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Connections Eatery

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Reviewed by CharityL Review Date: 09/18/2023

Rating: (2)
Not Recommended

I was excited to try this new place on our trip in early September. I was totally disappointed by what we found here.


Charging stations throughout but that's it.


Food was terrible, place was filthy and packed, not enough staff, and so loud you have to yell to hear people sitting right now to you.
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Reviewed by Anonymous Review Date: 09/18/2023

Rating: (1)
Not Recommended

Awful burgers. We got the All American Burger, me with cheese and husband without. It was right after they opened for the day, so maybe they were trying to use up burgers from the day before, but these were hands down the worst burgers we’ve had on Disney property. The patties were form-pressed, tough and chewy, and absolutely no flavor. We were really hungry, but we threw these away after just a few bites. I don’t even remember the fries because the burgers were so overwhelmingly bad. There are so many available places to get way better food. Please learn from our mistakes and go to one of those places instead of Connections.


Lot of seating


The food
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Reviewed by Anonymous Review Date: 08/12/2023

Rating: (8)

Nice place to eat in a rush. Chicken sandwich is very good as well as the fries! I like that they serve you on real plates for a quick service


Space,food quickness


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