Best Places in Disney World to Take a Nap (Other Than Your Room!)

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If we’re coming completely clean, one of our favorite places to catch a few zzz’s at the Disney World parks was Ellen’s Universe of Energy in Epcot. You know, that nearly-40-minute long attraction with Bill Nye the Science Guy, Ellen DeGeneres, and a bunch of funky-looking dinosaurs? It made for some confusing lucid dreaming, but … Continue reading "Best Places in Disney World to Take a Nap (Other Than Your Room!)"

Are Completely Original Rides Becoming a Thing of the Past at Disney Parks?

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The newest crop of Disney rides and most rides at other theme parks that attempt to achieve Disney’s greatness are following a pattern that’s starting to get predictable and boring. The last 20 years of new rides that have been built or announced for Disneyland and the next seven rides in development for Walt Disney World are based on some kind of Disney entertainment property. Are original ride ideas a thing of the past?