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Disney Pic of the Week: 50th Anniversary Partners

Nov 24, 2020Recently, I shared photos of Cinderella Castle Through the Years and even shared a photo of the Partners statue surrounded by poinsettias during the Christmas holidays. Well, I could not pass up the same kind of photo with the 50th Anniversary Cinderella Castle in the background. What are your impressions of the 50th Anniversary overlay …

Where in the World #664

Nov 22, 2020To all who come to this photo trivia game, welcome! Along the way, the photos can make us relive memories and see details that Walt’s Imagineers put into everything we love in Walt Disney World! It’s the US’s turn: I have a little announcement: My husband surprised me with a trip to Disney World! We …

Flights of Passage Queue Photography

Nov 20, 2020As I mentioned in a recent Disney Pic of the Week, all attractions at Walt Disney World are currently using the Standby queues. Having only used the FastPass line in the past, walking the Flight of Passage queue in Pandora – World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom was a new and fun experience. For …

Disney Pic of the Week: Return of the Epcot Pylons

Nov 17, 2020Disney often replaces things at Walt Disney World to never to be seen again. While I understand change and upgrades to make the guest experience more enjoyable, I do miss the old things, too. Which made the return of the Epcot Pylons on top of the waterfall attraction in front of Spaceship Earth a welcomed …

Top Ten Walt Disney World Dining Spots for Your Honeymoon or Date Night!

Nov 24, 2020Are you considering Disney World as your honeymoon destination? Or perhaps you're just looking for one of your dinners on your next trip to be "date night." Either way, we've got you covered with top romantic dining recommendations!

The 8 Best Quick Service Restaurants at Disney Springs

Nov 23, 2020Check out our ranking for the top 8 best quick service restaurants at Disney Springs! Try everything from HUGE slices of pizza to frozen Dole Whip!

AllEars TV: Ranking the Harry Potter Rides in the Wizarding World at Universal Orlando!

Nov 23, 2020In this AllEars TV video we're taking a look at The Wizard World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando. We asked our readers to rank those rides, so you know which ones you MUST ride, and which you can skip if you're running short on time!

Why Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World is a Secret Foodie Paradise

Nov 23, 2020So funny story: what had happened was we got hungry and immediately had to go to Animal Kingdom, but we might have accidentally carbo-loaded on baked mac and cheese. The good news is we know why you food lovers should absolutely check out Animal Kingdom now!

NEWS: More Dates Added in November for Universal Orlando's Cinematic Celebration!

Nov 23, 2020Universal Orlando's nighttime spectacular 'Cinematic Celebration' has released more dates and times through November! Get more details here.

Disney Menu Updates: A POPULAR Item is Back on the Menu at Woody's Lunchbox, Plus Thanksgiving Day Menus!

Nov 23, 2020These were ALL the menu updates we saw at Disney World this week.

VIDEO! Bruce, the Shark Star of "Jaws", Has Been Restored and Has a New Home!

Nov 23, 2020Bruce, the mechanical shark used in Jaws, has been refurbished and has a new home! Check it out!

REVIEW! How Did Universal's Christmas Funnel Cake Stack Up to Its Predecessors?

Nov 23, 2020We hope you're hungry because we're back for more treats in Universal Orlando! Read our review of one of the holiday funnel cakes here!

The Walt Disney Company Has Been In A ‘New York State of Mind’ For Decades

Nov 23, 2020Even though the Walt Disney Company is based in California, New York and Disney have had a long association, one which continues to this day. One could go as far as to say that New York City is the Walt Disney Company’s second home.

AllEars TV: Disney's Largest Hotel Isn't Even Owned by Disney?

Oct 26, 2020The Swan & Dolphin resorts have 17 restaurants, fabulous amenities, primo location and they're not even owned by Disney! See why you might choose to stay at one of these two resorts on your next Disney vacation.

Dave Bossert’s Latest Book Shows Us Disneyland Like We’ve Never Seen It Before!

Oct 19, 2020Dave Bossert's latest work, "3D Disneyland: Like You’ve Never Seen It Before" [published by The Old Mill Press], is scheduled to be released in November. “I regularly tell people that if you'd have asked me 10 or 15 years ago that I'd be writing books, I would have laughed,” Bossert said during a recent interview. “And here I am with the '3D Disneyland' book. I think it’s my seventh book.”

NEWS! The Disney+ Obi-Wan Kenobi Series Is Set to Begin Filming in March 2021!

Oct 10, 2020Ewan McGregor has confirmed that Disney+'s new Obi-Wan Kenobi series will begin production next year! Find out all the details here!

Press Conference: Anthony Daniels on "LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special"

Nov 17, 2020New for this winter on Disney+ is the latest collaboration between Lucasfilm and LEGO, the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special. The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, a spiritual successor to the infamous 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, takes place immediately after the events of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.  While the happy band of Rey, Finn, Poe, …

Disney+ Review: "Inside Pixar"

Nov 13, 2020Disney+ debuts another original documentary today that gives viewers a peek into the personalities and culture of the titular animation studio: Inside Pixar. The series takes the form of short vignettes that focus on a single Pixar denizen and follow them around while they describe their work process as it relates to their Pixar projects.

Press Conference: The Puppeteers That Bring "Earth to Ned" to Life

Nov 4, 2020Now streaming on Disney+ is their first original talk show from the Jim Henson Company:  Earth to Ned. Earth to Ned features Ned, an alien commander charged with the invasion of Earth, and his lieutenant, Cornelius.  Earth is saved from subjugation, however, when Ned discovers and subsequently falls in love with television and begins broadcasting a …

Press Conference: "Once Upon a Snowman" on Disney+

Oct 20, 2020Debuting exclusively on Disney+ on October 23rd, 2020 is Walt Disney Animation Studios’ untold origin story of Frozen’s Olaf in the animated short Once Upon a Snowman. In Once Upon a Snowman, we follow Olaf from his creation at Elsa’s hands to his eventual meeting with Anna and Kristoff.  On the way, the genesis of some …

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