Everything You Need To Know About a Reopened EPCOT in Disney World!

After a nearly four month closure, the Disney World theme parks have started welcoming guests back again!

Spaceship Earth

Last week we brought you along with us to check out the Previews and official reopening days of both Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom to check out the new character experiences, health and safety precautions, and ride process. While we’ve returned back to Epcot for Cast Member previews, we’re back again to see the newly re-opened park during its grand re-opening today!

We will continue to update this post throughout the week, so make sure to check back for updates! 


Similar to what we’ve seen at the other parks, cars were slowly let in through the booths into the parking lot.

EPCOT Parking
EPCOT Parking

Once parked, Cast Members guided cars into every other parking space.

EPCOT Parking

Temperature Check and Security Screening

All Disney World parks are requiring guests to undergo a temperature screening prior to entry.

Temperature Screening
Temperature Screening

EPCOT has cool down tents for any guests that initially are screened at 100.4 degrees or higher. Once they have a moment to cool down, they can try and be screened once more.

Cool Down Tents


Upon entering, you’ll still be greeted by Spaceship Earth, whose redesign has been put on hold so that guests can still ride the iconic classic attraction.

EPCOT Entrance

And don’t worry — there are still plenty of construction walls throughout!

Molly in front of Spaceship Earth

Read more about the pause for Spaceship Earth’s redesign here!

If guests choose to ride the Skyliners over to Epcot, they will need to go through a temperature screening before they are able to enter the park.

Temperature Screening at the Epcot Skyliner Station

Some of the distancing markers on the ground included blue tape that is measured 6 feet apart from another guest or party.

Distancing Markers

After going through the checks, guests will scan their MagicBands to enter the park in the World Showcase.

Epcot Skyliner Entrance

Cast Members were all ready to welcome everyone “home” (and we definitely got a little teary eyed about it).

Cast Members Welcoming Everyone Back!

Some of the Cast Members ever held countries’ flags from around the World Showcase, including Canada, France…

We Missed You All!

…and Great Britain!

World Showcase Flags

Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth looks the same as we left it!

Spaceship Earth Line

The ride’s line had the same spaced out markers that we’ve seen for queues at both Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom so far.

Spaceship Earth Queue

The ride had the same familiar faces as before, confirming that guests will be able to ride the original upon reopening.

On Ride Spaceship Earth

One key difference is as you exit the ride, where Project Tomorrowland is currently closed.

Project Tomorrowland Closed

Test Track

Another spot we noticed missing interactive features was over at Test Track.

Test Track

The outdoor and indoor queue have been set up with spatial markers, along with barriers to prevent close contact between guests.

Test Track Queue

A missing element for the queue is the design station, which you are instead directed to walk through.

Closed Design Station

Currently, they are seating one party per car for Test Track.

Test Track
Test Track

The interactive elements as you exit for this ride are also closed down.

Test Track Exit
Test Track Exit

Frozen Ever After

Although many of the rides had somewhat low wait times, the line for Frozen Ever After looked a lot longer than it was.

Frozen After Ever Queue

The queue stretched around Norway, even though the actual wait time sat at 30 minutes at multiple points throughout the day.

Frozen After Ever Queue


Because A Taste of Food and Wine Festival will be featuring some EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival elements, there are still topiaries out throughout the park! Over by Mouse Gear, we spotted the Bambi topiary.

Bambi Topiary

Check out the menus for EPCOT’s A Taste of Food and Wine Festival here!

We did notice, though, that the flower beds from this area are no longer there.

No flower beds

The Land Pavilion

Over at the Land Pavilion, we immediately noticed a few key differences. Seating areas have certain chairs marked as unavailable, to encourage distancing.

The Land Seating

The queue for Soarin’ starts way before the prior spot, with spatial markers throughout.

Soarin’ Queue
Soarin’ Queue

When it comes time to head to the theater, you are asked to stand on a blue dot in one of the three rows.

Soarin’ Line

There are dividers between each, with people on either side. You’ll stand here to watch the Soarin’ pre-show like before.

Soarin’ Pre-Show
Kronk Face Mask with the voice of Kronk!

After the pre-show, you are loaded one row at a time. Each of the ride vehicles is divided by plexiglass dividers, with two sets of two seats, and one set of four.

Soarin’ Ride Vehicle

The divider takes up a full seat as well.

Soarin’ Seat Divider

Gran Fiesta

Gran Fiesta was also open for guest to enjoy in the Mexico Pavilion with rope lines and distancing markers.

Gran Fiesta

Over at The Seas With Nemo and Friends, we checked out their socially distanced queue…

The Seas With Nemo and Friends

…and took a ride in a clamshell. There was no wait at all when we rode this afternoon.

The Seas With Nemo and Friends

In the SeaBase, guests can still enjoy looking at the sea creatures, but the ground is clearly marked one way in each room.

The Seas With Nemo and Friends

The kid-favorite shark area (with a giant Bruce!) was roped off…

The Seas With Nemo and Friends

…but a Cast Member was on hand to teach guests all about sharks!

The Seas With Nemo and Friends

We swung over to Frozen Ever After where the posted wait was 30 minutes. The queue extended far out into the pavilion.

Frozen Ever After

It moved quickly and we were inside minutes later.

Frozen Ever After

Plexiglass barriers are installed inside the queue.

Frozen Ever After

Two parties are being loaded per boat, one at the front, one at the rear.

Click here for more information on the new ride processes we’ve seen at EPCOT!


Just like we’ve seen at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, there are a variety of characters out and about. We have to admit, though, the one we saw at EPCOT might just be our favorite yet. Joy from Inside Out was out frolicking in a field!

Joy is behind a fence with a Cast Member nearby, but was joyfully dancing around, and stopped by for Molly to take a selfie!

Joy at EPCOT

Winnie the Pooh was also out frolicking around the courtyard with his butterfly net in hand. Although he was excited to see the wildlife fluttering about…

Pooh Looking for Some Butterflies

…he was even more excited to see Molly during her visit to the park!

Molly and Pooh Are BFFs!!

Around World Showcase, we also saw a variety of different characters. That included Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy in the China Pavilion.

Mickey and Minnie in China

We also spotted a trolley full of princesses making their way around the World Showcase.

Princess Character Cavalcade

On top of the Princess Cavalcade, Elsa and Anna were out and about to welcome guests to EPCOT (and Arendelle in the Norway Pavilion)! Elsa looked like a dream in her new outfit…


…while Queen Anna waved to everyone from her royal carriage decked out in flowers, ribbons, and more!

Queen Anna

Here’s where you can spot all of your favorite characters at Disney World!

A Taste of Food and Wine

One thing we were not expecting from today? The early debut of EPCOT’s new A Taste of Food and Wine Festival!

A Taste of Food and Wine Festival

The booths were all open for Cast Member previews, with a combination of new offerings, along with old favorites from Food and Wine Festivals of the past, and booths from the 2020 Flower and Garden Festival.

Earth Eats

Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak was also available!

Remy’s Ratatouille Hide and Squeak

Additionally, there is still some Flower and Garden merchandise you can pick up, including the Spike the Bee Sipper!

Spike the Bee Sipper

We also got a look at schedules for some of the entertainment offerings we can expect. While Eat to the Beat has been cancelled, Mariachi Cobre and the JAMMitors will both be around and performing.

Entertainment Schedule

In the theatre, performers are spaced apart from one another.

Mariachi Cobre

Every other row in the audience is closed off from seating.

American Gardens Theatre

There are also certain sections with stickers letting guests know not to sit there, in an effort to ensure proper distancing.

American Gardens Theatre

Read more about the entertainment options for Food and Wine here!

At the new World Showplace, guests were able to sign up for a virtual waitlist to get into the limited capacity indoor center.

World Showplace
World Showplace

Once inside, there are more booths, including the new Mac and Cheese Booth.

Mac and Cheese

There is limited seating throughout, with other booth options such as Shimmering Sips, as well as Desserts and Champange.

Festival Showplace
Desserts and Champagne

Desserts and Champagne had options such as nitro cake pops!

Nitro Cake Pops
Nitro Cake Pops

Read more about the surprise debut of A Taste of Food and Wine Festival here!

Skyliner Gondola System

On top of Epcot officially re-opening on July 15th, the Skyliner Gondola System has opened at the parks and resorts today as well! We started at Disney’s Pop Century Resort to make our way over to Epcot on the Skyliners. The lines had health and safety regulation notices and hand-sanitizer stations for guests to use before boarding.

Pop Century Skyliners

The line had markers to distance guests from one another…

Pop Century Skyliner Line

…where Cast Members led guests to the Skyliners that were sectioned with one party per gondola.

Skyliner Cast Members

Since Pop Century’s Skyliner doesn’t lead directly to Epcot, we had to transfer to Caribbean Beach in order to make it to the park. (But, we didn’t mind enjoying all those gorgeous views!)

Molly in a Skyliner

Caribbean Beach’s Skyliner Station followed the many of the same procedures as Pop Century when we arrived.

Caribbean Beach Skyliner Station

There were roped off sections to show guests which way they should be going to board their gondolas…

Caribbean Beach Skyliner Line

…as well as distancing markers, health and safety notices, and hand-sanitizer stations.

Caribbean Beach Skyliner Line

A Cast Member pointed out which gondola was ours to board as we traveled to Epcot (how exciting!).

Caribbean Beach Skyliners

Can we just take a moment to admire those VIEWS from the Skyliners?!

Skyliner View

While we were soaring over Epcot to make it to the entrance, we were able to spot some of the construction over in the France Pavilion.

France Construction

As Epcot gets ready to welcome Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure as well as La Crêperie de Paris, construction is in full swing. The Gusteau’s sign is already up for the new attraction…

Ratatouille Construction

…while construction workers were continuing to make progress on everything happening at the pavilion.

Ratatouille Construction

While the “Coming Summer 2020” sign has been removed from the Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, we aren’t sure if that means the attraction will be opening soon or if it’s been delayed. (We’ll keep you updated with more information!)

Ratatouille Construction


The pavilions around the World Showcase were also still offering Kidcot activities, where the passports were put into Ziploc bags so there was less contact.


Guests were able to pick up their passports to take around with them in Epcot and back home as a souvenir…


…with featured pavilions like Canada, the American Adventure, Mexico, and more.



La Cava del Tequila was ready to welcome guests back with to-go drinks only!

La Cava del Tequila

The restaurant had roped off areas with distancing markers on the ground…

La Cava del Tequila

…before guests placed their orders at the bar.

La Cava del Tequila

The margaritas all come pre-made and the restaurant had health and safety measures like plexiglass barriers, credit card swipers that were wiped down after each use…

Health and Safety Measures

…hand-sanitizer, and QR code menus.

Health and Safety Measures

Garden Grill was one of the few places in the parks that guests could have characters dining!

Garden Grill

The meal came was pretty similar to what we’ve seen in the past with a bread basket…

Bread Basket

…Garden Salad…

Garden Salad

…Mac and Cheese (our favorite part obviously)…

Mac and Cheese

…and the Chip ‘n’ Dale Harvest Feast with turkey breast, beef, mashed potatoes, and more!

Chip ‘n’ Dale Harvest Feast

Since character dining has seen some modifications, the characters at Garden Grill are on one side of the restaurant that would usually revolve. Seating is only limited to the opposite side of the restaurant so guests and Cast Members can safely interact with one another. We were SO excited to be able to say hello to Chip, Dale…

Chip and Dale

…Mickey, and Pluto again (just look at those happy smiles)!

Mickey and Pluto

Instead of giving autographs, Garden Grill provides a character postcard with everyone one the front…

Garden Grill Postcard

…and their signatures on the back!

Garden Grill Postcard

We will be updating throughout the day, so follow along with us to check out everything in Epcot during its grand re-opening!

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  1. I love you Molly and I love all ears… I think I need a break. I’ve been super stressed watching the videos and updates. I can’t stand what has happened to what was the most magical place on earth. I won’t go back to Disney until those foolish partitions and masks go away. It’s not normal. I pray they will be gone by the 50th but I won’t hold my breath. Love you and God bless!