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The Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival is housed in the Imagination Pavilions Magic Eye Theater.

Reviewed by abrooks126 Review Date: 04/24/2019

Rating: (8)

This is worth a visit. The three short 3-D films are fun.

One is Get A Horse, a vintage Mickey Mouse cartoon that cleverly transitions back and forth between black and white and color. (Walt Disney actually provides the voice of Mickey Mouse.) The second is Feast, a heartwarming animated film about a Boston terrier with a passion for "people food", his master and a love interest. The third is Piper, a cute film about a hungry baby sandpiper bird who has to overcome his fear of the ocean. These are the films showing as of January, 2019. From what I understand, they will rotate but I don't know when that will be.

I wouldn't bother with a Fastpass for this attraction. You all usually wind up waiting (and standing) in the same pre-show area anyway. The theater is good-sized and holds a large number of guests. Suitable for all ages. Kids and adults will love the animation.

It's a nice seated break from all the walking, and cool and comfortable on a hot day.


Cute vintage and newer animated short films. Suitable for everyone. Nice to take a break from walking. Cool and comfy theater.


If you happen to arrive when the theater doors have just closed and you have to wait for the next showing, there is no seating in the pre-show area. There's some sort of entertainment to watch on elevated TV screens, but it's a long and uninteresting 17-20 minute wait.
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Reviewed by MassMike Review Date: 04/18/2019

Rating: (7)

Nice break and entertaining


Fun and worth the try


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