How Much Can You REALLY Ride in a Day at Disney World Now?

For the past few weeks, we’ve been exploring all four of the newly reopened Disney World theme parks so you can see how things are working here now with so many new health and safety procedures in place.

Toy Story Mania

One of the biggest changes Disney World has made has to do with its attendance.  During Disney World’s initial reopening phase, the parks have been operating at significantly reduced capacity. Disney is limiting who they’re allowing inside the parks by requiring all guests (including Annual Passholders) to obtain a reservation before entry. Guests can only visit one Disney park per day and must have a reservation for each day of their visit.

Another HUGE change since the closures has to do with FastPass+.  Currently, FastPass+ is on pause and all rides are Stand By ONLY (with the exception of Hollywood Studios’ Rise of the Resistance which is operating with a modified virtual queue). You might be wondering what kind of effect all of this stuff has on wait times and we’re glad you asked! Let us show you from our experience just how many attractions you can now ride in a typical day at a newly reopened Disney World theme park!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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So just how many rides can you ride in one day at Disney World right now? Well, it depends on which day and which park you visit!

Magic Kingdom

When Magic Kingdom officially reopened on July 11th, we saw wait times for popular attractions including Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Railroad, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and even Pirates of the Caribbean SOAR!

Pirates of the Caribbean

But now that EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios have reopened, we’ve seen Magic Kingdom’s wait times drop significantly. On a typical day, wait times will reach their longest point by midday, and then decline steadily from there. As you’ll see, the “longer” times are still well under an hour, which is considerably shorter than what the long wait times would have been pre-closure.

Monday August 3rd Wait Times for 1PM

At Magic Kingdom, the longest wait times have pretty consistently been for Splash Mountain, which seems to reach up to 60 minute waits daily.

Monday August 3rd Wait Times for 1PM

We’ve been arriving at Magic Kingdom shortly after the park has opened each time we’ve visited to give the entryway crowds some time to absorb into the park and we’ve still gotten to ride everything we’re wanted to ride and had plenty of time left over at the end of the day. Limited capacity has really been working in our favor at this park!

Here’s how you should plan your day at Magic Kingdom with limited capacity!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We couldn’t believe it when we saw Flight of Passage has only a 5-minute wait when Disney’s Animal Kingdom reopened. Usually, it takes at least 2 hours to get through its Stand By queue!

Flight of Passage Line

And while we weren’t sure at first if this was just a fluke, those wait times have stayed consistently low! In fact, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been consistently posting some of the shortest wait times. Here are the two longest wait times at the park for 1PM on Monday, August 3rd for reference.

Monday August 3rd Wait Times for 12PM

You can literally just spend the whole day riding Avatar Flight of Passage and we wouldn’t blame you! In fact, we’ve seen quite a few guests exit the ride and get right back in line.

This is how we recommend planning your day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom with limited capacity!


Similar to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, EPCOT has had pretty consistently short wait times at the park. Most rides have been staying at five to fifteen minute waits…

Monday August 3rd Wait Times for 12PM

…though the times will occasionally go up a bit on the weekends, as you can see here from some of the midday wait times on Saturday, August 1st.

Monday August 1st Wait Times for 3PM

Still, for only its second day being open, EPCOT is looking really chill. We think you can easily ride and re-ride all the attractions you’d like to at EPCOT and still have plenty of time to explore A Taste of EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival which is currently underway!

Here’s how we recommend planning your day at EPCOT right now!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

That brings us to our fourth and final park — Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney Park Pass reservations have been filling up quickly for this park thanks to major headliner attractions such as Rise of the Resistance, Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, and Slinky Dog Dash! They’ve got all the latest and greatest stuff!

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Wait times for Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ attractions have (understandably) been consistently longer than any other park.

That being said, what is considered a “long” wait time post-closure is vastly different than what would have been considered long at the parks before they closed, and without limited capacity.

While Hollywood Studios is automatically a tougher park to ride everything because you’ll need to jockey for your spot on Rise of the Resistance even with the parks operating at a limited capacity, if you play your cards right, it’s still a park where it’s entirely possible to ride everything in one day!

This is how we recommend planning your day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with limited capacity!

We’ll continue to monitor the crowds and wait times at each park, but for now, if you’re looking to ride as many rides as possible, the limited capacity will definitely be on your side for doing just that at each of the four Disney World Parks. While EPCOT and Disney’s Animal Kingdom are definitely the top two lowest wait times, you’ll still find lower-than-normal wait times at both Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as well.

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