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You're Not Seeing Things: Stormtroopers at Orlando International Airport!

Nov 18, 2019Some visitors from a galaxy far, far away have landed at the Orlando International Airport. Click here to learn more!

New Exclusive Black Friday Deals Announced for Disney Springs!

Nov 18, 2019Disney has just announced a plethora of new Black Friday Deals at Disney Springs! Click here for the details!

A Christmas Tree With No Ornaments?! Let It Glow to Debuts at Disneyland's Downtown Disney!

Nov 18, 2019No ornaments? No string lights? No problem! Come meet the positively radiant stars of Disneyland's new holiday display.

Soar While You Sip with Disney World Skyliner Refillable Mugs!

Nov 18, 2019Disney hasn't figured out how to fit a drink cart onto one of those gondolas (yet), but you can still enjoy an in-flight drink in style with one of these new Skyliner-inspired refillable mugs! Click here for all the details!

5 Dishes at Disney Springs That May Be the Best Thing You Eat All Trip

Nov 18, 2019Disney Springs has become an incredible spot for dining. In fact, you may eat the best thing on your whole trip here! Check out five of our favorite Disney Springs dishes.

Epcot's Transformation: How Dividing Epcot into Four Neighborhoods will Unite the Park More than Ever

Nov 18, 2019Part of Epcot's transformation is diving the park into four neighborhoods. Find out why we think this will unite the park more than ever!

AllEars TV: The 50 Best Things You Can Do in Walt Disney World — Part 5: Entertainment

Nov 17, 2019We've arrived at the end of our 5 parts series! And, we're looking at all the best entertainment in Walt Disney World in our latest AllEars TV video!

Eating in a Galaxy Far, Far Away: The Basics of Star Wars Land's Restaurants

Nov 17, 2019There are several dining options in Disney World's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge land -- but finding them and then understanding what you are ordering can be a challenge. We help you sort out the basics of dining in a galaxy far far away!

"The Art of Disney Costuming" Explores the Fascinating World of Wardrobing

Nov 18, 2019The Disney Editions book "The Art of Disney Costuming: Heroes, Villains and Spaces Between," by Jeff Kurtti and the Walt Disney Archives staff, takes a deep dive into the heretofore unexplored world of the costumes that permeate Disney’s expansive world. What we learn is that costumes aren’t just set pieces, but are true works of art that embellish each character's role.

Disney Attractions, Films Feature Flocks of Fine-Feathered Friends

Nov 4, 2019Watching the opening scene of "Cinderella" got me to thinking: How prominent are birds throughout The Walt Disney Company’s long and storied history? As it turns out, very prominent.

New Ways to Celebrate the Holidays at Disney World This Year

Oct 30, 2019Find out a few NEW ways to celebrate the holidays in Disney World here!

The Wonderful World of Disney Has a Long History With the Wonderful World of Oz

Oct 22, 2019The Wizard of Oz was released in 1939 and became one of MGM Studios most profitable ventures. The movie was based on the literary works of L. Frank Baum. Two years before the release of The Wizard of Oz, Walt Disney expressed interest in purchasing the rights to Baum’s stories. But with work on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio occupying all of his studio’s attention, Walt passed on pursuing Baum’s works until 1954.

Frozen 2's Creators and Cast Share an Insider's Look at the New Film

Nov 18, 2019We attended a press conference for Frozen 2 and learn about Olaf growing up, boys singing love songs, and why Frozen 2 is a darker film.

The Best (Almost) Free Disneyland Souvenirs You Didn't Know About

Nov 13, 2019One of the most timeless and charming souvenir experiences in Disneyland can easily be overlooked. The best part? It'll only cost you a buck!

Some of Your Favorite Disney Classics are Getting a New Twist with Disney+ Original Scripted Content

Nov 12, 2019We're digging into some of the newest original content coming to Disney+!

From Adventures With Jeff Goldblum to Real Life Superkids -- We Look at Disney+ Unscripted Originals

Nov 12, 2019We're taking a look at some of the new unscripted original content on Disney+!

Seven Ways You're Sabotaging Your Walt Disney World Vacation (and How You can Avoid Them)!

Oct 18, 2019We're bringing you seven ways you might be sabotaging your Walt Disney World vacation -- and tips for avoiding them!

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