Ranking ALL the Table Service Restaurants in the Parks of Walt Disney World

There are dozens of dining options at Walt Disney World, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed!

Hollywood Brown Derby

If you’re planning a Disney trip, you may be trying to figure out which Table Service spots are worth a reservation and which can be skipped. We’ve got you covered!

We’re ranking all the Table Service restaurants in the parks, according to YOUR reviews. Let’s get started!

Magic Kingdom

6. Tony’s Town Square

Our readers’ last place pick in Magic Kingdom was Tony’s Town Square, located right at the park entrance. Although the theming is well thought-out — guests step straight into Lady and the Tramp — our readers thought the food left something to be desired.

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

In fact, it only received a rating of 6.89/10! You may want to pick another restaurant for your Italian cuisine.

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5. Be Our Guest

This is one of the best themed restaurants in Disney World; you get to dine inside the Beast’s castle! It’s usually a Quick Service spot for breakfast and lunch but transforms into Table Service for dinner. And due to the immersive theming, those dinner reservations go fast.

Be Our Guest

You’ll dine on French-inspired classics in either the The West Wing, The Ballroom, or the Rose Gallery. And while the restaurant as a whole was rated high, that Table Service dinner only received a 7.47/10.

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4. Plaza Restaurant

With an overall rating of 7.6/10, the Plaza Restaurant falls into 5th place. If you’ve visited the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor around the corner, you may recognize the old-timey feel. You can find burger, sandwiches, and (of course) ice cream here!

The Plaza Restaurant

Our readers tend to agree that the dessert’s the best thing on the menu here. But if that’s all you’re in the mood for, you can avoid making a reservation and just visit the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor instead!

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3. Crystal Palace

In 4th place we’ve got Crystal Palace, which was rated a 7.6/10 according to our readers. It received significantly more reviews than the Plaza, so we’re ranking it a notch above! This Victorian-style spot is usually a buffet/character meal combo (although it currently lacks both).

Crystal Palace

The breakfast was rated significantly higher than the lunch (in fact, 91% of our readers recommended that breakfast!), so if you do want to dine here, book your reservation earlier in the day.

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2. Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen

Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen is Magic Kingdom’s newest Table Service restaurant, and it’s made a great impression! The spot is staffed by Jungle Cruise skippers who will serve you “World Famous Jungle Cuisine.” Spoiler: that includes Char Siu, Thai Noodles, and Falafel!

Skipper Canteen

Jungle Skipper Canteen provides some variety to the other menus around Magic Kingdom, which typically offer American or Italian fare. And our readers enjoy it! It’s rated a 7.75/10.

We Tried Out Jungle Skipper Canteen!

1. Cinderella’s Royal Table

And YOUR top pick for Magic Kingdom is Cinderella’s Royal Table, with an 8.05/10! There’s no denying the appeal of this Table Service spot: you can dine inside Cinderella Castle with a view of Fantasyland below.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Typically, Disney princesses will greet you as you dine, but that’s been suspended, and Cinderella currently makes socially-distanced appearances instead. Keep in mind that this restaurant is pretty pricey — especially without the meet-and-greet aspect — but it may be worth it if you’re looking for a memorable meal.

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15. Nine Dragons

Nine Dragons in the China Pavilion scored a 7/10, putting it at the bottom of our EPCOT list. It serves Chinese fare from various regions of the country.

Nine Dragons

Our readers enjoyed the food but noted that it tasted much like something you could get at your local Chinese restaurant. If you’re looking for a truly unique dining experience at EPCOT, you may want to pick somewhere else.

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14. Coral Reef

At Coral Reef, guests can dine with a nearly floor-to-ceiling view of the Seas with Nemo and Friends aquarium, giving them the chance to spot sharks, turtles, and more while they eat. But our readers weren’t big fans of the food, rating it just above Nine Dragons with a 7.06/10.

Coral Reef

The theming is fun — you may even spot some scuba divers! — but the food was not our readers’ favorites. Plus, the fish-centric menu makes dining here tricky for picky eaters.

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13. Le Cellier

This steakhouse in the Canada Pavilion serves up Canadian food and featured wines from all around the country. And while it’s an incredibly popular Table Service spot — making reservations hard to snag — it only got a 7.18/10 from our readers.

Le Cellier

The steak tends to get pretty good reviews here — as one would hope for a steakhouse — but readers warn against the atmosphere. It can be loud and crowded, and there are few windows to open up the space.

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12. Restaurant Marrakesh

Restaurant Marrakesh has a unique feature: live entertainment! Typically, musicians and a belly dancer will perform during lunch and dinner. The adventurous menu may be a stretch for some, but overall, our readers had great things to say about it.

Restaurant Marrakesh Restaurant Entrance Sign
Restaurant Marrakesh

A few noted — somewhat surprisingly — that the food tasted a little bland. Also note that these tables are pretty close together, although that’s not as much of a problem now due to social distancing. Overall, it got a rating of 7.45/10!

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11. La Hacienda de San Angel

La Hacienda de San Angel is one of two Table Service options in the Mexico Pavilion. It has a beautiful water view and serves up roasted meats, chicken, and seafood. Our readers rated this one a 7.68/10.

La Hacienda de San Angel

Readers note that when fireworks are available in EPCOT, this restaurant offers a great view. And the food tends to be high-quality, leaning more toward authentic Mexican cuisine recently. However, this spot just isn’t a standout.

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10. Tutto Italia

We’ve made it to our readers’ top 10 EPCOT picks! With a rating of 7.75/10, Tutto Italia just snags this #10 spot. You can find all your standard Italian fare here, like lasagna, cannolis, and spaghetti.

Tutto Italia

Our readers prefer Via Napoli, the Italy Pavilion’s other Table Service restaurant, noting that Tutto Italia’s food is pretty basic. But if you’re looking for easy — albeit a bit overpriced — Italian, this may be a safe choice.

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9. San Angel Inn

San Angel Inn is the second Table Service spot in EPCOT’s Mexico Pavilion. Here, you’ll be able to dine inside the pavilion’s iconic pyramid. You’ll have a view of a smoldering pyramid and the boats from the Gran Fiesta Tour.

San Angel Inn

So how does this restaurant compare to La Hacienda de San Angel? Our readers rated San Angel Inn a 7.92/10, citing the amazing atmosphere. And although it’s pretty dark in here, readers love feeling like they’re in a marketplace at night no matter the time of day.

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8. Via Napoli

And EPCOT’s second Table Service spot in the Italy pavilion takes 8th place! Via Napoli has famously authentic pizza from wood-fired ovens, plus other classics like spaghetti and tortellini. Our readers rated it a 7.92/10!

Via Napoli

The pizza gets incredible reviews, and it’s a must-eat for many. However, readers mentioned the restaurant can get pretty loud. If you want to try the pizza without making a reservation, try the walk-up window at the front of the building!

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7. Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Once upon a time, this location offered character dining with the princesses — now, it’s closed and serves as a Relaxation Station. But when the restaurant is open, you can eat in a royal setting: a replica of the actual Akershus Palace in Norway!

Akershus in Epcot

Our readers gave this one an 8/10. The breakfast scored a whole point higher than the lunch and dinner — you’ll be able to try Norwegian specialties like Dilled Salmon Gravlax and Peppered Mackerel, or you can stick with the simple buffet breakfast.

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6. Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room

Rose and Crown Dining Room recently reopened, and the restaurant and its adjacent pub are a popular choice for our readers! You can choose to eat inside or outside, chowing down on British classics like Fish and Chips or Bangers and Mash.

Rose and Crown

This spot scored an 8.04/10, barely inching ahead of Akershus! You’ll be sure to find some hearty, tasty dishes here. You can snag a view of the fireworks (when they return) here as well.

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5. Biergarten Restaurant

Biergarten Restaurant is in the Germany Pavilion, and its typical boisterous buffet has been swapped out for a family-style lunch or dinner. You’ll munch on pretzel rolls and skillets before finishing up your meal with a dessert like apple strudel or cheesecake.

Biergarten Restaurant

Our readers rated this one an 8.06/10 — they loved the authentic food and live polka band. But pre-COVID, you were seated with random families, so if you’re trying to enjoy a quieter, private dinner, this may not be the place!

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4. Les Chefs de France

Les Chefs de France managed that #4 spot with a rating of 8.08/10! This is full-service French dining, and it’ll be one of the pricier Table Service restaurants at EPCOT. You can order the prix fixe menu or dine a la carte.

Les Chefs de France

You’ll eat in a beautiful atmosphere with a chance to try authentic French cuisine. Just keep in mind: many of our readers mentioned the food lacked flavor. It also may not be the best place to eat with kids, due to the restaurant’s more upscale nature.

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3. Spice Road Table

With a rating of 8.19/10, Spice Road Table takes 3rd place. It ranked much higher than the nearby Restaurant Marrakesh! You’ll also find authentic Mediterranean here, which our readers prefer over Restaurant Marrakesh’s dishes.

Spice Road Table

Your food options include naan spreads, lamb kefta, and hummus fries, all of which readers noted taste light and make for a great quick meal. There’s also an outdoor dining area for a change in atmosphere!

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2. Teppan Edo

Teppan Edo is located in EPCOT’s Japan Pavilion, and (predictably) serves up an authentic Japanese Teppan Grill experience. Before social distancing measures, parties were seated in groups of 8, so there was a chance you would dine with strangers.

Teppan Edo

Our readers love this spot, rating it an 8.75/10! A theatrical chef will prepare your food right in front of you, so you’ll get dinner and a show. The food gets great reviews, too; you can try edamame, sushi, steak, and more!

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1. Garden Grill

Garden Grill in Future World takes first place in EPCOT — and has the highest reader rating of any Disney World restaurant.  This character dining experience rotates so you can watch different scenes from the Living with the Land attraction while you eat. And about those characters — you can meet Chip ‘n’ Dale, Farmer Mickey, Pluto, and more from a distance here!

Garden Grill Restaurant

Our readers rated this one an 8.85/10. The meals are family-style — readers especially recommend the breakfast! A few did note that those who get motion sick easily may have a little trouble with the spinning.

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios

5. Hollywood Brown Derby

You’ll throw it back to the era of the silver screen at the Hollywood Brown Derby! The fare is classic American: filet mignon, a charcuterie board, and the famous Cobb salad.

The Hollywood Brown Derby

Our readers rated this Table Service spot a 7.05/10. And while they certainly enjoyed that Cobb salad, many noted that it was too pricey and a little boring for kids.

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4. Hollywood and Vine

Coming in with 7.29/10 is Hollywood and Vine! The breakfast has a significantly higher rating at 8.09/10 — it’s a Disney Junior Play ‘n’ Dine character breakfast that’s returning soon.

Hollywood & Vine

At lunch and dinner, you’ll get to meet Mickey and the gang dressed in their seasonal outfits! Readers noted that the food wasn’t the best, but if you’re looking for a character meal, this is your only option in the park.

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3. Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano ranks lower than both Italian restaurants in EPCOT, coming in at 7.51/10. You’ll get your everyday pastas, pizzas, and gelato here — and our readers consider the prices decent for the larger portions.

Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano

However, the food’s nothing spectacular, and it definitely doesn’t reach the same level of authenticity as Via Napoli in EPCOT. But if you’re looking for something easy — or if you have picky eaters in your family — there’s likely something for everyone.

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2. Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

The theming at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater is top-notch! Guests sit in vintage cars in a drive-in setting, watching 1950s-era science fiction movies while they eat. With a rating of 7.46/10, our readers really enjoy this spot!

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

The super unique theming takes the majority of the credit for Sci-Fi Dine-In’s high ranking. While our readers called the milkshakes a “must”, the rest of the food is just decent. Expect typical chicken strips and burgers here.

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1. ’50s Prime Time Cafe

While the atmosphere at Sci-Fi Dine-In is great, ’50s Prime Time Cafe just may have it beat. As soon as you walk in you’re part of one big (usually) happy family: your server is your “cousin” and “mom and dad” are in the kitchen cooking your meal. Your server will encourage you to keep your elbows off the table and eat your veggies. And if you don’t listen, you may be subject to an embarrassing but hilarious punishment.

’50s Prime Time Cafe

Our readers rated this restaurant an 8.34/10, and many have nostalgic memories of interactions with the servers. However, some thought the theming was a little too much, and they disliked being told what to do by strangers. It all depends on how immersive you want your dining experience to be!

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom

4. Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Cafe ranked the lowest out of ALL the Table Service spots in Disney World, with a rating of 5.85/10. You’ll get to eat among audio-animatronic rainforest animals, with jungle-like sounds and even occasional thunderstorms, but the food tends to get bad reviews.

Rainforest Cafe

There is a pretty big menu, and even the pickiest eaters are bound to find something they like. But according to our readers, the subpar food just doesn’t justify the price. If you’re in Animal Kingdom, you may want to eat somewhere else.

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3. Yak and Yeti

The other restaurants in Animal Kingdom are a huge leap ahead of Rainforest Cafe. In 3rd place, Yak and Yeti was rated an 8.45/10 by our readers. And even though both are operated by the same company — Landry’s — Yak and Yeti’s offerings are much stronger.

Yak & Yeti

The Pan-Asian cuisine features wok, noodles, and specialty items. Our readers commented that the portions are huge and the menus have a wide variety. The restaurant is also especially accommodating towards allergies.

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2. Tiffins

Tiffins is a relatively new Table Service spot that celebrates the art of traveling! The diverse menu takes inspiration from places all around the globe, many of which are present throughout the park. You can enjoy anything from lobster mac and cheese to Fattoush salad!


Our readers love the atmosphere and food, but the primary complaint is the price. One reader mentioned that Tiffins is expensive “even for Disney standards.” If you make a reservation here, be prepared for a hefty bill.

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1. Tusker House

Where Yak and Yeti features Pan-Asian cuisine, Tusker House serves up African dishes. The buffet is set up as a marketplace, and you can meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy while you eat. They’re all decked out in safari outfits!

Tusker House Restaurant

Tusker House remains temporarily closed, but our readers do enjoy it when it’s open. It’s rated an 8.65/10 and takes first place for Animal Kingdom! Just keep in mind that the African flavors may not be for picky eaters.

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Well, that’s every Disney Table Service restaurant ranked, according to YOU! Do you agree with these ratings? Let us know!

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What’s your favorite Table Service restaurant in Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. The pizza at Via Napoli is outstanding – Sad to see Le Cellier drop so far but the ranking is deserving…. Overpriced and poor quality. Can’t say many nice things about France lately either. Quality has taken a hit these last few years