Table Service Restaurants of EPCOT’s World Showcase Ranked By YOU!

Our stomachs are growling, so it must be time to talk about Walt Disney World food again. If you’re the kind of person that wants a little variety on their palate or just wants the experience of eating around the world, than EPCOT’s World Showcase is right up your alley.

World Showcase

This time, instead of telling you where we love to eat, we’re letting you guys — our AllEars readers! — decide which one of World Showcase’s Table Service restaurants you enjoy most. (Note: as Takumi-Tei in the Japan Pavilion does  not currently have any reader reviews, it will not be included in this ranking.)

These are the World Showcase Table Service restaurants ranked from worst to best according to your reviews!

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

We’re starting off the list in Italy with Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar, the lowest-ranked Table Service according to your rankings and reviews. Sitting at a 6.77 rating, Tutto Gusto just doesn’t do it for you.

Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

It’s not too hard to see why it’s so low once you start reading some of the comments. Reviews frequently cite that it’s a good place to get away from the crowds and into some air-conditioning, but the service from the Cast Members could do with some improvement. Ouch.

What do you think of Tuto Gusto? Leave your own review!

Le Cellier

The signature restaurant of the Canada Pavilion, Le Cellier is currently sitting a 7.10 rating according to your reviews. We keep hearing good things about the quality of the food and the atmosphere, with several readers throwing out suggestions for the Maple Creme Brulee, Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup, and Le Cellier’s signature Filet Mignon.

Le Cellier Entrance Sign
Le Cellier Steakhouse

However, readers do seem to agree that as good as it is, the food is a tad overpriced if you’re not on the Disney Dining Plan. One reader even says “I’d highly recommend California Grill instead.”

Are you  a fan of Le Cellier? Let us know what you think here!

Nine Dragons

With a 7.16 rating, Nine Dragons in the China Pavilion barely squeaks over the line into “pretty okay” territory. That being said, the reviews don’t fully match up with the ratings.

Spicy Mala Beef

Reviewers write glowing recommendations of the food and Cast Members here. One reader even says it’s her “favorite restaurant at EPCOT”, which is saying something considering all of the choices.

Let us know what you think of Nine Dragons here!

Restaurant Marrakesh

Most kiddos might be turned off by anything that’s not a burger or chicken nuggets, but AllEars readers seem to really love what Restaurant Marrakesh is cooking up. In fact, it’s got an 80% recommend rating and a 7.40/10 based on your reviews!

Marrakesh Chicken Kebabs at Restaurant Marrakesh
Marrakesh Chicken Kebabs

A bunch of your reviews point out the ambiance of music and belly dancers as big pluses, and the food gets some wins, too, with one reader even marking the lamb here as a good alternative to Jiko’s more expensive cut. Honestly, this rating is best summed up by one reader who said Restaurant Marrakesh “doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.”

What do you think of Restaurant Marrakesh? Leave us a review here!

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

To be honest, we did not expect Akershus to be sitting so low in the ratings at only a 7.50/10. The disparity between the ratings for the breakfast (which is actually a buffet (under typical circumstances) and not Table Service) and the lunch/dinner menus was also pretty interesting.


Overall, you said that Akershus gets brownie points as a princess character meet-and-greet but that the unique menu offerings were not that appealing. As one reader puts it, Akershus is “a great way to meet your favorite princesses and try something new along the way!”

Is Akershus one of your faves? Let us know!

La Hacienda de San Angel

We arrive at the first of the San Angel restaurant siblings we’ll be talking about. La Hacienda de San Angel is located on World Showcase Lagoon adjacent to La Cantina de San Angel (so many angels).


La Hacienda gets a 7.64 from AllEars readers. The food seems to be a little inconsistent in terms of quality according for you, but almost everybody enjoys the view of the fireworks over the lagoon (RIP Illuminations).

Let us know what you think of La Hacienda de San Angel here!

Tutto Italia

We’re back in Italy again at Tutto Italia! You mostly seem to like the service of traditional Italian fare, with 83% recommending it and Tutto Italia earning an 8.0/10.

Tortino di Zucchine

The reviews seem to point toward Tutto Italia being an okay place to dine, as there were not many extreme examples of food being absolutely amazing or completely dreadful. There is a special mention in here about the restaurant having the “best tea in all of Disney world!” Do you want to test this bold claim out?

What do you think of Tutto Italia? Let us know here!

Tokyo Dining

Tokyo Dining’s traditional Japanese and sushi menus almost take it to the upper echelon with a 7.86 rating. Your reviews really highlighted the sushi options as being some of the best things on the menu and the demonstration beforehand being really impressive.

Tokyo Dining

The most common con we kept seeing was that the restaurant can be a little too loud at times, but that didn’t seem to detract from the atmosphere.

Are you a fan of Tokyo Dining? Tell us about your experience here!

Via Napoli

Via Napoli has a reputation for being some of the best pizza in the World, but with a 7.9/10, it’s clear there’s room for improvement.

Via Napoli Pizza

Lots of readers say these cheesy slices of goodness are phenomenal, but other readers feel that the menu may be a little pricey and the atmosphere can get a little loud at times.

Let us know about your own Via Napoli experience here!

Rose and Crown

Now we’re popping over to the Rose and Crown in the U.K. pavilion which is a little more of a contested choice. Still most of you readers seem to enjoy this jaunt into English fare with a 7.99 rating (so close).

Rose and Crown

Readers were quick to point out the inconsistencies in the quality of some of the food and the portion sizes. However, you also praised the pub food, like Fish and Chips and the Scotch Egg as well the view over the World Showcase Lagoon. Interestingly enough, readers also pointed out the vegan options available at the Rose and Crown as a plus, so score one for the U.K.

Tell us what you thought of the Rose and Crown here!

San Angel Inn

AllEars Readers: we are now in your top five Table Service restaurants, and we’re back to the San Angel siblings. Readers seem to prefer the San Angel Inn over La Hacienda mostly for the atmosphere.

San Angel Inn

A lot of you seem to really love the combination of the nighttime Mexican landscape (complete with pyramid and volcano) and the location next to the “open-air market”. In terms of food, a lot of readers pointed out the ever-flowing chips and salsa and the margaritas, with some special shout-outs to the Pollo a Las Rajas.

What do you think of the San Angel Inn?

Spice Road Table

Spice Road Table, located on World Showcase Lagoon in the Morocco pavilion, shows up with a 8.10 rating and a ton of comments about the atmosphere.

Hummus Fries

Whether you’re “stopping here to grab a quick drink” or just trying to “enjoy a mid-afternoon break”, Spice Road Table seems to resonate because of its prime location next to the World Showcase Lagoon. Oh, and Hummus Fries; you really like Hummus Fries.

We want to hear about your Spice Road Table experience!

Chefs de France

Chefs de France edged out Spice Road Table for the number three slot by 0.01 with an 8.11. Your reviews have a lot of good things to say about the quality of the service of the Cast Members, so good job, Chefs de France!

Chefs de France

While some readers found the food quality inconsistent at best, most of you hold Chefs de France’s Soupe a l’oignon Gratinee (known to many as French onion soup) in high regard, and there were few guests upset about the quality of the bread service (yay, carbs).

Let us know what you think of Chefs de France here!

Monsieur Paul Restaurant

Ironically, France beat itself for the number two spot on this ranking. Monsieur Paul is only open for dinner, but that didn’t stop you from enjoying it so much that it earned a 8.31 rating.

Monsieur Paul

While the meal is expensive, most of the reviews seem to indicate the experience is worth it. Several readers suggest going with the seven-course prix fixe menu as the best deal for your belly and your wallet.

Want to tell us the story of your meal at Monsieur Paul? Click here!

Teppan Edo

We have finally arrived at the number one Table Service restaurant in World Showcase as chosen by you! Teppan Edo rocks the spot with an 8.75 rating and a recommendation percentage of 95%.

It’s like watching art be made

It’s pretty tough to have a bad time at this hibachi-style grill according to you, as the majority of your reviews highlight the fun and thrill of watching your chef create your meal in front of you (and the food’s good too; special mention to the scallops). Congratulations, Teppan Edo, on being the number one table-service restaurant!

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  1. The pizza at Via Napoli is AMAZING and would be my #1 ranking. Can’t see the argument for overpriced as you can feed 4 adults with the XL pizza and family style salad for about the same price as 4 counter service burgers and the quality is world class