AllEars Parents’ Guide to Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios with Kids

You’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World with your kids in tow! Congratulations! The World’s journey into the movies at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be a magical addition to your trip, with something for everyone in your group.

Hollywood Studios’ Sunset Boulevard

We’re sharing tips, suggestions, and handy information to help you make the most of your visit in two categories: Hollywood Studios Logistics and Hollywood Studios Attractions. Each of these categories is packed with info and links to other helpful posts and pages right here on AllEars.

Here’s your Parents’ Guide to Walt Disney World’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios with Kids!

Guide to Hollywood Studios Logistics

Calendar of Events

To know what special events are on the calendar during your visit, check out our Calendar of Events. We update this searchable calendar throughout the year, including Epcot festival openings, start dates for new nighttime spectaculars, restaurant and attraction openings, After Hours events, and more.

Calendar of Events

Search by month and year to get an overview of what to expect — then get your kids psyched for all the fun!

Hollywood Studios Baby Care Center

If you’re traveling with really little ones, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the Baby Care Center offerings at Walt Disney World. Every Park has a Baby Care Center. Hollywood Studios’ Baby Care Center is located immediately to your left as you enter the Park.

Baby Care Center at Hollywood Studios

Baby Care Centers have all the basics: baby food and formula, diapers, simple clothing, wipes, etc. But because they’re all also adjacent to the First Aid Center, you’ll also find items for older guests (adults and older kids) like basic over the counter medications, bottled beverages, etc.

Baby Care Center

But Baby Care Centers don’t stop with items you can purchase (or sometimes get for free, like a single diaper). They also provide quiet spaces for nursing, feeding, and changing. And if you’ve got a little one (or even an older kid) who needs a place to decompress, this is an excellent place to do that.

Click here to visit our Baby Care Center page to see more about what these hidden gems have to offer for families.

Hollywood Studios First Aid

Like the Baby Care Centers, First Aid Centers in the Parks are excellent resources for families. Found adjacent to Baby Care Centers, First Aid Centers are staffed with nurses and provide everything from single-dose pain medication to professionals to take your vitals when you’re feeling under the weather.

Typical First Aid offerings

We’ve shared all the details about First Aid Centers here!

Stroller Rentals and Policies

When you’re visiting Walt Disney World with kids, it’s natural to wonder if you should bring or rent a stroller — even if your kid doesn’t normally use one in your ‘real life’. Disney World is huge, and the amount of walking you and the kids will do on any given day is highly unusual and flat-out exhausting.

Oscar’s Stroller Rentals

We’ve gathered lots of Stroller FAQs here, but let’s go over some basics. You can bring your own stroller, rent from Disney in the Parks (and Disney Springs), or rent from a third party. If you rent Disney’s strollers, your options are single or double strollers that are crafted from heavy-duty plastic.

Disney Double Stroller

You can rent a stroller for a single day or your length-of-stay (for a small per day discount).

There are benefits and drawbacks to all three stroller options (it can be a pain to use your own stroller on Disney transportation vehicles, the rentals are unfamiliar and perhaps uncomfortable, third party rentals often require you to be at your Resort for delivery, etc.), so you’ll need to consider lots of variables when making your decision.

Learn more about stroller rentals and use here to help make your decisions about using a stroller at Walt Disney World.

If you do choose to bring your own stroller, be sure to check the size. In 2019, Disney Parks implemented new stroller size and style requirements, and while it’s not enforced throughout the property, it can be at any time. Your stroller needs to be 31″ x 52″, and you can no longer use a wagon-style stroller.

Hollywood Studios Walking Distances

We’re including some estimated walking distances into and around the Park to give you an idea of how much walking you’ll do.

  • .34 miles: the furthest bus stop gate to Park entrance
  • .44 miles: distance from Park entrance to Rise of the Resistance
  • 1.17 miles: closed loop around the Park
Take a stroll around Magic Kingdom!

Keep in mind: the closed loop around the park does not include any back tracking (except to return to the entrance via Sunset Boulevard), walks into or out of attractions, walks to find a bathroom, stops for dining or rides — it’s just the total if you took a nonstop stroll from the entrance through Echo Lake, back to Galaxy’s Edge, through Toy Story Land, over to Sunset Boulevard, and returning to the entrance. A typical day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will easily wrack up 8-10 miles (and sometimes 20,000+ steps) in a single day. 

And keep this in mind, too: the furthest bus stop gate is .34 miles from the entrance of the Park, but it will feel a lot longer at the end of a full, tiring day in the Park.

Hollywood Studios Lost and Found

If you lose any of your personal items during a day at Hollywood Studios — we’re talking your cell phone, a hat, your child’s favorite stuffed animal, your wallet — know that Hollywood Studios has a dedicated lost and found. It’s located in the same building as First Aid and Baby Care Center just to your left as you enter the Park.

Guest Relations and Lost and Found at Hollywood Studios

Here’s what to do if you realize you lost something.

  • If you know where you lost it, return to that location. Talk to Cast Members on site there to see if the item was turned in or found.
  • If you know you left it in the storage pouch on a ride or at your table in a restaurant or someplace specific, let the CM know that, too. In some cases, they may allow you to wait until the vehicle you were in comes back so you can check it out.
  • If your item was not located, you’ll want to check at Lost and Found in Guest Relations. Here they’ll search for your item (don’t worry — they’re super organized so the search should only take minutes). If it’s not there, you have one more step.
  • You’ll need to fill out a lost item form on This is a third party Disney uses to manage lost and found inquiries. Once you’ve submitted your form, you’ll hear back from Disney within 48 hours.

Learn everything you need to know about Walt Disney World Lost and Found here.

Lost Children (or Lost Parents)

At Hollywood Studios, it’s no small feat to keep your family together at all times, and when a child gets lost, it’s natural for panic to set in fast. We’re not going to minimize the intensity of this experience; it can be overwhelming. But the Cast Members at Walt Disney World do a tremendous job of handling these incredibly emotional experiences.

It’s easy to get lost in the crowds.

Before you even leave home, prepare a bit for this possibility, and the situation (should it arise) will be resolved very quickly. If your child is old enough to remember their parents’ names and phone numbers, talk to them beforehand about how to identify a Cast Member and what to tell them: “I’m lost. My parent/grown up is ______. Their phone number is ______. ”

If your child is too young to recall this information, prepare by having your phone number and name somewhere on the kid. You could write the info discreetly on your child’s MagicBand, have temporary tattoos or rubber bracelets made with the info, or find another creative option online (parents have lots of great ideas!).

You can write your contact info on your child’s MagicBand.

Another way to prepare is to take your child’s or your children’s pictures each morning you enter a Park so you’ll have an accurate photo of them each day. When Cast Members are looking for your little one, they’ll know exactly what clothing or identifiable features they have.

When you realize your child is lost, find the nearest Cast Member and explain the situation. If you have a second adult in your group, one of you should stay right where you are while the other goes with the CM to search. The Cast Member will contact Lost Children in the Park to see if the child is there and to leave a report. All available CMs in the vicinity will be activated to search for the child, too, so it’s not just the two of you.

When a Cast Member locates your child (or when your kid asks a CM for help), the CM will stay with your child until you are reunited. This may happen when your child or the CM he or she is with calls you. Or it may happen when the CM who’s with your found child contacts the CM who’s with you. The reunion may happen nearby if your child hasn’t gotten too far away, or it may happen at the Baby Care Center, where a Cast Member will wait with your found child until you arrive.

Baby Care Centers are where found kids await a happy reunion!

Cast Members are trained to handle these situations calmly and efficiently. It may not help you to know that if you’re ever experiencing a lost kiddo situation, but know, too, that whoever finds your child will also be trained to help him or her feel safe and secure. They’ll likely even refer to the kid’s “lost parents” so the child won’t feel badly about being lost.

Where to Go if Your Child Needs a Nap

If your child (or children) need a nap but you’re not able to head back to your Resort or hotel, there are some quiet spots in Hollywood Studios where you can find relative quiet. Baby Care Centers are great spots to rest, and even if your child isn’t a baby anymore, these spaces are likely still available to them. If the Baby Care Center is full of, well, babies, see if the First Aid Center has a quiet space you can rest for a short time.

Other quiet spots can include out-of-the-way tables in restaurants not during meal time (meal times are busy and noisy, but also you don’t want to claim a table that might be needed for actual diners). We like some of the shadowy corners of ABC Commissary or the outdoor seating area at Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo. If Woody’s Lunch Box isn’t too busy, that can be a nice place to settle in for a bit on a mild temperature day.

Docking Bay 7 Outdoor Seating

Restrooms are also typically a bit off the beaten path, and you’ll often find benches (and maybe even some shade!) outside of the restrooms proper if you’re lucky! The Pixar Place Restrooms are a little more off the beaten path than other restrooms in the Park, making them a good place to sit with a sleeping kiddo for a bit.

Pixar Place

Of course, if you’re not averse to getting some extra steps in, you can always get your child comfy in the stroller and just walk around for a bit. Maybe grab a drink along the way (Hollywood Studios typically has several pop-up bars around the Park) and just enjoy your surroundings. If you’re visiting with your own personal stroller, this may be the ideal option.

Or if you think your child can handle a little bit of noise (and pull themselves away from the sights) and you don’t mind technically leaving the Park, you could always take a few loops around on the Skyliner! You’ll need to disembark and re-board at the Caribbean Beach Resort Station, but the ride is about five minutes long between the Park and the Skyliner hub, so a few spins could be helpful for a nap. (Note that you can be boarded with others in the Skyliner gondolas, so if it’s busy, you might want to forgo this option.)

Hollywood Studios Skyliner Station

Restroom MVPs

When you’re traveling the World with little ones (or big ones with little bladders), knowing where to find the best restrooms can be some seriously valuable information. Here are our Restroom MVPs.

On Sunset Boulevard, the Sunset Club Couture Restrooms are conveniently located just down the block from Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster, Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, and Tower of Terror. There is a restroom closer to these iconic attractions, but with so much going on at the end of Sunset Boulevard, the Hollywood Tower Restrooms tend to be very busy. Head to the Sunset Club Couture Restrooms instead!

Sunset Boulevard Restrooms

If you’re in the Commissary Lane/Echo Lake section of the Park, the Sound Studio Restrooms offer plenty of space and a companion restroom, too. This restroom is also proximal to Backlot Express and ABC Commissary quick service restaurants, too, so if you’re looking to stretch your legs and do some business, it’s a good spot for you.

Sound Studio Restrooms

For restrooms that are totally out of this world, head to the Market Restrooms in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in the resistance area of the land. These are highly-themed and have some added perks, like a bottle refill station and a companion restroom. Plus, if the land is really busy, this area offers a little escape.

Galaxy’s Edge Market Restrooms

And for the most colorful, funnest restrooms in the Park, the award goes to the Toy Story Land Restrooms. These are themed with colorful blocks and Scrabble tiles spelling out Restrooms. You won’t have to convince your kids to take a potty break because these are so fun.

Toy Story Land Restrooms

Of course, the best restroom is the one you need when you really need it. Click here to visit Disney World’s interactive map of restrooms! And be sure to have My Disney Experience loaded on your phone. You can use it to search for the nearest restrooms anywhere you are in the World — and you can get walking directions to get you there.

And here’s a list of Walt Disney World’s companion restrooms in case you want to make a note of those, too.

Best (Non-Attraction) Places to Chill Out

If the Florida heat has got the best of you, you’ll need to act fast to find some relief. We’ll cover the best attractions for cooling off in the next section, but for now, let’s talk about some non-attractions places to chill out.

Star Wars Launch Bay is a multi-use space that’s practically designed to wander and cool off. There are character meets here as well as displays to of Star Wars memorabilia to check out. Then there’s the blissful AC!

Star Wars Launch Bay

If you’re in Galaxy’s Edge and a bigtime Star Wars fan, Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities is a great place to chill out and enjoy a ton of franchise-specific merchandise and decor.

Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities

Get a little history with your relaxation at Walt Disney Presents! Learn all about the man behind the magic, the development of Disney Parks around the world, and more. It’s a terrific step into the past. Bonus: this is another great place to stroll with a sleeping kiddo in a stroller!

Walt Disney Presents

Package Pick-Up/Delivery

If your kids are shopping ’til you think you’ll drop, you don’t have to worry about lugging around their magical treasure. Hollywood Studios offers Package Pick-Up and Package Delivery (if you’re staying on-site and have more than 24 hours left in your stay).

Merchandise locations can package and transport your purchased items to the Package Pick-Up, which is located at Oscar’s Super Service. (Oscar’s Super Service is located to your immediate right when you enter the Park.) You’ll pick up your packages on your way out of the Park and carry them back to wherever you head next (Resort, hotel, house rental, airport, etc.).

Package Pick-Up at Oscar’s

If you want to avoid carrying them back to your Disney Resort, you can opt to have your purchases delivered to your Resort. You’ll still need to pick them up when you get back to your Resort, but it saves you a lot of schlepping. Note that you need to have more than 24 hours left on your stay to use delivery.

Guide to Hollywood Studios Attractions

Here we’re going to share insights, information, and tips for navigating and enjoying Hollywood Studios’ attractions with kids.

Ride Closures and Refurbishments

One variable you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re planning your Walt Disney World vacation is the ride closures and refurbishments. Luckily, we have a filter-able database for that! Click here to check out the page. You can search by Park and by date, and this info can change at any time (thanks, Disney!), so check back frequently as you’re planning your trips!

Construction Walls at the Chinese Theater

Ride Heights and Safety Information

We’ve collected information about ride height and safety information for each of the parks (theme and water) at Walt Disney World. Click here to review this information.

Rise of the Resistance Ride Height

If you’re looking for tips on the best rides without height requirements, click here!

And if you know your kiddo’s height, we’ve arranged Walt Disney World height requirements by size here!

Best Attractions with Short Waits

Despite your meticulous planning, you’re still going to have to wait in some lines for attractions at some point. We’ve got tips on the best attractions that tend to have shorter waits (relatively speaking). Click here to check those out!

Best Attraction Queues

And while we’re talking about (sometimes long) waits in line, we’ve also highlighted the best attraction queues here. One of our favorites is Rise of the Resistance, which integrates well with the Play Disney Parks app and allows guests to really feel they’ve joined the Resistance!

Rise of the Resistance Queue

Best Places (on Attractions) to Chill Out

That Florida heat has gotten to you again, and it’s time to chill out — this time on or in an attraction!

Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy opened in 2019, and it’s become a favorite place to cool off. Head in for a ten-minute respite from the Florida heat, and leave with a bevy of racing tips sure to make you say “I am speed!”

Lightning McQueen Racing Academy

If your speed is more mermaid than race car, the Voyage of the Little Mermaid is for you! This stage show features a combination of live character (hello, Ariel!) and puppets and animatronics to retell the popular story. And there’s plenty of AC!

Voyage of The Little Mermaid

If your kids need to burn some energy, the Disney Junior Dance Party is the place to be! This rockin’ good time brings favorite Disney Junior characters, energetic tunes, and lots of smiles. And a place to take a load off.

Disney Junior Dance Party

Single Rider Lines at Walt Disney World

Both Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run have single rider lines. Click here to learn more about how to use them to maximize your vacation time!

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

Where to Meet Characters at Hollywood Studios

If your kids are excited to meet some of their favorite characters in real life, Hollywood Studios is a great place to do it! We’ve assembled a list of characters who have regular and sporadic meet-and-greets in the Park. Click here to find out where to meet your favorites!

Woody and Jessie

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about character meet-and-greets at Walt Disney World, click here!

Parade Tips

Disney’s Hollywood Studios does not have a parade.

Brush up on even more planning tips at the links below!

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