Here’s What It’s Like to Wear a Disney Face Mask All Day Long in Disney World!

Since Disney World has reopened, health and safety measures have been placed around the parks.

Face Masks Sign

While we’ve experienced temperature checks, Relaxation Stations, and distancing measures, we’ve also been wearing face masks since we’ve been back in theme parks. As a safety precaution, guests are all required to wear face coverings during their time in Disney World.

Although we’ve been riding all our favorite attractions and snacking our way through the parks, we’ve worn all sorts of masks when we have explored the parks. However, Disney has released their own line of Character Face Masks for guests to fashion with their park outfits.

Disney Face Masks

Although we’ve heard mixed reviews of the face masks from many of our readers, we decided to try them on ourselves during a day in the parks to share our thoughts with all of you!

Face Mask Adventure!

While some of the ear tabs and fabric on the face masks can move around a lot, we found that the Disney Character Face Masks fit very well. Even when we talked, went on attractions like fast-paced roller coasters, or hopped on water rides, our mask didn’t slide or get loose .

Kali River Rapids in a Disney Character Face Mask

But, we did find that the face mask almost fit a little too well. The fabric was thicker than what we were used to (which isn’t necessarily a problem), but the sizes run VERY small. We ended up sizing up to a size large. However,  Disney has also recently released an extra large size for guests to wear for a bit more room.

Wilderness Explorer Time!

Since people are required to wear face masks that are secured with ties or ear loops (which means no gaiters or bandanas), the Disney Character Face Masks are a great option to pick up in the parks. They’re easily accessible for everyone visiting.

Rainbow Face Mask

In our experience, we thought that it was great that the masks stayed put all day long. Although they could have come in better fitting sizes, the Disney Character Face Masks are a simple option that works very well whenever you’re in the parks all day long.

Another Great Day for the Books!

While we keep making our way around the parks, we’ll give you more updates on what it’s like to be back in a newly reopened Disney World!

Here are all the health and safety precautions we’ve seen so far in the parks!

What is your favorite face mask to wear in the theme parks? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 Replies to “Here’s What It’s Like to Wear a Disney Face Mask All Day Long in Disney World!”

  1. Hello, I ordered the Disney face masks on Shop Disney but have not received them yet. I ordered them in 5/8!!! Anyway my question is, do their face masks have an adjustable nose piece? I’ve ordered several masks from other vendors that were adorable but no adjustable nose piece! I wear glasses and Without the adjustable nose piece my glasses fog up very easily. I’ve already ordered them so it doesn’t matter but just curious.

    1. No adjustable nose piece. We ordered ours the same time you did. They showed up yesterday. Hope this helps.

      Sean in Denver

  2. I also bought those masks and just received them this week. While I haven’t worn to a park yet, they seem VERY comfortable and breathable, but do fit “snugly”. Then I made the mistake of washing them so they would smell good for my upcoming trip. Now they don’t fit at all. 🙁