All Menus for Restaurants in Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom




Liberty Square

Main Street USA

Ticketing & Transportation Center



African Outpost

American Adventure

Canada Pavilion

China Pavilion

France Pavilion

Future World East

Future World West

Germany Pavilion

Italy Pavilion

Japan Pavilion

Garden House - All Day (Closed M-Th) (September 2020)
Japan Ice Cream Cart - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (February 2020)
Takumi-Tei - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (June 2020)
Takumi-Tei - Omakase Tasting (Closed Temporarily) (June 2020)

Mexico Pavilion

Morocco Pavilion

Restaurant Marrakesh - Children's Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)
Restaurant Marrakesh - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020 )
Restaurant Marrakesh - Lunch (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020)
Tangierine Cafe Coffee and Pastries Counter - All Day (Closed Temporarily) (December 2020)

Norway Pavilion

Park Entrance

Showcase Plaza

United Kingdom Pavilion

Disney's Animal Kingdom



Dinoland USA

Restaurantosaurus - Lunch/Dinner (Mobile Order) (August 2021)
Restaurantosaurus - Pub/Lounge (Mobile Order) (March 2021)
Restaurantosaurus - Special Meals (Mobile Order) (Closed Temporarily)

Discovery Island

Pandora - The World of Avatar

Park Entrance

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Commissary Lane

ABC Commissary - Breakfast (Mobile Order) (March 2020)
ABC Commissary - Dinner (Mobile Order) (Closed Temporarily)
ABC Commissary - Lunch (Mobile Order) (August 2021)

Echo Lake

Grand Avenue

Hollywood Boulevard

Park Entrance

Pixar Place

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Sunset Boulevard

Catalina Eddie's - Lunch/Dinner (Mobile Order) (August 2021)
Fairfax Fare - Lunch/Dinner Updated (Mobile Order) (September 2021)
Hollywood Hills Theater - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (April 2018)
Pretzel Palooza - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (May 2021)
Rosie's All-American Cafe - Lunch/Dinner (Mobile Order) (August 2021)
Sunshine Day Bar - All Day (Open Seasonally) (August 2021)

Toy Story Land

Woody's Lunch Box - Breakfast Updated (Mobile Order) (December 2020)
Woody's Lunch Box - Lunch/Dinner Updated (Mobile Order) (August 2021)

Disney Resorts

All Star Movies

All Star Music Resort

Intermission Food Court - Breakfast (Mobile Order) (September 2021)
Intermission Food Court - Lunch/Dinner (Mobile Order) (March 2020)

All Star Sports

End Zone Food Court - Breakfast (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)
End Zone Food Court - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (March 2020)
Grandstand Spirits Pool Bar - All Day (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)

Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House

Animal Kingdom Lodge In-Room Dining - All Day (Closed Temporarily) (February 2017)
Jiko - The Cooking Place - Children's Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (May 2020)
Jiko - The Cooking Place - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)
Mara - Breakfast Updated (Mobile Order) (September 2021)
Mara - Lunch/Dinner (Mobile Order) (June 2021)

Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village

Maji Pool Bar - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (March 2021)
Sanaa - Breakfast (Mobile Order) (June 2020)
Sanaa - Children's Lunch/Dinner (Mobile Order) (August 2020)
Sanaa - Dinner Updated (Mobile Order) (April 2021)
Sanaa - Lunch (Mobile Order) (April 2021)

Art of Animation

Landscape of Flavors - Breakfast (Mobile Order) (March 2021)
Landscape of Flavors - Lunch/Dinner (Mobile Order) (August 2021)

Beach Club


Boardwalk Bakery - Breakfast (Mobile Order) (December 2020)
Boardwalk Bakery - Lunch/Dinner Updated (Mobile Order) (September 2021)
Boardwalk Funnel Cakes - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (February 2020)
Boardwalk Pizza Window - Take-Out (Mobile Order) (January 2021)
Boardwalk Resort In-Room Dining - All Day (Closed Temporarily) (August 2018)
Boardwalk To Go - All Day (Closed M-W) (June 2021)
ESPN Club - Children's Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)
ESPN Club - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)
Flying Fish - Children's Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (February 2020)
Flying Fish - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)
Trattoria al Forno - Breakfast (Mobile Order) (April 2021)
Trattoria al Forno - Children's Dinner (Mobile Order) (April 2021)
Trattoria al Forno - Dinner (Mobile Order) (April 2021)

Caribbean Beach

Blue Runner Pizza - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (January 2019)
Centertown Market - Breakfast (Mobile Order) (March 2021)
Centertown Market - Lunch/Dinner Updated (Mobile Order) (September 2021)
Spyglass Grill - Breakfast (Closed Temporarily) (June 2020)
Spyglass Grill - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (June 2020)


Contemporary - Bay Lake Tower

Top of The World Lounge - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (October 2018)

Coronado Springs Resort

Riviera Resort


Fort Wilderness

Grand Floridian

Old Key West

Olivia's Cafe - Breakfast (Mobile Order) (October 2020)
Olivia's Cafe - Brunch (Mobile Order) (April 2021)
Olivia's Cafe - Children's Breakfast (Mobile Order) (October 2020)
Olivia's Cafe - Dinner (Mobile Order) (September 2021)
Olivia's Cafe - Lunch (Mobile Order) (December 2020)
Sassagoula Pizza Express - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (February 2019)
Turtle Shack - All Day (Open Seasonally) (August 2021)


'Ohana - Dinner (August 2021)
Capt. Cook's - Breakfast (Mobile Order) (March 2021)
Capt. Cook's - Lunch/Dinner Updated (Mobile Order) (August 2021)
Kona Cafe - Breakfast (Mobile Order) (December 2020)
Kona Cafe - Children's Breakfast (Mobile Order) (June 2020)
Kona Cafe - Children's Lunch/Dinner (Mobile Order) (June 2020)
Kona Cafe - Dinner (Mobile Order) (July 2020)
Kona Cafe - Lunch (Mobile Order) (July 2020)
Luau Cove - Spirit of Aloha (Closed Temporarily) (March 2020)
Polynesian Resort In-Room Dining - All Day (Closed Temporarily) (August 2019)

Pop Century

Pop Art Pizza - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (March 2020)

Port Orleans French Quarter

Mardi Grogs - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)
Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory - Breakfast (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)
Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)
Sassagoula Pizza Express - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (February 2019)
Scat Cat's Club Cafe - All Day (Closed Temporarily) (February 2020)
Scat Cat's Lounge - Pub/Lounge (Closed Temporarily) (February 2020)

Port Orleans Riverside

Boatwright's Dining Hall - Children's Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)
Boatwright's Dining Hall - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (October 2019)
Muddy Rivers - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)
River Roost Lounge - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (June 2020)
Riverside Mill Food Court - Breakfast (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)
Riverside Mill Food Court - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (February 2020)
Sassagoula Pizza Express - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (February 2019)

Saratoga Springs

Shades of Green

Star Wars: Galactic Starcuiser

Crown of Corellia - Breakfast (Coming Soon) (August 2021)
Crown of Corellia - Dinner (Coming Soon) (August 2021)
Crown of Corellia - Lunch (Coming Soon) (August 2021)


Wilderness Lodge

Yacht Club

Disney Springs

The Landing

Paddlefish - Lunch (August 2021)
The Edison - Lunch (Closed Temporarily)

The Marketplace

The West Side

Haagen-Dazs - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (November 2020)
House of Blues Music Hall - Brunch (Closed Temporarily) (July 2019)
Jaleo - Dinner (February 2021)
Jaleo - Lunch (Closed- Currently Only Dinner Available)
Pepe - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)
The Smokehouse - Children's Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (March 2021)
The Smokehouse - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (March 2021)
YeSake - Snacks (July 2021)

Town Center

Water Parks

Blizzard Beach

Avalunch - All Day (Mobile Order) (March 2021)
Funnel Cakes - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (March 2021)
Lottawatta Lodge - All Day (Mobile Order) (March 2021)
Snack Cart - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (May 2016)
Warming Hut - All Day (Mobile Order) (August 2021)

Typhoon Lagoon

Amity Outpost - Lunch (Closed Temporarily) (July 2018)
Arctic Dots - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (July 2018)
Coffee Hut - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (July 2018)
Hammerhead Fred's - All Day (Closed Temporarily) (August 2018)
Happy Landings - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (June 2020)
High 'n Dry - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (July 2018)
Leaning Palms - Lunch (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)
Let's Go Slurpin' - All Day (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)
Lowtide Lou's - Lunch (Closed Temporarily) (May 2020)
Popcorn Cart - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (July 2018)
Snack Hut - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (April 2018)
Snack Shack - Lunch (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020)
Surf Doggies - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (July 2018)
Typhoon Mini Donuts - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (April 2018)
Typhoon Mini Donuts - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (July 2018)
Typhoon Tilly's - Lunch (Closed Temporarily) (June 2020)