Book Review: “The Disney Monorail: Imagineering a Highway in the Sky”

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When it comes to the Disney Parks, one of their many immediately identifiable icons familiar to people around the world surely must be the monorail. Sleek, quiet, and comfortingly futuristic, they have been a symbol of the optimistic future that technology can afford us from the time Walt Disney cut/ripped the ribbon on the Disneyland … Continue reading "Book Review: “The Disney Monorail: Imagineering a Highway in the Sky”"
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With Disney Parks Closed, It’s Time to Remember the Magic

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It’s rare when any of Disney’s 12 theme parks around the world have been closed to guests. Up until this year, weather events [hurricanes in Florida or typhoons in Asia], natural disasters [earthquakes in California], national days of mourning [John F. Kennedy’s assassination] or terror attacks [on Sept. 11, 2001 in the United States and 2015 in Paris] were reasons for shutting down any of Disney’s parks and resorts worldwide.

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