BREAKING NEWS: Disney Announces They Will Be Cancelling All Disney Dining Plan Packages

Yesterday, Disney World presented their proposal for a reopening date, proposing July 11th for Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, and July 15th for EPCOT and Hollywood Studios.

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Along with their presentation, Disney outlined what guests can expect when Disney World does reopen, including new health and safety precautions in place, along with an advanced reservation system required for entry into the parks. Today, Disney announced another big change that will be implemented for the remainder of the year.

Disney has announced that they will be cancelling all Disney Dining Plans that guests have booked.

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The suspension is being done due to limited capacity numbers at the parks, as well as social distancing protocol that means Disney would not be able to guarantee enough tables being available for guests.

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According to Disney, “Guests who purchased a Disney dining plan and tickets for dates between May 28, 2020 and September 26, 2021 will receive an automatic cancellation and refund of their Disney dining plan.” It’s important to note that this does not mean that Disney will not having Disney Dining Plans or dining reservations in 2021. Currently, Disney is clearing out booking so that they will be able to release their new system which will account for lower capacity.

For guests that rebooked with a Free Dining Plan offered for reservations effected by the closure, they will be able to rebook at a later date with a 35% room discount. As this is an evolving situation, we expect more information for this to be available at a later date.

Stay tuned, as we will continue to update this post as the situation develops.

Read more about Disney World’s reopening plan here!


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5 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS: Disney Announces They Will Be Cancelling All Disney Dining Plan Packages”

  1. We had the bad luck to go DVC rental for the first time for an Oct trip. It is a well-reviewed DVC rental site. We added on the full price of the plan through the rental company, and I have a copy of the receipt (with owner’s name crossed out) of the plan purchase (2K+). We just found out we many not be getting our refund back until late September, a week before our scheduled trip. We aren’t even sure if we are still going. 😔 It seems ridiculous that it should take then 4 months to process a refund.

  2. We have had our 35% refunded, however we booked through a third party. We are now worrying about food as the 35% doesn’t cover the extra money for food needed. You would have thought that they would refund you a set amount as the dining plan is brought as a set amount not a percentage of the hotel cost.

    1. I’m confused- 35.% of what? Did you have some sort of package fhrough the third party that includes everything? Yikes. I guess maybe that’s what Disney reimburses then?

  3. As do mine, all dining reservations are still visible, we travel 8th September from UK. Maybe they’ve not got to our dates yet for cancellations.

  4. I’ve refreshed my account several times and all of my reservations (as of tonight) still exist for my late October trip.