All Menus with Annual Passholder for Restaurants in Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom



Liberty Square

Diamond Horseshoe - Children's Lunch (Closed Temporarily) (May 2020)
Diamond Horseshoe - Children's Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (May 2020)
Diamond Horseshoe - Dinner Updated (Closed Temporarily) (April 2021)
Diamond Horseshoe - Lunch Updated (Closed Temporarily) (April 2021)

Main Street USA


Canada Pavilion

China Pavilion

Nine Dragons Restaurant - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020)
Nine Dragons Restaurant - Lunch (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020)

Future World East

Future World West

Germany Pavilion

Italy Pavilion

Japan Pavilion

Teppan Edo - Dinner (January 2021)
Tokyo Dining - Children's Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020)
Tokyo Dining - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (December 2020)

Mexico Pavilion

Morocco Pavilion

Restaurant Marrakesh - Children's Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)
Restaurant Marrakesh - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020 )
Restaurant Marrakesh - Lunch (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020)

Norway Pavilion

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall - Breakfast (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)
Akershus Royal Banquet Hall - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)

United Kingdom Pavilion

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney Resorts

Animal Kingdom Lodge - Jambo House

Boma - Flavors of Africa - Breakfast (Closed Temporarily) (March 2020)
Boma - Flavors of Africa - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)
Jiko - The Cooking Place - Children's Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (May 2020)
Jiko - The Cooking Place - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)

Animal Kingdom Lodge - Kidani Village

Sanaa - Breakfast (Mobile Order) (June 2020)
Sanaa - Children's Lunch/Dinner (Mobile Order) (August 2020)
Sanaa - Dinner Updated (Mobile Order) (January 2021)
Sanaa - Lunch (Mobile Order) (August 2020)

Beach Club


ESPN Club - Children's Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)
ESPN Club - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)
Flying Fish - Children's Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (February 2020)
Flying Fish - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)

Caribbean Beach

Sebastian's Bistro - Children's Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (May 2020)
Sebastian's Bistro - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (December 2019)


Fort Wilderness

Pioneer Hall - Hoop Dee Doo Musical Revue (Closed Temporarily) (March 2020)
Trail's End Restaurant - Breakfast (Closed Temporarily) (March 2020)
Trail's End Restaurant - Brunch (Closed Temporarily) (February 2020)
Trail's End Restaurant - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (February 2020)

Grand Floridian

Old Key West

Olivia's Cafe - Breakfast (Mobile Order) (October 2020)
Olivia's Cafe - Brunch Updated (Mobile Order) (October 2019)
Olivia's Cafe - Children's Breakfast (Mobile Order) (October 2020)
Olivia's Cafe - Dinner (Mobile Order) (December 2020)
Olivia's Cafe - Lunch Updated (Mobile Order) (December 2020)


'Ohana - Breakfast (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)
'Ohana - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)
Kona Cafe - Breakfast (Mobile Order) (December 2020)
Kona Cafe - Children's Breakfast (Mobile Order) (June 2020)
Kona Cafe - Children's Lunch/Dinner (Mobile Order) (June 2020)
Kona Cafe - Dinner (Mobile Order) (July 2020)
Kona Cafe - Lunch (Mobile Order) (July 2020)
Luau Cove - Spirit of Aloha (Closed Temporarily) (March 2020)

Port Orleans Riverside

Boatwright's Dining Hall - Children's Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)
Boatwright's Dining Hall - Dinner Updated (Closed Temporarily) (October 2019)

Saratoga Springs

Turf Club Bar and Grill - Children's Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (May 2020)
Turf Club Bar and Grill - Dinner Updated (Closed Temporarily) (October 2019)

Wilderness Lodge

Yacht Club

Ale and Compass Restaurant - Breakfast (Mobile Order) (March 2021)
Ale and Compass Restaurant - Dinner (Mobile Order) (August 2020)
Ale and Compass Restaurant - Lunch (Mobile Order) (August 2020)
Yachtsman Steakhouse - Children's Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (December 2019)
Yachtsman Steakhouse - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (February 2020)

Disney Springs

The Landing

The Marketplace

The West Side

Town Center

Water Parks

Blizzard Beach

Lottawatta Lodge - All Day (Mobile Order) (March 2021)

Typhoon Lagoon

Leaning Palms - Lunch (Closed Temporarily) (November 2019)