Walt Disney World Transportation: Skyliner

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The Disney Skyliner gondola system, a brand new transportation system at Walt Disney World, is under construction and will open on September 29, 2019.

Views from a standard, non-character gondola

Skyliner Facts: What You Need to Know!

This new transportation connects Art of Animation and Pop Century Resorts (on Generation Gap Bridge), Disney’s Riviera Resort (Resort opening December 16), and Caribbean Beach Resort (the Skyliner’s hub) with Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Epcot’s International Gateway.

Epcot Skyliner Station

The Skyliner will operate over 300 gondolas in eight bright colors. Some gondolas will be wrapped with character art including classics like Mickey and Minnie and the Hitchhiking Ghosts and newer faces like Coco and Moana.

Character Wraps

Skyliner will travel at speeds up to 11MPH and at heights up to 60′. There are three lines coming and going from Skyliner’s hub at Caribbean Beach Resort. The three lines end at Hollywood Studios, Epcot (via Riviera), and Art of Animation/Pop Century.

Skyliner Hub at Caribbean Beach Resort

Travel times vary between stops.

  • Caribbean Beach to Hollywood Studios — 4-5 minutes
  • Caribbean Beach to Art of Animation/Pop Century — 5 minutes
  • Caribbean Beach to Riviera Resort — 2-3 minutes
  • Riviera Resort to Epcot (no transfer) — 9-10 minutes

Remember that if you’re transferring from one line to another, you’ll do so at Caribbean Beach Resort. Queues for transfers are relatively close together for easy access, but you’ll still need to join the queue for the line, not a separate transfer queue. Add those times up (and allow time to wait in line to board) for total travel times.

Caribbean Beach Resort Riviera and Epcot Line

Note that if you are using a wheelchair or ECV or require a stopped Skyliner for boarding, there are separate queues for this. A designated section adjacent to the line will allow gondolas to stop in order for guests to board safely. When guests are loaded, the gondola will then be added to the main line and proceed right along with the rest of the gondolas.

Wheelchair Queue at Caribbean Beach Resort

Amenities at the Skyliner stations include restrooms (confirmed at Caribbean Beach, Art of Animation/Pop Century, and Hollywood Studios) and a coffee stand (Caribbean Beach Resort). When Riviera Resort opens in December, we’ll confirm availability here as well.

Joffrey’s Coffee at Caribbean Beach Resort station

Riders have been able to bring coffee aboard the Skyliner, but no policies have been released regarding food and drink. We will look into this, too.

Skyliner Gondola Details and Information

Skyliner gondolas can hold up to ten passengers without a wheelchair, ECV, or stroller on board. With one of these, capacity drops to six passengers. Strollers can remain open with a child riding in them as long as they fall within the maximum size requirements: 30″ x 48″.

Seating on Skyliner is on two wooden benches that face inward. There are no seatbelts. Riders are instructed to remain seated.

Benches will do the trick!

There is safety information inside the cabin, and there’s an Emergency Call Box should riders need to get assistance while in flight.

Emergency Call Box

Skyliner gondolas are not air conditioned. Cross-ventilation is the method by which they mitigate the heat of central Florida.


We found the vented windows to be sufficient when the gondola was in motion. However, when stopped for several minutes, the heat does rise inside the gondola.


Disney Skyliner Views

One of the biggest draws from taking flight on Skyliner is for the one-of-a-kind views riders will get as they sail over Walt Disney World. Here are some of our favorites.

Arriving at Hollywood Studios station
Arriving at Riviera Resort
Epcot-Area views at dusk
View of the Skyliner Turn Station

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