Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance — Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge — Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened August 29, 2019, with just one of its two major attractions open. The land’s second phase attraction — Rise of the Resistance — gives guests the opportunity fight against the Empire in a unique, multifaceted experience that includes multiple attraction types, popular characters both good and evil, and intense storytelling.

Rise of the Resistance Entrance at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Rise of the Resistance will open on December 5, 2019, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Minimal Spoiler Alert: Rise of the Resistance will take you into multiple scenarios, including on-board a First Order Star Destroyer, on a Resistance Transport, and in the pathway of AT-AT walkers!

At one point, guests can expect to be “captured” and moved by the enemy —  before they escape on a trackless troop transport piloted by a droid! Along the way, riders will see various scenes and characters including Stormtroopers and Kylo Ren.

AT-AT Walkers in Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ©Disney

Warning: Definite Spoilers Ahead!

This is a more in-depth description of what we know about the attraction so far:

The queue begins in the rocky cliffs of Batuu, where you’ll want to pay attention to the ground. You’ll see soldier footprints as well as tracks from a droid. It turns out it was the droid Imagineers were looking for — the real R2-D2 from “A New Hope” was used here.

The line continues winding through the forest, until you reach a set of man-made (or alien-made) caves. It’s here you’ll reach the Black Spire Outpost, set among the ruins of an ancient civilization.

Rise Queue

The story goes that both the Resistance (which set up camp here a week ago) and the First Order are both in search of something (we don’t know what yet).

As you weave through the queue, you’ll see various items from the Rebels’ camp — such as droids and communication gear. Make sure to keep an ear out for signs that the First Order may be approaching.

You’ll continue winding through and you’ll want to pay attention to the ancient site you’re in. We’ve read that the Play Disney Parks App will be very interactive in the queue, deciphering symbols and raising questions about what has happened here.

Eventually you’ll make it to the Resistance Command. There you’re greeted by BB-8, who presents a hologram of Rey (Daisy Ridley) letting you know that you’ll be boarding a transport shortly with Poe Dameron for an urgent mission.

As you enter the bay, an animatronic Nien Nunb (Lando Calirissian’s co-pilot) barks orders at you and you’ll catch a glimpse of Poe’s signature black X-wing.

Star Wars’ Nien Nunb

Time to go! Poe (Oscar Issac) jumps aboard his X-wing, and Nunb pilots your ship, which takes off. But not so fast! A First Order Star Destroyer appears and pulls your transport into a First Order hangar. Poe abandons you, promising to bring back help.

When the hangar is revealed, you’ll be in a giant auditorium complete with Storm Troopers and TIE Fighters.

Rise of the Resistance

“Resistance scum” (riders) will then be shuffled into an interrogation room, where you’ll learn key information that the Resistance needs. You’ll escape and board trackless cars, which will guide you for the rest of the attraction. The ride is expected to end spectacularly with a drop as your escape pod makes its grand exit.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Rise of the Resistance Ride Vehicle at Star Wars Celebration

Disney hasn’t announced how Finn will be involved in the attraction, but it has been confirmed that actor John Boyega will bring the his character to life, as he did in the Star Wars films. Disney is also keeping the length of the attraction under wraps, though we have learned it is over twenty minutes long.

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We’re sure this attraction will be crazy-popular, and you will certainly require FastPass+ to ride! At this time, FastPass+ is not yet available for either attraction in Galaxy’s Edge. (Millennium Falcon does have a single rider line; there is no confirmation yet that Rise of the Resistance will have a single rider line.)

There is a height restriction on this ride. You must be at least 40 inches (102 cm) or taller.