Disney’s Face Mask Collection is Now Available in an Additional Size!

Since the arrival of Disney’s adorable character face masks on shopDisney as well as at Disney Springs, customers quickly noticed that the sizing seemed to be a little off!

Face Mask Sheet

With many folks complaining that the masks ran entirely too small, Disney has added a new sizing option for pre-order that will be available starting next month.

shopDisney is introducing Extra Large size options for their face masks, available on August 26th! Before, the biggest size you could purchase was Large, which was the only size that would fit adults. We spotted many of the same patterns available for pre-order, including the Mickey and Minnie prints

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Pre-Order the Extra Large Mickey and Minnie Face Mask Set here!

the adorable character nose and mouth prints, which include Mickey, Pooh, Stitch, and Marie…


Pre-Order the Extra Large Character Face Masks Here!

the pretty in pink princess collection, which includes special Little Mermaid and Frozen patterns…


Click here to pre-order the Extra Large Princess Face Mask set!

the Marvel 4-pack, which also has a Hulk nose and mouth pattern…


Pre-Order the Extra Large Marvel Face Masks here!

the Pixar 4-pack, for all you Forky and Mike Wasowski fans out there…


Pre-order the Extra Large Pixar Face Masks here!

and finally the Star Wars set, including everyone’s favorite, Baby Yoda!


Pre-Order the Extra Large Star Wars Face Mask set here!

You can pre-order a 4-pack set of adult extra large face masks now for $19.99! And keep your eye on the mailbox after August 26th!

Did you order these face masks on shopDisney earlier this year? Do they fit? Let us know in the comments!

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12 Replies to “Disney’s Face Mask Collection is Now Available in an Additional Size!”

  1. I am so disappointed in Disney. I pre-ordered masks in May. I contacted them after my ship date had passed and they next day got a shipment notification email. But I live in Colorado and they were sent to an address in New Jersey. They reissued the order to the correct address, but I am still waiting for my masks to arrive. I measured everyone’s nose to chin and bought the correct sizes according to their chart. But I have read thousands of reviews that say they are too small. I noticed on Shop Disney that they have changed the measurements and size chart. But it is too little too late for those who pre-ordered months ago. If these masks do not fit, I will not be returning to Disney to try again.

  2. Just received my 2 orders and yes, the masks are way too small for us. Doesn’t say we can return, so what can I do with these masks? How upsetting!!!

  3. Hi, I pre-ordered these months ago, finally got them today, could not wait to get home from work and put one on, how disappointed was I😩
    I couldn’t get it across my face!!! I ordered medium thinking small for kids, large for my dad possibly and i ordered medium for me and my mom and daughter. Way too small.

    They now have extra large, order now and they should be out to us Aug 26.

  4. My wife and I ordered several sets for us and grown adult children, including SIL. The mediums are ridicuously small, even though the sizing chart said to measure from bridge of nose to chin. There is enough material to cover from nose to chin, but the sides barely go past your mouth and straps will not reach the ears. Even with the large masks, they are inconsistent. In a Mickey package, the navy blue one’s straps were not long enough to go over ears, but the white with Mickey Mouse was okay. I wear a behind the ear hearing aid and the straps on these large masks tend to pull the hearing aid out of my ear. Will be calling about a refund, especially since we didn’t even open a second package of mediums, since the first one was so small.

  5. I ordered the medium, which was supposed to be adult medium. No way! They were super tiny, obviously child size. I called today & supposed to get refunded. Now with the re-sizing, I don’t know if I should get adult large or x-large. Now I have to wait till end of August if I decide to re-order.

  6. Pre ordered on May 2 and haven’t received any yet. Was disappointed since they are available on Disney property but those that bothered to pre order weren’t addressed first. Have emailed and the response was “they should be shipped out in July.” Now hearing the size complaints I hope some of my family members will be able to wear these.

  7. I ordered 5 sets between 4/30 an 5/13 – received 1 set, 1 set was shipped on 6/18 and I still have not received, other 3 sets have not been shipped yet. Emailed them twice with no response, called but don’t have over an hour tosit on hold. Very disappointed with them.

  8. These were a waste of money. The small would fit an infant, the medium a small child and the large a 10-12 year old, maybe someone into their early teens. I understand why these would not be returnable but they are a complete fail by Disney. Extra large is probably normal adult size but with 4 useless sets of masks I’ll find another alternative.

    1. To Steve.
      If you haven’t already, you can call Disney for a refund. While there were supposed to be no refunds or exchanges for these masks, because so many people complained, they were giving customers a gift card to use. I would at least try to get the refund!

  9. We ordered two sets, one medium and one large and both are way too small, none of them fit anyone in our family. We went by the measurements given at the time of ordering and actually measured our faces. I’m disappointed.

    1. We ordered large Star Wars and Mickey/Minnie packs. Only one mask fit and the others were way to small. I reached out to Disney and they said they are sending replacements of both packs so we will see if they are any better.