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Reviewed by Anonymous Review Date: 08/20/2021

Rating: (10)

I really enjoyed Takumi-Tei when we went in 2019. The staff was excellent! They were very attentive and polite. The manager was a pleasure to talk to when he checked on our table and even gave us a tour of the restaurant. The food is pricey but so is the cost of what they serve. I’ve always wanted to try Waygu at a nice Japanese restaurant but it’s usually very pricey. I feel this is reasonable given what I’ve seen at other places.


Great food. Great service. Amazing and calm atmosphere.


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Reviewed by CarlJD Review Date: 01/25/2021

Rating: (5)
Not Recommended

When I saw previews of this restaurant, I knew I had to go. Unfortunately, I was somewhat underwhelmed given the prices.

Everything inside is wonderfully themed to Japan, and the staff are so incredibly friendly that it gets some big points from me on that front.

That being said, the food was good... but the portions we small. Very small. Itty bitty. I believe the wagyu my wife and I ordered was only 5 slices or so.

The other major issue Takumi Tei has is the price. For that tiny wagyu plate and some Japanese water cake (which was not great), my wife and I spent above $300. Even for signature dining, with price tags like that I have to say it isn't worth.

If you're really into Japanese culture like I am, this may be worth doing once to say you did it... but I won't ever be back unless I win the lottery!


Amazing theming, incredible cast members, unique menu, and great ambiance.


The prices are beyond absurd for the subatomic portions you receive.
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