A DIVISIVE Disney Souvenir Trend Has Continued With a NEW Item

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Disney has done some divisive things in the past.

Main Street Cinema Ears Wall

The introduction of the Harmonious barges is one of them (though we’d say most people were on the “hate it” side there). They’ve also released divisive Minnie ears and we’ve covered everything from divisive hotels to divisive rides at the resort. But now, one particular item has joined a divisive Disney trend and we just had to talk to you about it.

Remember when Disney just could NOT stop releasing scented items? We got everything from a Mickey waffle-scented collection to popcorn-scented items and even gingerbread-scented merchandise.

If you thought Disney had left the days of scented collections behind them, however, you’d be WRONG.


One of the newer collections Disney has introduced is the Disney Munchlings — these are pushes themed after Disney characters and sweet treats, and yes, you’ll find that some of the items in these collections are…scented!

So, naturally, Disney continued that trend with its Minnie Mouse Strawberry Cupcake Munchlings Ears. These had already been released online but we recently spotted them in Magic Kingdom in The Emporium.

Munchlings Ears

The ears are based on the Baked Treats series of Disney Munchlings, and are covered in sprinkles…


…with a strawberry that forms the “knot” on a polka dot bow.

How Sweet

On the top (in the back), you’ll find a pink swirl completing this sweet look.

Pink Swirl

One of our reporters thought that the ears smelled great, with a soft strawberry/general berry scent.

Even so, the fact that it is scented sent our team into a big debate. One team member asked whether anyone had truly asked for this to be created. 🤣 We have a feeling that some people out there might love the idea of buying scented ears (these could be particularly fun for kiddos), while others might not like having that scent linger around them at all.


What do YOU think? Are you team-scented or team-no-scent? Tell us in the comments. If you simply HAVE to get these ears for yourself, look for them in Magic Kingdom or get them online. They’re priced at $34.99.

Click here to buy the ears online!

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Do you like scented merchandise or hate it? Tell us in the comments.

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2 Replies to “A DIVISIVE Disney Souvenir Trend Has Continued With a NEW Item”

  1. How in any way is this “divisive”? Either you like them or you don’t. Are people really taking sides or is this just click bait?

    1. Hi David! You would be surprised by the amount of comments we get for and against scented ears. Our AllEars team is even divided into two camps completely for and completely against.