EVERY SINGLE Popcorn Bucket Disney Released in 2024!

Popcorn buckets are definitely some of the most sought-after souvenirs from the Disney World parks.

2023 Mickey Halloween popcorn bucket

They are sold at select popcorn carts throughout the parks, and they have a tendency to sell out fast. We can totally understand why. They’re so versatile. They hold your popcorn, make for a great accessory, can act as a purse once washed out, and can even make for some pretty magical shelf decor. Disney has released multiple popcorn buckets in 2024, so let’s have a look at them all!

We’re sharing all the popcorn buckets released in the Disney Parks so far in 2024 — according to the AllEars team. These are in no particular order — we love them all too much to rank them. Without further ado, let’s talk about it!

Disney World Popcorn Buckets

Festival of the Arts Figment Popcorn Bucket

Figment has proven his popularity at the EPCOT Festival of the Arts. He’s so popular that there are often long lines and Mobile Order queues to snag his popcorn bucket!

It looks just like the Imagination Pavilion!

The 2024 version of the popcorn bucket debuted in January with a new way to get it — Mobile Order. No more waiting in long lines this year, but we did see it sell out from time to time. Disney definitely was better prepared for the demand this time around, however, because it was still available at the end of the festival.

2024 Disney World Attractions Popcorn Bucket

On January 23rd, we spotted a brand-new bucket design! This classic bucket features character nods to each of the four Disney World parks. On one side you’ve got Simba for Animal Kingdom and Tiana for Magic Kingdom…

The new bucket!

…and then the other side has a Little Green Alien for Hollywood Studios and Moana for EPCOT. Each of the characters is connected to one of the attractions in that park.

Other Disney Resort Popcorn Buckets

Disney World isn’t the only resort that has popcorn buckets. In fact, sometimes we get down right envious of some of the cute popcorn buckets that Disneyland gets. Let’s take a look!

Shanghai Disney: Lunar New Year Mushu Popcorn Bucket

This year’s Lunar New Year celebrates the Year of the Dragon. Could you think of anyone better to represent this holiday than Mushu from Mulan? We don’t think so! Mushu, the feisty dragon who helps Mulan defeat the Huns in the animated movie, is making an appearance on an all-new popcorn bucket, and we think it’s adorable!


The bucket is shaped like a drum, which reminds us of the gong he used to wake the ancestors in the original Mulan movie.  We all know Mushu beats to the rhythm of his own drum, which makes him the perfect helper on Mulan’s journey. And now you can enjoy some fresh specialty popcorn inside this new, red drum at Shanghai Disney Resort.

Hong Kong Disneyland: Baby Groot Popcorn Bucket

Disney recently posted a picture on Instagram of a popcorn bucket at Hong Kong Disneyland…and we WANT it.


The adorable design features baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in a pot with little headphones on his ears. Do you think he’s listening to Peter Quill’s Awesome Mix? You can pick this bucket up in Tomorrowland at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Disneyland: Valentine’s Popcorn Bucket

These buckets are ALL pink and are shaped like a Mickey balloon and feature Mickey and Minnie sharing a kiss on the front. Let’s all say a collective “AWWWW.”


They even have a cute pink strap which makes them super convenient and fashionable.

Disneyland: Easter Popcorn Bucket

To celebrate Easter, Disney has released a popcorn bucket and an exclusive sipper that you can get at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure starting February 15th.


Chip and Dale look like they got into some egg-stravagant mischief on the Chip & Dale Spring Basket Bucket. We love this one!


It comes with a blue shoulder strap to help make your in-park popcorn noshing even more convenient.

Disneyland: Chuuby Popcorn Bucket

Say hello to the Chuuby Popcorn Bucket! Disney just shared that this popcorn bucket will be available at Disneyland exclusively at the popcorn cart in Mickey’s Toontown.

Hello friend!

Chuuby is an adorable little bird that was created just for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. An Imagineer told the OC Register that his name was supposed to be “Chubby,” but there was a typo in production. They all found the name “Chuuby” to be way cuter!

Disneyland: Pixar Fest Popcorn Bucket

Disney’s latest popcorn bucket is one you may know well. The notable Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story (and practically every Pixar film) could also cameo in your own everyday story.


The Pizza Planet truck is featured with its classic design that has an alien in the driver’s seat sporting a Pizza Planet hat. This will be released with Pixar Fest starting on April 26th through August 4th.

Disneyland: Popcorn Purse

Maybe you love the popcorn fashion but are not into the actual snack (are we even friends!?). Well, you can still look the part with this fun snack-themed purse.

We spotted this cute accessory at Disney Clothiers earlier this year and think it’s the perfect compliment to any outfit.

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