8 Disney Amazon Items That Make Your Trip 100x Better

Are you heading to Disney World soon?

Magic Kingdom

We know there’s A LOT to plan, pack, and remember so that you have a successful trip. We’ve been through it, and we know how much stress there can be in those days leading up to your travels. But there are several items that we always recommend saving space for in your luggage!

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It’s nearing summertime, and in Florida that means HEAT! High temperatures can make any day in the parks miserable. That’s why we recommend being prepared by bringing a few cooling towels with you!

Cooling towels!

These towels are great for soaking in cold water and then wrapping them around your neck or forearms to help keep your body nice and cool, even on those really hot and humid days. You’ll see tons of people walking around with these little towels, and they’re easy to re-soak in the bathrooms around the parks. Seriously, anything we can do to beat the heat, we’ve tried!

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Speaking of heat, nobody enjoys the chafing that can ensue when you get sweaty and sticky halfway through the day. That’s why we suggest packing Megababe— an anti-friction stick that you can use anywhere!


We can’t ignore the topic of chafing (as much as we wish we could), but our skin demands protection, and Megababe is to the rescue of our thighs and anywhere else you might need a little anti-friction help from the hot sun.

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We’ll come back to more hot Florida weather in a bit, but let’s talk about another issue we’ve run into time and again — Loungefly mini backpacks and the lack of organization that ensues!

We LOVE Loungeflys, but we have to admit, they can become big, endless pits. Which is why we got ourselves one of these neat organization inserts!

Fits right into your Loungefly mini backpack

This thing is a lifesaver (and a chapstick saver)! We can finally organize everything we manage to cram into one of these small backpacks. They’re great park bags made even better with organization.

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We told you we’d be back on our “stay cool” soap box, well, here we are! You NEED to stay hydrated in Disney World, or you’re going to be miserable. We recommend one of these sleek Owala water bottles.

It’s a great water bottle!

It’s a good size so you won’t be constantly needing to refill it, but it will still fit in many park bags. Plus, we LOVE the idea of dual-purpose items, which is why we turned our water bottle into a character-signing item!

Anastacia and Drizzella signing our water bottle!

We love the idea of the characters signing something we’ll use every day instead of a book we will put on a shelf and forget about. Reduce, reuse, recycle, and repurpose!

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Some of us may have a hard time falling and staying asleep in hotel rooms. New spaces that can be really quiet unless you keep the bright TV on may make it hard to sleep. If you’re like us, having some white noise on in the background can definitely help! That’s what’s so great about this portable white noise machine.


This little speaker is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so it won’t take up too much space in your luggage. But it will certainly help you if you can’t sleep in silence. There are 15 different sounds that it plays. It can be great for babies, kids, or us adults who hate sleeping in silence.

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MagicBand+ is not required in the parks, but they sure are convenient! However, they can and do die. So to make sure your band lasts your whole trip, it might be useful to bring along this small portable MagicBand+ charger.

MagicBand Charger

This charger is so slim that it can easily fit in your luggage or park bag. It will ensure hours of MagicBand+ fun! You can keep interacting with the park, scanning into the parks and Lightning Lanes, and paying for souvenirs.

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It can be annoying finding enough plugs for everyone in the family to charge their phones, watches, MagicBands, and more. That’s why these slim portable power strips can be useful!


It’s slim enough that it can fit behind hotel beds or nightstands, and it gives you an additional outlet, USB, and USB-C plugs! As frequent travelers, we love having the extra plugs, it can be so challenging to find enough open ones in a hotel room. Since it wraps up neatly and is slim, it will also fit into your luggage nicely.

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Last, we ALWAYS take extra fuel rods into the parks with us!

Don’t forget a portable charger!

We use our phones in the parks even more than our MagicBands. Since you’ll use the Disney World app for practically everything from checking into your hotel room to making Lightning Lane selections to dining reservations, your phone’s battery will be put to the test. Don’t risk it, and pack some fuel rods in your park bag, instead! Plus, there are Fuel Rod kiosks all around the parks to exchange empty ones for full ones!

Fuel Rod Kiosk at Hollywood Studios

You should be able to make it through security with one or two of these in your bag without setting off the alarm (however, there are TONS of reasons those things can be alerted). Trust us, Fuel Rods will definitely come in handy in the parks!

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We certainly hope these items help you have an easier trip to the Disney World parks! Keep following AllEars for more Disney news!

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