All Menus for Restaurants from Epcot in Walt Disney World


African Outpost

American Adventure

Canada Pavilion

China Pavilion

Lotus Blossom Cafe - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (May 2020)
Nine Dragons Restaurant - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020)
Nine Dragons Restaurant - Lunch (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020)

France Pavilion

Chefs de France - Children's Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)
Chefs de France - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (December 2019)
Monsieur Paul - Children's Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (December 2019)
Monsieur Paul - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (December 2019)

Future World East

Cool Wash - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)
Electric Umbrella - Lunch/Dinner (Closed) (October 2019)
Epcot Experience Snacks - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (October 2019)
Taste Track - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (Seasonal)
The Donut Box - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (October 2019)

Future World West

Germany Pavilion

Sommerfest - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (February 2020)

Italy Pavilion

Japan Pavilion

Japan Ice Cream Cart - Snacks (Closed Temporarily) (February 2020)
Takumi-Tei - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (June 2020)
Takumi-Tei - Omakase Tasting (Closed Temporarily) (June 2020)
Teppan Edo - Lunch/Dinner (Dinner Only Currently)
Tokyo Dining - Children's Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020)
Tokyo Dining - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (August 2020)

Mexico Pavilion

Morocco Pavilion

Juice Bar - Snacks (February 2020)
Morocco Coffee and Pastries - All Day (Closed Temporarily) (July 2020)
Restaurant Marrakesh - Children's Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (January 2020)
Restaurant Marrakesh - Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020 )
Restaurant Marrakesh - Lunch (Closed Temporarily) (April 2020)
Tangierine Cafe - Lunch/Dinner (Closed Temporarily) (July 2020)

Norway Pavilion

Park Entrance

Showcase Plaza

United Kingdom Pavilion