Todrick Hall Shares His Thoughts on Disneyland’s New Parade “Magic Happens”

If you’re waiting for some magic to happen at Disneyland…


…you won’t have to wait much longer! While we recently learned the new daytime parade, Magic Happens, will be starting at Disneyland on February 28, Todrick Hall talked more about what we could expect to see when it debuts!

Todrick Hall is the co-composer for the new Magic Happens parade’s soundtrack. He’s a singer and songwriter who says he learned to dance from watching Disney parades.

©Disney Todrick Hall

Todrick Hall went on to say in the interview released today that working on Magic Happens is the most epic thing that’s ever happened in his life, and he’s happy how the new parade represents diversity.

Disneyland Magic Happens Parade Concept Art ©Disney

We’re so excited to see gorgeous new floats, stunning costumes, and a bunch of Disney-Pixar characters strolling down Main Street, U.S.A. including our friends from Coco, Frozen 2, Moana, and Sleeping Beauty, all led by Mickey Mouse and his pals, of course! And the soundtrack? We’re betting it’s amazing, too!

Will you be at Disneyland Resort to see the new Magic Happens Parade when it debuts on February 28, 2020? Let us know if you’re planning on going in the comments below!

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