Your Guide to the BEST Eats and Drinks at Disney’s 2024 Pixar Fest

WARNING: what we’re about to show you may cause you to book an impulsive trip to Disneyland…just saying.

It’s time for Pixar Fest!

But would that really be so bad? In our opinion, NO — especially if you’re planning to visit during Pixar Fest! The event lasts from now until August 4th, 2024 and there is so much to do. From rare characters to special parades to exclusive snacks, this festival has it ALL. Well, it didn’t until now, because as of May 10th, the food booths are open!

There are six food booths for Pixar Fest located around Disney California Adventure. They each have their own unique menu and are themed after different Pixar movies and characters, of course!

Pixar Fest

We tried the food and drinks at each of the booths and are here to tell you what’s REALLY worth your money.

Best Eats

One of our favorites that we KNEW would be going on the Best of the Fest list was the Gusteau Macaron for $7.75 from Gusteau’s To-Go! This has crème brûlée mousse with caramel center, and an image of Chef Gusteau on it. The combination of flavors was amazing, and the center was nice and creamy!

Gusteau Macaron

For spice fans, you’ll love the Red Panda Bao from 4*Town Fav*4*ites for $9! This is a jumbo pork and vegetable stuffed bao served with chile-garlic sauce. The pork was flavorful and tender, the vegetables were fresh and added a great earthly taste, but watch out for that chile-garlic sauce — it’s no joke!

Red Panda Bao

We also loved the Half-Note Jazz Cake for $7.25 from The Spark! While this may “just” be red velvet cake made to look like piano keys, it was incredibly moist, and the icing was perfectly sweet without being overpowering.

Half-Note Jazz Cake

We also loved the Kol Nut Whoopie Cookie Pie from The Elemental Table! This is made of two cake cookies baked with cocoa powder, filled with cream cheese frosting, and topped with crushed cinnamon candies. We loved that the frosting inside was super creamy and not too rich, which pairs well with the spongy cake cookies.

Whoopie Pie

There were plenty of other good eats at the festival, but these are the ones that REALLY stood out to us and that we think are worth your time, money, and stomach space.

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Best Drinks

As for drinks, we loved the non-alcoholic Sea Monster Lemonade for $7.50 at Portorosso Pasta. It’s made with lemonade, white grape juice, and peach syrup garnished with blue citrus mango jellies. While we only got a hint of the peach, we loved the mix of sweet and sour flavors and thought the jellies were so fun!

Sea Monster Lemonade

At The Elemental Table, you can also grab the Exothermic Margarita for $17, made with tequila, ancho chile liqueur, passion fruit nectar, lime & grapefruit juices, and agave nectar garnished with a rock candy stick. The balance between the passion fruit and hint of spice was perfection to us and we think this was our favorite drink of the entire festival!

Exothermic Margarita

Again, there are some other solid drinks at the festival as well, but if you’re looking for the best of the best, these are them!

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Best Booth

As for our favorite booth overall, we have to give that to The Elemental Table, which we gave a 4/5!

Elemental Table

This was the only booth that had both a drink AND a snack on our best of the fest list, and the other offerings that didn’t make the list weren’t terrible, just not our favorites. But hey — four out of five stars is pretty good, right?

Elemental Table

Be sure to stay tuned to AllEars for Disneyland news!

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