live show or film, much like one would see on a screen. This allows guests to follow the show without constantly looking down to check their devices. This service is available at the following attractions. Ask a Cast Member for assistance upon arrival.

Sign Language Interpretation

Sign Language interpretation is available at most live shows on a rotating basis, according to the following schedule.

A schedule for the interpreted shows is available from Guest Relations or by emailing [email protected]. The following attractions provide sign language interpretation.

Certain seasonal events such as A Frozen Holiday Wish and the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular may also offer sign language interpretation. Contact Guest Services for more details.

Candlelight Processional Sign Language Interpreter

Guests may request Sign Language interpretation for special events and dinner shows such as Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue, Spirit of Aloha, and the Keys to the Kingdom Tour up to 14 days in advance by calling (407) 824-4321.

In addition, Cast Members proficient in ASL will have a special indicator on their name tag that looks like a pair of signing hands. You will find them stationed at most locations throughout the parks.

Other Services

Guests unable to secure a Handheld Device may request written aids at the entrance to most attractions. Speak with a Cast Member for more details.

TTYs are available at select pay-phone locations, as well as Guest Relations.