NEWS: Disney World Updates Face Mask Requirement for Park Reopening

As Disney World plans for their reopening in July, they have released a variety of updates for reservations and experiences.

Magic Kingdom ©Disney

These changes include cancellation of dining, experience, and FastPass reservations, cancellation of Disney Dining Plan packages, and the suspension of Extra Magic Hours at the parks. Additionally, Disney World made a more quiet change in the language on their site regarding the requirement of face masks.

While previously Disney had stated that face masks would be required for ages three and up, they are now requiring face masks for all guests aged two and up.

Source: Walt Disney World Website

At this time, Disney has not released any further information. We will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Read more about the changes and cancellations that have been implemented at Disney World here!


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5 Replies to “NEWS: Disney World Updates Face Mask Requirement for Park Reopening”

  1. Young children wouldn’t even know to cover their mouths when sneezing. It would be impossible to keep a mask on a toddler. With the current virus issue, it’s probably wise to avoid bringing smaller children that won’t understand what to do to minimize risk of exposure. The mask makes sense for anyone who goes in. My teen and I are going in August (assuming our resort reservation doesn’t get cancelled for some reason) but it would be nerve-wracking to try to bring a toddler now, mask or not.

  2. According to the CDC, children and infants can and do come down with Covid-19 and can spread it to those around them. Not only that, but studies show that they tend to show fewer and milder symptoms than teens and young adults. Keeping them wearing masks is going to be tough (I remember — my kids were single-digit not that long ago), but it’s necessary to protect the people around them (including other children). If you can’t be inconvenienced by that restriction, please don’t go.

  3. Masks shouldn’t be required OUTSIDE in the fresh air, Florida humidity, with plenty of Uv light especially when they are operating at limited capacity. Social distancing should be very possible in those circumstances. The wearing of masks Indoors and on rides seems more reasonable.