EVERY Disney World Hotel With Skyliner Access And Their Routes

Since its 2019 opening, the Disney Skyliner has become of the most important parts of the Walt Disney World Transportation System. The gondola system’s routes connect two of the resort’s theme parks to several of its resort hotels, ranging from one of the newest Disney hotels on property to some of its most affordable value resorts.


If you need a complete guide to the Disney Skyliner’s routes, look no further.

Caribbean Beach Resort

There’s no better place to start with the Skyliner than the Caribbean Beach Resort, as this moderate resort — which was the first in that Disney resort category when it opened in 1988 — is the central hub and terminus of the entire system. From the Caribbean Beach Resort, guests can hope on to any of the three Skyliner routes. So let’s look at each of them:

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort


The first route we’ll be looking out is the EPCOT route, which is notable for being the only Skyliner route that features more than one stop.

Riviera Resort

The first stop on the EPCOT route when coming from the Caribbean Beach Resort is Disney’s newest on-property hotel, the Disney Vacation Club Riviera Resort. Themed to Walt Disney’s trips and experiences in Europe, specifically on the French and Italian Rivieras, the resort boats numerous guest room and villa options, and the highly regarded Topolino’s Terrace restaurant in addition to its Skyliner Station.

A trip from the Caribbean Beach Resort to the Riviera Resort aboard the Skyliner should take 2-3 minutes.

EPCOT International Gateway

After the Riviera Resort, the next and final stop on the EPCOT Skyliner route is, unsurprisingly, EPCOT. However, this isn’t the EPCOT entrance you’re used to if if you usually travel to the park by Disney bus or Disney Monorail. Instead of arriving outside the park’s main gate and entering through Future World, the Skyliner arrives at the back of the park, specifically the International Gateway entrance. Guests departing the Skyliner enter the park between the France and United Kingdom World Showcase pavilions, on the complete other end of the park from the usual entrance.

A direct trip from the Caribbean Beach Resort to EPCOT’s International Gateway lasts about 15 minutes. A trip from the Rivera Resort to EPCOT lasts 9-10 minutes.

Hollywood Studios Route

Heading back to the Caribbean Beach resort, we’re moving on to the next Skyliner route: that to the Hollywood Studios theme park. The route between the two is a direct shot, and guests are dropped off at the Skyliner station just outside of Hollywood Studio’s front gates.

A direct trip from Caribbean Beach Resort to Hollywood Studios takes 4-5 minutes, a trip from the Rivera Resort with a stop at Caribbean Beach takes 8-10 minutes, while a trip from EPCOT to Hollywood Studios takes 19-20 minutes.

Skyliner Station at Art of Animation

Pop Century/Art of Animation Route

The final Skyliner route guests can board at the Caribbean Beach resort can take them to both the Pop Century and Art of Animation resorts. Specifically, the station sits in the middle of the Generation Gap Bridge, which spans a lagoon between the two value resorts (longtime readers know that originally, Art of Animation was actually supposed to be the second half of Pop Century, hence why the two are linked by a footbridge).

A trip from Caribbean Beach to Pop Century/Art of Animation lasts approximately 5 minutes.

Disney Skyliner

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6 Replies to “EVERY Disney World Hotel With Skyliner Access And Their Routes”

  1. It would be great if they would open a Skyliner route from Art of Animation & POP Century to Disney Springs. I’m planning a trip to WDW for next spring, & the Skyliner certainly looks a lot more convenient (& fun) than bus service.

    1. Hi William. Yes! You can absolutely do that. The Skyliner stops outside the park and you’d have to go through a regular line at the International Gateway to get in so you’d be fine. 🙂

  2. “Germination Gap” sounds pretty funny thanks to an inconvenient sabotage by auto-correct, but the bridge between Pop Century and Art of Animation actually is the Generation Gap. (Makes sense considering the original design theme for Art of Animation.)