The 5 Worst Meals in Disney World According to You

One of the best parts about Disney World is the fact that everyone’s experiences are unique!

Walt Disney World Entrance

We can’t get enough of the rides and entertainment, but the food might be up there as one of our favorite parts of a Disney World vacation. But dining experiences aren’t always perfect every time!

We asked our AllEars readers where they had their worst meals in Disney World. Based on reader reviews, we narrowed it down to the top five picks for your least favorite dining experiences in the parks and resorts.

Coral Reef

The atmosphere of the Coral Reef in EPCOT is stunning, with live aquariums situated all around the seating area! Many of you, though, feel like the food falls flat in comparison to the atmosphere. Some have said that the seafood wasn’t at the standard one might expect for the price.

Coral Reef

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, Coral Reef’s giant aquarium windows are quite stunning, but be warned: many reviewers may tell you to skip this place.

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

Located in the heart of Main Street, U.S.A., Tony’s Town Square Restaurant is a charming little restaurant, and if you’re lucky, you might see a parade pass by during your meal. But unfortunately, our readers think that there are better places to grab a bowl of pasta or Italian food around Disney World!

Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

This Magic Kingdom restaurant is one of the lowest-rated table-service meals according to our reader reviews. If you’ve got an opinion, you can chime in and leave a review, too!

Tony's Town Square Restaurant

Rating: 7.06 / 10 Recommended By: 74%
Menus: Lunch/Dinner, Children's Lunch/Dinner
Services: Table Service

Chef Mickey’s

If you’re looking for a convenient location for breakfast, Chef Mickey’s can be a great choice; it’s got easy access to the Monorail and a straight shot to the Magic Kingdom. Yet, the breakfast options were sub-par to readers for the high cost of dining here.

Chef Mickey’s

Since Mickey Waffles and pancakes can be found in multiple places around Disney World, there are other spots with cheaper options (but no interactions with Chef Mickey and friends). In short, if you’re looking for a high-quality, good-value meal, dine elsewhere!

Chef Mickey's Restaurant

Rating: 7.48 / 10 Recommended By: 77%
Menus: Breakfast, Dinner, Brunch
Services: Buffet/All You Care to Eat

Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

If you’ve never been to the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, the restaurant is set up like a drive-in theater, with various retro cars that have pulled up to see a sci-fi movie. The environment is a hit with the people who visit the Table Service location, but the food was considered mediocre by many readers.

Make a reservation at a table service restaurant

Once again, this restaurant is better known for its atmosphere than its food. Most people dine here for the experience, not the meal.

Sci Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant

Rating: 7.26 / 10 Recommended By: 80%
Menus: Lunch/Dinner, Children's Lunch/Dinner
Services: Table Service

Hollywood and Vine

Guests frequently head to Hollywood and Vine for the various character interactions that happen throughout the year, including themed Christmas and Halloween dining.

Hollywood and Vine

Yet, multiple people noted that the food wasn’t exactly worth the cost of the experience, with readers favoring other character dining spots around the parks and resorts over this one in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood and Vine Restaurant

Rating: 7.32 / 10 Recommended By: 74%
Menus: Breakfast, Lunch/Dinner
Services: Buffet/All You Care to Eat

Keep in mind that some of these restaurants have pretty high scores on our review pages, but when the competition is so stiff, someone has to be the worst! Even though these restaurants were considered some people’s least favorite meals in Disney World, other people may love those same restaurants! Favorite dining locations are specific to the opinions and preferences of guests, so it can be helpful to keep your options open and try new things whenever you’re visiting the parks and resorts.

As we make our way around Disney World, we’ll be sure to update you on all the dining news you need to know!

What is the worst meal that you’ve had in Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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12 Replies to “The 5 Worst Meals in Disney World According to You”

  1. I agree with Hollywood and Vine, Chef Mickey’s are awful. Tony’s is just mediocre. I like Coral Reef though. Never had a bad meal there, but I always get the same thing, the Mahi. However, the absolute worst was the Plaza Restaurant. All of our meals were terrible. The meatloaf looked like dog food and the texture was terrible with no taste. The Madame Croque sandwich my daughter got was so greasy it was inedible.

  2. I have been to Tony’s three times. The first time was terrific, and the other two were horrible. I found out the time it was terrific was when the Crystal Palace was closed, and their staff was there. I’ll never go there again.

  3. Agree with all of these. Once had a clam dish at To us with broken pieces of shells in the pasta, ate at an absolutely filthy Hollywood and Vine and experienced the “rubbery” cold and extremely over priced food at Chef Mickeys. Have to say the Covid era family style at Chef Mickeys was great. Such a shame they’re reverting to the buffet.

  4. Liberty Tree Tavern. Had a Thankdgiving turkey dinner… Stouffers was much better. It was also not heated very well.

  5. Be Our Guest. Ordered the salmon. Looked like salmon, but there was absolutely no flavor at all. I might as well have been eating sawdust.

  6. The worst meal I ever had was at Tiffins. Bizarre menu and terrible food. Service was horrible and atmosphere is creepy. Ruined our anniversary.
    And I disagree about TuTu Italia and Sci Fi. I have had great meals at both places.

  7. Chef Mickeys by far has been our worst eating experience at Disney over the years. Our top 3 favorites are Garden Grille, Sanaa, and Be Our Guest! ❤️

  8. The Italian Restaurant in Epcot. Worse ever. Sat next to folks from Europe. They walked out w all good left behind. We could not afford to do that WE explained to waitress”this is almost garbage”. That is when we FOUND a server!! Service at most Disney restaurants lacking. Help always seems tired or suffering from hand overs!!!

  9. Tonys Town square is bland. Olive Garden is better. Many of the Disney restaurants win on atmosphere. Best meals for us with our visit 12/29/20-1/5/21 was Liberty Tree Tavern and Be Our Guest. If you leave Liberty Tree Tavern hungry, then you didn’t try hard enough. Liberty brings you so much food and variety. Be Our Guest was fine dining. The filet mignon was delicious. Trio dessert was fabulous. Loved the macaron with fruit filling.

  10. Sci-Fi by a mile…… In a place rules by frenchfries to fill up a plate and your small portion of the main course. Let me just say, in my experience, it is animal cruelty, to let you dog eat there period !

    1. Gotta go with Sci-fi Dine In. It’s a fun little place for average burgers and fries faire. But that’s the themeing. Fun to eat at once and done. Prime Time Cafe is a better experience for similar to better offerings.