Best Places in Disney World to Take a Nap (Other Than Your Room!)

If we’re coming completely clean, one of our favorite places to catch a few zzz’s at the Disney World parks was Ellen’s Universe of Energy in EPCOT. You know, that nearly-40-minute long attraction with Bill Nye the Science Guy, Ellen DeGeneres, and a bunch of funky-looking dinosaurs? It made for some confusing lucid dreaming, but man, talk about some quality shut-eye!

Plant-eating dinosaurs chow down on foliage inside the Universe of Energy pavilion at EPCOT. ©Disney

Now that Universe of Energy has gone the way of the dinosaurs to make way for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, we had to search for other places to get our doze on while at the parks. And while we’ve got no issue with seeing folks sprawled out on benches or any surface that’s large and relatively flat, we prefer to rest our eyes with a little more privacy.

Sure, we can go back to our rooms, but sometimes you just need a quick zonk fest to get you feelin’ young and spry again! That’s why we put together this list of the best places in Disney World to take a nap — discreetly!

Walt Disney World

And since everyone knows you can always hole up at any Disney World resort lobby or patio nearby, we’re talkin’ strictly about the theme parks here! Of course, we’re thinking about spots where the casual passerby can’t take photos of us completely asleep — we don’t want to become internet-famous (or internet infamous), after all!

Magic Kingdom

We’ll separate our favorite snooze spots by theme park, so depending on where you’re at in Disney World, you’ll know where the closest location for a quick siesta on the down-low is!

Magic Kingdom

Carousel of Progress

Walt’s classic attraction from the 1964 New York World’s Fair may show how the lives of the average American family have improved over the years thanks to technology, but the 21-minute long audio-animatronic stage show is improving OUR lives with its excellent napping capacity! Plus, the motion of its rotating theater is super soothing!

Carousel of Progress

Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Mickey’s PhilharMagic can be a little loud, but bring a pair of silicone earplugs, put on the 3D glasses, and have yourself one seriously impactful 12-minute catnap — without anyone being any the wiser. Thank you, trusty 3D glasses!

Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Hall of Presidents

Since this attraction lasts about 25 minutes, you can really settle into Hall of Presidents! Plus it’s nice and dark without too much sound — unlike many of the other auditorium or theater shows that made our list which will require some noise-cancellation mitigation.

Hall of Presidents

Liberty Belle Riverboat

A trip around Tom Sawyer Island on the Liberty Belle lasts about 17 minutes, and while it’s hard to find total privacy onboard, there IS a small interior room we’ve been known to frequent for a quick light sleep!

Liberty Belle on Rivers of America

Tom Sawyer Island

Tom Sawyer Island is a super serene part of the Magic Kingdom that usually remains relatively calm even on high crowd days. From Fort Langhorn to the seasonally-open Aunt Polly’s, even if there’s not an ideal place to sleep on the peaceful, heavily forested island, the tranquility and time away from throngs of roving park guests might be all the break you need to finish your day at the Magic Kingdom STRONG!

Tom Sawyer Island

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

We love the PeopleMover! The line is usually relatively short for the whopping 16-minute long ride! The movement is super relaxing — kinda like being on a long car ride! And the seats are really comfy! We love riding it at night — and the part where you go through Space Mountain in the darkness is very restful!

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover


Spaceship Earth

The 15-minute attraction is dark and reposeful. Special thanks to Judi Dench for her dulcet narration!

Spaceship Earth

The American Adventure

Just like its Hall of Presidents sister, the American Adventure is EPCOT’s answer to where to drowse like a patriot! You’re looking at a good, solid 29 minutes of night-night time.

American Adventure

Hollywood Studios

Muppet*Vision 3D

Just like with Magic Kingdom’s Mickey’s PhilharMagic, the 3D glasses are what makes this spot a viable napping option, albeit a loud one. Catch 15-minutes of shut-eye a la Weekend at Bernie’s-style at Muppet*Vision 3D on your next Disney trip!


Walt Disney Presents

This 15-minute film and walk-through exhibit are located in the Animation Courtyard. It’s a perfect pit stop to catch your bearings after a jarring ride on Slinky Dog Dash before hitting up Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

Updated Hollywood Studios Arch Sign

Animal Kingdom

Na’vi River Journey

Looking to take a really short nap? Well, Na’vi River Journey has you covered! The ride involves a slow-moving, dark boat ride, which just might lull you to sleep. Don’t get too comfy though — it’s only a few minutes long.

Na’vi River Journey

There you have it — our full list of best nap spots in the theme parks! Stay tuned to AllEars for more hot tips from Disney World!

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Can you think of a place to take a quick, quiet nap in relative privacy at the Disney theme parks that didn’t make our list? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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26 Replies to “Best Places in Disney World to Take a Nap (Other Than Your Room!)”

  1. What happened to people who fell asleep on Ellen’s Energy Adventure? A crick in the neck? No a dream sequence!

    I’m going out on a ledge and guessing that AllEars removed the recommendation to snooze at Nomad Lounge as I didn’t see it referenced at all but there are a lot of angry Ears here. I’d agree, probably not the best to nap in any dining/bar area.

    For anyone griping about those napping on a ride, please don’t forget most riders are with their families. I don’t think I ever fell asleep on a ride but my parents or grand parents would regularly “shut their eyes for a bit” on Energy, Hall of Presidents, American Adventure, Spaceship Earth etc. Someone is still enjoying the ride.

  2. The best place for napping WAS the Ellen energy adventure ride it was like 40 some minutes of nice dark a/c and most of the time you could get a whole row to yourself and stretch out.

  3. Haha. I’ve thought about this a bit too much when planning previous trips. Yes a power nap is needed sometimes.
    Magic Kingdom- Center Street Tables or chairs if available, Tomorrowland Terrace tables when closed for food, Full Railroad trip, Tiki Room, Country Bears, Hall of Pres, Mickeys Philharmonic, Carousel of Prog, and my favorite: the benches to the side of Space Mountains bathroom, very private and quiet.
    Animal Kingdom- Benches around the Water, Quiet areas of Rafikis Planet Watch.
    Hollywood- Little Mermaid show, Animation Courtyard area.
    Epcot- Spaceship Earth, The Impressions de France show, The building on the left entering World Showcase from Future World.

    I also plot out the best bathrooms…lol

  4. I will never understand why there is not a “park your butt land” if you will, with comfy chairs, low lighting and non-stop Disney movies playing. A perfect way to keep guests IN the park to just rest or catch a quick nap for themselves or their children. They could have a concession stand selling bottled water and Disney dvds. It’s a win win for everyone!

  5. Carousel of Progress! Especially when it’s hot outside. The dark, air conditioned environment puts me to sleep every time😴

  6. I have literally slept at everyone of those spots. Great naps in each place. Unfortunately my best napping place is no longer there…Ellen’s World of Energy!

  7. You forgot to Mention the Canadian Pavillion. Best place to nap it off after a long day at the food and wine festival

  8. The American Adventure is the best dark air conditioned spot since Ellen is gone! I don’t think in 15 years of being a passholder that I have ever seen the entire show of either attraction.

  9. All good choices, but my favorite for the past 25 years has been the Magic Kingdom train. Used it in 3 parks for gentle rolling shut eye. Works especially good for young kids.

  10. This is Not it a good article. Why encourage people to sleep on rides and shows. Go to your room or the pool to nap. It’s already busy enough in WDW!!!

  11. Interesting take on things, however as a reminder, The Nomad Lounge is designated as a bar so no one of drinking age (21 years in Florida) can legally nap there. 😉

  12. No!! No napping in Nomad lounge! Very frowned upon!! It is a food venue just like any other and napping guests are not a good way to earn a living .. please please consider the cast when posting things like this. No, no napping in nomad and believe me we saw it all too often 🙄🥴

  13. Why would you put a RESTAURANT on this list?!?! You do realize that the servers that work there rely on guests who are AWAKE AND ORDERING to make their money, right?!?! You obviously have never worked in food & beverage, and the fact that you would actually encourage people to do this is absolutely outrageous.

  14. DO NOT GO TO A BAR TO NAP!!! Those poor servers are there to make a living off of your tips, not to clean up you empty water bottles and Mickey bar wrappers! Show some class and go sleep through A Bugs Life like everyone else!

  15. The audacity of putting Nomad Lounge on here as a place to take a nap. There are hardworking cast members that rely on those “comfy couches” for guests to sit and order food and drinks so they can make money and pay their bills, not so you can lay down and take a nap. This website encouraging that kind of behavior in a restaurant is appalling and I would suggest you remove it from this list.

  16. The Nomad lounge choice is really not a good one… the servers in there depend on tips for their service throughout the day and for their livelihoods. Taking a nap in one of their sections and taking up valuable table space, prevents other customers who would order food and drink from sitting there, thus preventing the employees from getting paid. Perhaps as a courtesy, let’s not choose a restaurant or bar areas, where service staff are dependent on volume of people and food/drink orders for their daily pay… just for a nap?

  17. All of these are rides… except the nomad lounge. How incredibly rude and disrespectful to encourage people to nap at a location with tipped servers who depend on these “couches” and tables to make their money. You are the worst type of Disney guest.