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Space 220 Lounge

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Reviewed by Anonymous Review Date: 10/08/2023

Rating: (2)
Not Recommended

Other than the experience and atmosphere of this restaurant/lounge, there are literally no other reasons to dine here. The drinks are underwhelming. The food is bland.


The experience of taking the elevator up to the space station is pretty cool. The space station itself is interesting, especially if you're into space.


The Short Rib Sliders have literally no taste. The Blue Moon Cauliflower was fine but nothing to write home about.
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Reviewed by Anonymous Review Date: 09/26/2023

Rating: (1)
Not Recommended

Spent hours seeking this nearly impossible to get reservation for the Space 220 lounge for 5 people. Eventually was able to score 2 tables (1 for 3, 1 for 2) as apparently 4 is the most you can have on a lounge reservation. When we arrived after a long epcot day we asked kindly at check in if we could be placed at 2 adjacent tables, that we wouldn't mind waiting a bit. The host called ahead and said this wouldn't be a problem, that we could even be placed at 1 table. Great! We were taken in and seated at a booth. Drinks arrived, then the server came to take our order....but when we attempted to order off the lounge menu as those are the items we wanted, hence the lounge reservation we were told we could only order off the prix fix menu. I inquired why that was as we had a lounge reservation. The server left, then ultimately came back with a less than kind manager who stated we would need to move tables as we had been incorrectly seated at the wrong table. Hear me people, I understand rules, however when it was there mistake to begin with, my tired children were already settled, drinks in hand I was not thrilled with this turn of events...and it gets worse. They tried to them move us to 2 tables on opposite ends of the restaurant. I implored them to please either let us stay where they had put us (with 3 completely empty tables nearby so obviously not overly busy), or at least move us to 2 adjacent tables as originally requested. The answer was a very condescending "no" unless we were willing to order off the prix fix menu. Ultimately, we ended up leaving, and will never attempt again. Honestly, the "ride to space" was kind of cool but the "windows" into space were very poor graphics that makes it obvious to anyone except maybe the youngest children that you are not really in space. Save yourself, skip this one...there are so many better options in epcot.


Good idea for theming, needs work to make it exceptional though


Service needs massive improvement.
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Reviewed by shageek77 Review Date: 09/24/2023

Rating: (10)

The Lounge is the way to enjoy this restaurant!

We were allowed to order whatever we wanted off the lounge or main menu. You sit away from the windows but you can still see everything. The Cast was awesome. We loved everything we had. The drinks were on the sweet side but they usually are.

It is very affordable to do the lounge and you aren't locked into the Prix menu.


Atmosphere, Staff, Food


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