These Are the 2020 Disney World Planning Tips You Aren’t Thinking About

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World in 2020 definitely looks different than it has in previous years!

Spaceship Earth

The Disney World Parks have now reopened, but there are a number of changes you’ll need to prepare for if you’re heading to Disney this year.

Here are some important 2020 planning tips that you’re probably not thinking about!

Bring Different Kinds of Face Masks

All guests ages two and up are required to wear an approved face covering in order to enter the Parks. And from our time in the Parks, we’ve found that it’s helpful to pack different kinds of face masks in our Park bag — meaning masks made of different materials and styles.

Face Mask

That way, if our mask starts to get uncomfortable or rub in a weird way throughout the day, we can switch it out for one that fits differently!

Pack Plenty of Extra Face Masks

Speaking of face masks, be sure to pack plenty of extras for your trip! Unlike other clothing like t-shirts, where you might pack just one or two per day, you might need to change your face mask multiple times throughout the day. They can easily get sweaty, rained on, lost, or broken, so pack a few for each day of your trip!

Face Masks Sign

We have seen face masks for sale at various places around Disney World, so you’ll likely be able to purchase extras on property if needed. But we suggest still bringing plenty from home, especially in case you don’t find the fit of the Disney branded face masks comfortable. We think it’s helpful to wear your masks ahead of your trip so you can get used to the fit.

Research Available Resorts

Not everything in Disney World has reopened — there are a number of Disney World Resort hotels that still remain closed. And while we do know the reopening dates for some of the shuttered hotels, others still have yet to be announced.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

So be sure to take a look at the Resorts that will be open during your travel dates — and prepare to do some extra research about the transportation, restaurants, and amenities at other hotels if your go-to spot is still unavailable!

Consider Available Resort Transportation

Speaking of hotel transportation, it’s more important than ever to consider what options are available from your Resort. Transportation capacity is also currently reduced, which means you could be facing long lines getting to and from the Parks.

Skyliner view heading to EPCOT

If you plan to visit one Park more often than others on your trip, it might be worthwhile to factor transportation into your hotel choice to make getting there faster and more conveniently. For example, if you’re a huge fan of EPCOT or Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you may want to stay at a hotel with access to the Skyliner.

Click here to learn more about Walt Disney World transportation.

Rope-Drop Doesn’t Have the Same Benefits Right Now

If you’re a seasoned Disney vacationer, you might be familiar with the “rope-drop” strategy — getting to the Parks before they open so you’re able to be the first in line for popular attractions. But this approach doesn’t seem to have the same benefits since the Parks have reopened. We’ve found that the mornings have been the busiest times of day in the Parks, and crowds start to clear out as the day goes on.

Hollywood Studios

If you normally rope drop to try to hit attractions with shorter wait times, you might want to reverse that strategy this year by getting to the Park a few hours after it opens and staying later in the day. You can avoid the potential bottlenecks at Park entrances and capitalize on lighter crowds in the evening through Park closure.

Make Sure Your Go-To Restaurants Still Have Your Favorite Options

This goes for both experiences and menu items. Keep in mind that character dining is currently unavailable, with the exception of modified character dining experiences at Topolino’s Terrace and Garden Grill. But even these locations are pretty different than pre-closure, since characters have to stay distanced from guests.

Mickey and Pluto at Garden Grill

We’ve also noticed that many restaurants — including both Table Service and Quick Service locations — are offering limited menus at the moment. And some iconic eats are currently unavailable, such as the Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli at California Grill.

Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli – California Grill

If you or your family members have a go-to restaurant, meal, or snack, be sure to check the menu beforehand to see if it’s currently being offered. If not, this could be an opportunity for you to explore a new restaurant — or even just a new menu item!

Set Expectations for Your Family in Advance

There are a number of unavoidable changes that you’ll experience if you travel to Disney in the near future. Everyone age two and up will have to wear a mask inside the Parks. There are no fireworks, parades, or character meet-and-greets. Some menu items won’t be available. Guests are unable to Park hop. These are a few of the major changes that you and your family will need to prepare for while in Disney World.

Tower of Terror

And some of these changes could be a huge bummer for you or others in your travel party — especially if they come as a surprise once you’re already on vacation. Make sure everyone is prepared and knows what to expect BEFORE your trip to reduce the chance of disappointments and meltdowns!

There’s no doubt that visiting Disney World in 2020 is a different experience than we’re used to. Hopefully these planning tips will help add some magic to your Disney vacation this year!

What under-the-radar planning tips do you have for guests planning a Disney World trip in 2020? Share them in the comments!

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