Plant-Based and Vegetarian Dining at Walt Disney World

Dining at Walt Disney World has become a big part of the fun, with snacks and meals including classic Disney treats like the Mickey Premium Bar, comfort food like fried chicken and pasta, and everything in between.

Off-menu Vegan Grilled Cheese at Woody’s Lunch Box

But dining as a vegetarian or a vegan in the Disney Parks hasn’t always been easy or enjoyable. For years it meant basic salads and repetitive snacks. But now, with a push in 2019 to create and include more plant-based menu items, it’s easier than ever to find a variety of vegan and vegetarian options.

We’re sharing strategies and tips to help you make the most of the Parks’ plant-based initiative so you can have a magical, herbivorous dining experience.

Plant-Based Logo

First things first: in late-2019, the Disney Parks began employing a distinctive plant-based logo on all of their menus. This logo easily identifies options with no animal products, including honey.


The logo appeared on quick service, table service, and snack kiosk menus essentially overnight, expanding plant-based offerings by adding literally hundreds of new items. The plant-based logo also appeared on Epcot festival menus, making it easier than ever to find safe food and drink items at food booths, too.

Bauernmarkt Food Booth Menu

Doing the Impossible

There’s good news if you’re a fan of the Impossible line of vegan products. In February 2020, Disney Parks announced an official partnership with Impossible to expand vegan offerings.

Impossible Farmhouse Meatball at Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival

Impossible already had a presence on menus across Walt Disney World, however, where food booths at Epcot’s festivals frequently highlighted the plant-based option.

Raise Your Voice

Even with the addition of vegan items to menus across property, you may not always find something that addresses your specific needs or preferences. In this case, Disney’s cast members and chefs are your best resource. Don’t hesitate to speak up if you’d like to know about items not appearing on the menu or if you’d like to make a substitution that will allow you to enjoy something that is not marked with the leaf logo.

When asking for changes or substitutions, you may:

  • Speak to a cast member or a manager at quick service spots
  • Have a chef come to your table to talk about the menu at table service spots
  • Walk with a chef to review buffet options
  • Work with a chef to acquire alternatives at all-you-care-to-enjoy family-style restaurants

In some cases, chefs can bring out exact substitutions — like vegan Mickey waffles at a family-style breakfast or food court. Other times a substitution could be in a completely different category of food. But with plant-based options gaining popularity and presence in the Parks, you should be able to procure something that works for you.

Plant-based Mickey Waffles at Port Orleans — French Quarter

Plan Ahead

If you like to plan ahead to be sure you’ll find something you like, you can make a solid attempt to do so. AllEars menus include headers for plant-based menu items for every restaurant that has them. You can also filter for vegetarian offerings, but since the plant-based initiative blankets the entire property, you should find offerings everywhere.

AllEars Menu Search Function also offers online menus, though they tend to be out-of-date at times. Still, you can expect to find plant-based options listed there, and they could be helpful for planning as well.



Favorite Restaurants and Menu Items

While taste is a subjective experience, and the offerings in the Parks are always subject to change, we want to share a few of our favorite plant-based food items.

Plant-Based Chili and Cheese Tot at Beaches & Cream

Plant-Based Chili and Cheese Tots

Plant-Based Cookie Fries at Beaches & Cream

New Plant-Based Cookie Fries

Plant-Based Mushroom Meatball at Tony’s Town Square

Tony’s Town Square Plant-Based Mushroom Meatball

Teriyaki Noodles at ‘Ohana

Teriyaki Noodles at ‘Ohana

Felucian Garden Spread at Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo

Felucian Garden Spread

Impossible Sliders with Yucca Fries at Nomad Lounge

Impossible Sliders at Nomad Lounge

Dole Whip at Various Locations

Dole Whip

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