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The Indiana Jones Adventure is a thrilling tour through one of Indiana Jones’ recent archeological finds — the lost Temple of the Forbidden Eye. The 12 passenger “jeeps” are moving motion simulators capable of a myriad of different movements, and every ride is unique as the vehicle bounces, stutters, stops, and races through the temple in attempting to avoid the wrath of the god Mara.



The experience begins with a walk through the queue – you’ll hear the generator chugging away. As you enter the temple itself notice how the lighting flickers as the generator tries to keep up.

The Queue is fairly long and very well-themed — it appears to go underground and passes by tree roots, bats, stalactites/stalagmites, cryptic inscriptions on the walls, and even booby traps! In the “Spike” room, there’s a very startling effect — push on the bamboo pole that appears to be supporting the roof and the entire roof, spikes and all, crashes down about a foot, complete with sound effects. (This effect takes several minutes to reset once it’s been tripped.)

Indiana Jones Spike RoomEventually the queue passes by a well where tapping noises can be heard — pull on the rope to hear some choice comments from the “archeologist” below.

The Pre-show features old movie newsreels describing Dr. Jones’ latest discovery, as well as a demonstration from Salah on the safety features of the jeep.

Finally you reach the loading area where your 12-passenger “jeep” awaits and start your tour of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. You’ll see three doors in front of you – the doors of youth, riches, or knowledge, and your vehicle will go through one of them. Of course then something goes wrong (you HAD to look!), and you experience a much more… er… *extensive* tour of the temple. In your efforts to escape the temple the jeep bounces, skids, careens around sharp turns, and may even stop completely. You’ll encounter all sorts of obstacles, including rickety bridges, mummies with poison darts, and an angry god shooting laser beams, not to mention a large rock. There’s also a few brushes with Indy himself, in the form of several very sophisticated audio animatronic figures, before your safe return to the loading area. “The Temple’s chambers include: Chamber of Destiny, Hall of Promise, Tunnel of Torment, Gates of Doom, Cavern of Bubbling Death, Mummy Chamber, Bug Room, Snake Temple, Rat Cave, Dart Corridor and Rolling Boulder Finale.”**



This is a fast, rough, and dark ride. Pregnant women and those with other medical considerations, such as back and neck problems, are advised against riding. It’s also not for those who might be disturbed by dark places, skeletons, spiders, rats, snakes (snakes, why did it have to be snakes?), and other creepy crawlies.

For safety, guests are required to wear their seat belts — Cast Members at the loading area will ask you to lift your arms and pull on the belt to ensure that everyone is securely buckled in.

The height requirement for the Indiana Jones Adventure is 46″.

Indiana Jones AdventureLightning Lane access for Indiana Jones Adventure is available with the purchase of Genie+.

This attraction is busy throughout the day, though the standby line will be shortest at park opening.

The ride itself is about 3:15 minutes in length.

If you decide you don’t wish to ride, just alert the Cast Member at the boarding area, and you will be directed to the exit.

After reaching the boarding area, wheelchair/ECV users must take an elevator to the actual loading area, then transfer into the ride vehicle.

The closest restrooms are located at the entrance to Adventureland.

The video portion of the preshow is close-captioned.



Indiana Jones Snakes in Queue This ride can be scary and overwhelming for kids. It is completely dark in places and can be an intense experience.

There are no Disney characters associated with this attraction, but Aladdin, Jasmine, or the Genie sometimes make appearances outside the nearby Aladdin’s Oasis. Other characters can be found throughout Disneyland. Check your daily Times Guide for times and locations.



Bengal Barbecue is directly across from the queue entrance/exit.

River Belle Terrace is also nearby.

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The Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost offers official Indiana Jones merchandise, such as t-shirts and toys, as well as jackets, hats, and jewelry.



The Indiana Jones Adventure opened in March 1995, the Walt Disney Imagineering Preview was on January 31, 1995.

The ride building is actually outside of the original Disneyland boundaries — it was built in what used to be an employee parking lot. This is why the queue seems so long — it really *is*! It passes under the Disneyland Railroad’s train tracks right about the Spike Room.

Each ride vehicle is a motion simulator capable of a variety of movements. There are almost 160,000 possible combinations — virtually guaranteeing that every adventure will be unique.

Listen to the Indy figure at the end of the ride — he has several different comments. Likewise, as you approach the unloading area, you’ll hear Salah make a comment appropriate to which door of the Temple you went through.

Just after the Newsreel section the queue passes by Indy’s office — this area has props from some of the Indiana Jones movies.

“Throughout the life of the project, over 400 Imagineers worked on the design and construction, including a core team of nearly 100. ” **

“The entire site features more than 1,300 props, including the actual troop transport (located in the base camp of the exterior queue) from the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark.” **

“The Temple of the Forbidden Eye contains over 2,000 replicated human skulls.” **

“The attraction includes over 2,129 sculpted, carved, painted or living representations of snakes.” **

“Over 600 strobes simulate lighting inside the Tunnel of Torment. The Cavern of Bubbling Death measures 50 feet high. Mara’s power can cause nearly 60 pounds of rubble to tumble every 18 seconds. Wind speeds inside the Mummy Chamber can gust up to 60 mph. The Rolling Boulder in the attraction’s finale is 16 feet in diameter.” **

** Information quoted directly from the Imagineering Preview booklet published by WDI Communications.


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How long is Indiana Jones Adventure?

The ride takes 10 Minutes

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Will Indiana Jones Adventure make me motion sick?

The motion level is Medium-High.
Very rough jeep ride with lots of sharp turns and quick starts and stops. Similar to Dinosaur.

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