NEWS: Disney World Discontinues Free Dining Offer For Reservations Affected By Closures

Shortly after the Disney World parks closed, Disney released a special vacation package for guests impacted by the closures.

Cinderella Castle

The package included a free dining plan for guests who purchased Disney Resort hotel accommodations and park admission. But, the terms of this offer have disappeared from the Disney World website.

The original offer was for arrival dates from June to September 2020, if guests booked through May 31st, 2020. But as of today, the offer is no longer listed on the website.


We confirmed with a Cast Member that this offer has in fact been discontinued three weeks early.

This is coming shortly after Disney World updated its website to reflect hotel and event reservations only being available starting July 1st, 2020. 

Disney World Website

We will keep you updated with more information!

Were you planning on booking the free dining offer? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “NEWS: Disney World Discontinues Free Dining Offer For Reservations Affected By Closures”

  1. The reality is that Disney will be operating at a significantly reduced capacity for the foreseeable future – probably well into 2021. And with Resorts, Parks and Dining running at about 50% “normal” capacity there’s no need to offer “deals” – they’ll be getting full price and above for at least 8-10 months. Until this pandemic is under control with a vaccine the days of 30-40,000 people in each park is just not possible. I love Disney, but I’ve given up on any thought that I’m getting back there any time soon. As far as going in the next 4-6 months? Not even if it was free – I cannot justify either wearing a mask or risking that everyone around me is “healthy”

  2. My sig other and I were slated to arrive June 28 and stay until July 8. The only way we were able to afford such a long trip was the free regular dining we picked up as a special offer. Now, with July 1 being the magical date, we are at a loss. I am a healthcare worker who, during this time of unprecedented madness, was using the thought of being able to regroup and refocus at my favorite place to vacation. It is going to be impossible to go at all if they will not honor the free regular dining we already have. They should allow the same pricing and package to move forward with you as it is no one’s fault this is going on. I called them today and they said you can only have the dining if it is offered, but that there were no current offers. They also suggested that Disney would be adding additional offers due to the July 1 change, but no guarantees were given, of course. I’m gutted. The stress of work and depression that is setting in is not being helped by the fact that Disney may not be so interested in getting people back by offering specials during financial hardship. The only way I was still going to be able to go was the fact I’m an essential worker and had saved for 3 years. Even if they bring back the free quick service for those affected, as least we could just pay the diff for the regular dining.

  3. We have reservations the beginning of July. I booked with the free dining plan ( it was the promotion at the time)( not because of the cancelation promotion) I am hearing that if Disney cancels future reservations that we will not get the free dining package even though I booked the promotion. ( that just wouldn’t be right) Also now that my final payment is coming up in the next couple of weeks and the parks do happen to be open then but attractions are closed or limited will I lose all my money if I reschedule? I do not want to spend all that money plus flights and not experience a lot of it.