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The Plaza Restaurant, located just off Main Street, U.S.A., has been a long time favorite of many Disney fans. I had not been in several years, so I decided to try and get a lunch reservation. Well, I might as well been trying to get a table at Be Our Guest. In fact, that choice came up every now and then as I attempted to secure one for the Plaza.

I found myself in the Magic Kingdom one day and thought I would try a walk up at the Plaza around opening time. I politely asked the Hostess if they had a walk up table for 1. She looked and looked and finally said, Yes!

I explained how I had tried and tried for a reservation and couldn’t get one. She told me it is because they only accept reservations for the first hour they are open and after that it is all walk-ups. I found that odd. While I was waiting to be seated, a different hostess came to the podium and I asked the question again and received the same response.


Soon I was on my way to a small table right outside the kitchen door. I gave my server my beverage order and looked at the menu.


I decided to get an appetizer, entree and dessert for the full experience. When my server, (Nour – who was excellent by the way) returned I asked him about the reservation policy. He confirmed what the hostesses had told me. I don’t usually ask 3 different cast members, but I thought the policy was so odd, I wanted to make sure I had it correct.

The restaurant was full of mainly families and the servers certainly were hustling. Sudden the Fire Chief came in and announced he was there on the Mayor’s behalf to appoint the Citizen of the Day. It was a cute, brief bit and the child selected received a ribbon. From what others have told me, this happens on a fairly routine basis. It was a nice, magical touch. However, no, I have no idea how they select the person.


By now my food began arriving. For an appetizer I selected the Wedge Salad: half wedge of iceberg lettuce served with tomatoes, onions and cucumbers and topped with Gorgonzola and ranch dressing for $8. I asked for mine without onions. While it did not have the depth of lettuce a wedge usually has, it was average and about what I expected from this restaurant.


Up next my entree, a Grilled Reuben. The reuben has been a signature item for many years so I thought it was time to try it. Grilled Reuben – thinly sliced corned beef on grilled marble rye with sauerkraut, Swiss, and Thousand Island dressing for $15. Instead of Thousand Island dressing, I asked for mustard.


I was disappointed. The sandwich had little flavor. There was a very thin layer of sauerkraut that melded into the Swiss Cheese, had little flavor and the portion was small. Overall, it was not very good, and I only ate half of it and a few of the chips.

Finally, dessert. I normally do not eat dessert at lunch, but ordered it to get the full experience.


I selected the Signature Chocolate Cake – four-layer chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate ganache for $9. Oh, and the ice cream was $2 extra. This cake was the best part of my whole meal. I wanted to devour it, but I used restraint and only had about half. But it was delicious!

So, let’s add it all up.

Wedge Salad $8.00
Reuben with Chips $15.00
Chocolate Cake with Scoop of Ice Cream $11
Diet Coke $3.49
Subtract 20% For a Tables in Wonderland Discount and it comes to $29.99

Add in 18% gratuity and tax for a grand total of $38.69 for a full service lunch in the Magic Kingdom. I don’t know about you, but I think that is quite expensive for a mostly average lunch.

I’m glad I had the experience, but won’t be heading back there anytime soon. So what do you think about the Plaza Restaurant? Let me know in the comments section.

You can find the full adult and kids menus, photos and links to reader reviews HERE.

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18 Replies to “The Plaza Restaurant at Magic Kingdom REVIEW”

  1. Hey Deb,

    Thanks for the review! This was always my fave MK restaurant. I agree – expensive! We rarely go into the parks anymore, but if I’m at the MK I’m eating at the Plaza, minus the salad and dessert so I can afford it, haha! I don’t know what’s correct/incorrect re the online reservations, but heard exactly what you were told when we were there last Sept. Thanks again, it was nice reading about my fave place!

  2. We ate there when we went and loved it. My husband and Mom got the Reubens and said they were really good. I got the Grilled Chicken Strawberry Salad and it was so good and fresh! My son got a cheeseburger and said it was okay, but nothing great. We’re going back in June and have 12 people with us, so I couldn’t get a reservation this time but would recommend it.

  3. I have always wanted to eat here and I finally made ADRs for last April’s trip for dinner (back when, I guess, they still took ADRs). However, after waiting 40 mins to be seated even though the hostess did not inform us that there was a delay in seating, and then a not very pleasant conversation with that same hostess, we opted to eat elsewhere. I don’t think I’ll ever convince my hubby to give it another try 🙁

  4. I ate here with my family twice in the last few years and it was delicious. We made reservations both times and they were dinner reservations too. Just before our most recent trip they changed the menu and took away all of our favorite selections. Suddenly, I started seeing “it’s just average” reviews of it all over the place. They must’ve changed the reservation system just after. How odd!

  5. Thanks Deb for this review. Every time I walk past this restaurant, I think about going in. I will try it this summer. I appreciate the food pics. It always helps to have a visual!

  6. We always eat at The Plaza and we take 3 trips per year. I will say though that recently they changed their menu and honestly it’s not as good as it used to be. They took away the chicken sandwich with shaved ham and that was one of my favorite Disney treats really. Also they changed their fries as well. They said they had gotten quite a few complaints with the changes.

  7. My daughter, grandson, and I ate there Halloween week, 2015, when he was four. My grandson was picked to be Mayor of the Day by that very Fire Chief. It was great! He received a certificate, a ribbon that said “Mayor for the Day,” and a couple of fast passes. He was so excited! They stood him up on a chair and announced it to the entire room. I will always remember it!!! I can’t remember what entrée I ate, but I DO remember the wonderful banana split I had for dessert!!! Yum!! They have chairs outside, so I would recommend getting a banana split and taking it outside to eat and people watch!!

  8. I never understand why there is always misinformation constantly at WDW. I experience it all the time. I understand things change, but it gets to be too much.

    I had a reservation at this restaurant about a year ago for the first time, I did enjoy it. I guess if I want to go there again, I will keep all this in mind. Thank you for this post, Deb.

  9. I also tried to get a reservation on line and when I finally called they told me they only accepted walk ups. When we went to the Plaza we walked up around 5pm and were seated within 5 minutes! It was a nice change of pace from needing constant reservations! (This was in December AND on a MMVMCP day and we had no problem getting a table)

  10. I visited with my son and his family in Dec. We try to eat here every year. We have never had a bad experience, and have tried over the years just about every item on the menu. Our orders have always been large, fresh and very good. The milk shakes to go the kids love. Everything is high at Disney and keeps increasing, but our family loves it. You have to just watch your spending and enjoy yourself!

  11. I personally enjoy going to The Plaza and we try to make it a point to go every trip. They are super accomodating for us in regard to our food allergies and we always get a visit from chef Veronica, who is an absolute treasure. We don’t ask for much in terms of food orders, sometimes I even get a grilled cheese from the kids menu ($9 flipping dollars). The Cheese Steak is also pretty solid ($17!!!!). I guess I never realized how expensive it is. But we love the location. And Veronica.

  12. Just to clarify your experience, as I have been trying for weeks to get a reservation, if I can’t get one, there is a chance I can get a walk up as reservations are only made from 11-12?

    DEB: I was told they only accept walk ups from noon on, no reservations. One of the other commenters of my review said when they called Disney they were told they accept ressies all the time. I’m simply reporting my experience.
    The walk up is worth a try. I’d do it just before noon.

  13. The Plaza is my favorite restaurant. I always get Cheese Steak Sandwich and of course, save the best for last, banana split. It’s awesome.

  14. WDW is getting to be very expensive for a middle-class families. I believe that they raise the price of everything every year. I think your review reveals that it would be a better idea to just order dessert at The Plaza.

  15. we eat at the plaza everytime we visit, which is often. Our son loves it there and we have never had a bad experience. I am sorry to hear the rueben was not very good. I have never had there but have at Sci-Fi. very good. Anyways we were told once that they pick the citizen of the day as the 100th person that walks in and they comp there meal and give them a special dessert. We have seen this in the past and it is a nice touch of magic for a family:)

  16. I just contacted wdw direct, and was told reservations can be made ANY time, not just 1st hour. I am confused now.

    DEB: Obviously Disney is the official source. I am simply reporting my experience from early January. I did not try calling for a reservation but only using My Disney Experience.

  17. Thanks for the review and I had no idea about the mayor and fire chief. How cute! I personally love the Plaza. 1) because of the location and 2) for the desert. Always been on the dining plan so I never figured out how much a meal cost but agree thought that was pricey for 1 person and average but heck you are in Disney right.

  18. I for one never ate there. However, at those prices for what you got, I would most definitely have gone to Liberty Tree instead.