Take a Look at the New Ride Process at EPCOT in Disney World!

We’re back in EPCOT for the first time since mid-March at today’s Cast Member preview!

Spaceship Earth

After exploring Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom last week, we were curious to see what differences we spotted when it came to riding our favorite rides and attractions at EPCOT. Let’s take a look!

Spaceship Earth

Our first stop was Spaceship Earth! Back in mid-March, we thought we had missed out on our last chance to ride before it went down for its lengthy refurbishment. To our surprise, Disney decided to reopen the attraction with the park, and its renovation has been delayed until further notice.

Spaceship Earth

Like the other attractions we’ve been on over the past several days, we saw those floor markers keeping parties six feet apart while waiting in line.

Spaceship Earth Queue

Once we arrived to the front of the line and it was time to board, we noticed that they seemed to stick to one party per car. We were a party of four so we took up an entire car ourselves.

Spaceship Earth Line

Project Tomorrow, the interactive exhibit when exiting Spaceship Earth, was closed.

Project Tomorrow Closed

Test Track

Up next was Test Track! With hand sanitizer and floor markers present, we hopped in line.

Test Track

Plexiglass dividers were spotted throughout the indoor queue area.

Test Track Queue

This attraction has changed perhaps the most out of the rides we’ve seen at EPCOT so far. Guests skip the design stations completely, omitting a key element to your experience on Test Track.

Closed Design Station

Once you arrive to the ride vehicles, guests are loaded one party per car.

Test Track

The wind in your hair is definitely still present once you get to the outdoor portion of Test Track.

Test Track!

Once you disembark, the interactive elements leading up to the showroom are turned off.

Test Track Exit

Soarin’ Around the World

We headed over to Soarin‘ next to see what was new!

Soarin’ Queue

Currently, every row is being sat on Soarin’. While you wait in the pre-show area, plexiglass dividers are installed to help separate guests from one another. This puts you pretty close to the guests in the other rows, but it’s worth pointing out that the dividers have no gaps.

Soarin’ Line

Each row is loaded one at a time. At the seats themselves, plexiglass dividers have been installed. Each row is divided into two groups of two and one group of four.

Soarin’ Ride Vehicle

But don’t worry: Patrick is back with all the critical safety information.

Soarin’ Pre-Show

We will keep updating as we go on more rides at a reopened EPCOT!

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What is your favorite ride or attraction at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “Take a Look at the New Ride Process at EPCOT in Disney World!”

  1. I am sad. Disney had to reopen, I’m glad for that. Test track without designing my own car? No extras as you exit? All my favorite attractions seem bare to the bone. Kind of like every common amusement park now. What made Disney so magical and unique was total immersion in the fairy tale. The Haunted Mansion has changed to immediately getting on the vehicle. No pre show. I have reservations in October. From everything I’ve read, it will be far less joyous. I can only hope some of these revisions will be corrected; that Disney World will be back for the most part to being my Disney World. Masks and distancing will be with us for a long time. Festive, music filled parades and dazzling fireworks and hugging characters all added to the fun. So many cherished memories. When you know what you are missing, it hurts a little more. Also, the allure of having a meal in an air conditioned room certainly was appealing. Do we get our meals handed to us now? Do we have to find somewhere to eat it ,sweltering outside? No more enchanting tunes from Sunny Eclipse? Waaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Defiantly does not sound fun. I know they are doing their best, but I wouldn’t waste my money there under these conditions.