Here Are ALL the Changes and Cancellations That Disney World Just Implemented for Their Reopening!

This week, Disney World presented their proposal for a reopening date, proposing July 11th for Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, and July 15th for EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.

Disney World

As part of their presentation, Disney outlined what guests can expect when Disney World does reopen, including new health and safety precautions in place, along with an advanced reservation system required for entry into the parks, and a current pause on all dining and hotel reservations. Tonight, Disney released a variety of changes that will be coming to the parks, including the suspension and cancellation of various reservations for guests.

Disney Dining Plan Packages

Disney announced that they will be cancelling all Disney Dining Plans that guests have booked through the end of the year. This suspension is being done in order to “foster physical distancing during this time”

Topolino’s Terrace Dining Room

Click here to read more on the Dining Plan Packages cancellations

Dining and Experience Reservations

Along with the cancellation of Disney Dining Plan packages, Disney World is also cancelling all existing dining and experience reservations. They have announced that they will reopen dining and experience bookings in limited numbers when the parks reopen, when they will shift from a 180-day booking window to a 60-day booking window.

Cinderella Royal Table

Read more about the cancellation of dining and experience reservations here!

FastPass+ Selections

Disney has announced that they will be suspending all FastPass+ reservations for the time being “as [they] plan to use additional queue space to manage capacity at [their] attractions and maintain physical distancing.” This means that all existing FastPass+ selections will be cancelled, with updates to come at a later date.

Fastpass Kiosks

Click here for more information on the suspension of FastPass+, and cancellation of existing reservations

Extra Magic Hours

Another change that will be coming when the theme parks reopen is the suspension of Extra Magic Hours.

Magic Kingdom Main Street USA

Click here to read more about the temporary suspension of Disney World’s Extra Magic Hours

New Details on Theme Park Reservation System

While Disney World has not yet released a date for when they will begin implementing their theme park advanced reservation system, they have released new details on the system, including who will get priority access when the system goes live.

Magic Kingdom

Read more about new details on Disney World’s upcoming reservation system here!

Stay tuned to AllEars as we continue to bring you updates on all of the latest information from Disney World’s reopening!

Read more about Disney World’s reopening plan here!

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5 Replies to “Here Are ALL the Changes and Cancellations That Disney World Just Implemented for Their Reopening!”

  1. I agree with you all. Even tho I am an AP and DVC owner, for those who come far and spend money to begin with and now have dining plan taken away, as well as benefit of magic hours and early fast pass reservations, Disney is becoming non-magical and less guest friendly. 🙁

  2. Please keep in mind that I am trying real hard to stay positive. Is it possible that Disney is doing all this to alleviate potential problems and disappointment for visitors when the park reopens? As a DVC member and an Annual Pass holder I too plan my vacations way in advance and look forward to my magical experiences but realize that things might have to be a little less magical for the immediate future. My main concern is possibly not being able to get into the parks during my trip due to the additional reservation system. A lot of time and money is put into planning our trips and it needs to be respected and honored. Clear and accurate information needs to be provided to us ahead of the reservation system being active so we don’t wind up being locked out within seconds of reservation being up like what occurred in Shanghai. Disney please use some pixie dust and make sure this isn’t the case. ✨🏰

  3. I’m disappointed. We were staying on property to have those extra fast pass benefits, and magic hours. Plus the dining plan. They haven’t cancelled our reservations yet in mydisneyexperience, but I suppose it’s a matter of time. Our reservation is for late August, but with all the plans we were looking forward to gone, and no way to book fast passes…I don’t think we will go. The masks and the distancing were good. This new plan is too much.

    1. I think no fast passes is okay. With limited capacity in the parks they won’t be needed. The lines move much faster when they are not letting Fastpasses ahead of you. I really enjoyed no FastPass at the Millennium Falcon when it opened. I have found that the Fastpasses have made the lines so long that is is hard to enjoy headliners without them, which means only 3 a day. Remember the good ole days when you could expect to ride them all in one day?

      Now the dining…that is another story.

    2. I totally agree with you Lauren, I could cope with the masks and distancing, but to cancel all the Dining Plans is a bit much. Got lots of restaurant reservations, but we hadn’t booked any fastpasses yet as it was too early but looks like were not going to be able to when the time comes.
      We were due to arrive 8th Sept so able to book fastpass from 10th July. Love all the planning but now things have just been taken away from us.
      Maybe when the parks open for a few weeks to see how things go but to cancel all Dining Plans until the end of the year seems a bit much , if you ask me. Think they have jumped in too soon!!! Plus the fact it will now make things so expensive as we had a free DDP, (booked from the UK) so thought everything was paid for, now they have literally put all the cost of our food now on top of the cost of the holiday, not impressed at all. 🙁