All Restaurants & Dining Locations in Disneyland

Disney California Adventure

Avengers Campus

Pym Tasting Lab (Mobile Order) (May 2024)
Pym Test Kitchen Updated (Mobile Order) (July 2024)
Shawarma Palace (December 2023)
Terran Treats (February 2024)

Buena Vista Street

Cars Land

Cozy Cones (Mobile Order) (April 2024)
Fillmore's Taste-In (December 2023)
Flo's V-8 Cafe (Mobile Order) (April 2024)

Grizzly Peak

Smokejumpers Grill (Mobile Order) (April 2024)

Hollywood Land

Award Wieners (Mobile Order) (May 2024)
Fairfax Market (DCA) (January 2024)
Hollywood Lounge (Mobile Order) (June 2024)
Schmoozies (Mobile Order) (June 2024)
Studio Catering Co. (Mobile Order) (April 2024)

Performance Corridor

Magic Key Terrace (April 2024)
Mendocino Terrace (February 2024)
Sonoma Terrace (Mobile Order) (April 2024)
Wine Country Trattoria (2024/01/15 14:13:30)

Pixar Pier

San Fransokyo Square

Aunt Cass Cafe (April 2024)
Cappuccino Cart (February 2024)
Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill (Mobile Order) (February 2024)
Lucky Fortune Cookery (Mobile Order) (April 2024)
Rita's Turbine Blenders (Mobile Order) (February 2024)

Disneyland Park


Bengal Barbecue (Mobile Order) (February 2024)
Tiki Juice Bar (Mobile Order) (February 2024)
Tropical Hideaway (Mobile Order) (April 2024)
Tropical Imports (February 2024)

Critter Country

Harbour Galley (Mobile Order) (April 2024)
Hungry Bear Restaurant (Mobile Order) (April 2024)


Edelweiss Snacks (Mobile Order) (March 2024)
Maurice's Treats (March 2024)
Red Rose Taverne (Mobile Order) (March 2024)
Troubadour Tavern (Mobile Order) (April 2024)


Golden Horseshoe (Mobile Order) (March 2024)
Rancho del Zocalo (April 2024)
Stage Door Cafe (Mobile Order) (June 2024)

Main Street, U.S.A.

Carnation Cafe (September 2023)
Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner (Mobile Order) (May 2024)
Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor (Mobile Order) (April 2024)
Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe (Mobile Order) (June 2024)
Market House (March 2024)
Plaza Inn (Mobile Order) (May 2024)

New Orleans Square

Blue Bayou (March 2024)
Cafe Orleans (June 2024)
Mint Julep Bar (Mobile Order) (June 2024)
Royal Street Veranda (Mobile Order) (February 2024)
Tiana's Palace (January 2024)

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo (Mobile Order) (June 2024)
Kat Saka's Kettle (April 2024)
Milk Stand Updated (Mobile Order) (July 2024)
Oga's Cantina DLR (April 2024)
Ronto Roasters (Mobile Order) (April 2024)


Alien Pizza Planet - "A Better Place" (Mobile Order) (April 2024)
Galactic Grill (Mobile Order) (April 2024)


Cafe Daisy (Mobile Order) (March 2023)
Good Boy! Grocers (April 2024)

Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney

Ballast Point (April 2024)
Beignets Expressed (Mobile Order) (January 2024)
Céntrico (April 2024)
Diggity Dogs (April 2024)
Earl of Sandwich (April 2024)
Jamba (Mobile Order) (April 2024)
Kayla's Cake (April 2024)
Naples (June 2023)
Napolini Updated (February 2023)
Paseo (June 2024)
Salt & Straw DLR Updated (Mobile Order) (June 2024)
Starbucks West Downtown Disney (Closed) (March 2021)
The Funnel Cakery (Closed Temporarily) (September 2019)
Tiendita (June 2024)
Tortilla Jo's (Closed) (April 2021)


Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Hotel In-Room Dining (Closed Temporarily) (June 2014)
Goofy's Kitchen (March 2024)
Steakhouse 55 (Closed) (April 2020)
Tangaroa Terrace Tropical Bar & Grill (Mobile Order) (September 2022)
The Coffee House (August 2023)
The Lounge (October 2023)

Disney's Pixar Place Hotel

Great Maple (November 2023)
Sketch Pad Café (February 2024)
Small Bytes (May 2024)

Grand Californian

GCH Craftsman Bar (March 2024)
GCH Craftsman Grill (Mobile Order) (June 2024)
Grand Californian In-Room Dining (Closed Temporarily) (January 2018)
Hearthstone Lounge (Mobile Order) (March 2024)
Napa Rose (July 2023)
Napa Rose Lounge (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020)

Paradise Pier Hotel

Paradise Pier In-Room Dining (Closed Temporarily) (June 2014)
PCH Grill (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020)
Surfside Lounge (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020)

Villas at the Disneyland Hotel

Palm Breeze Bar (October 2023)