Five Tips for Riding Walt Disney World Transportation in 2020

We’ve been getting around a reopened Walt Disney World for a little while now, and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way.


And yes, we’re learning some things about getting around. After all, transportation in Disney World is a pretty big piece of any trip, and the way it works has definitely changed. So we’ve got some updated tips!

Here are the must-know tips for getting around a reopened Walt Disney World!

1. Be aware of the options you have — and don’t have.

For one, transportation options have definitely changed. Some things that used to be a given (like the Monorail connecting EPCOT to the Transportation and Ticket Center and Magic Kingdom) may be unavailable or available less frequently.


Make sure you check with your Resort hotel to find out what transportation options you do have. You can stay up to date by speaking with Cast Members and checking the My Disney Experience app.

2. You’ll still need to build in time for travel.

You might think that the lower demand and capacity in the theme parks travel will be more efficient, and in some ways you’re right. But you still need to build in time for travel.

Walt Disney World Bus at Animal Kingdom Lodge — Kidani Village

With added physical distancing on transportation, there are fewer people allowed in each Monorail cabin, on each Disney bus, and in each Skyliner gondola. So the capacity in transportation is a little lower, and that can slow things down a bit.

Caribbean Beach Skyliners

Even if you drive at Walt Disney World you need to build in some time. Right now, trams are not operating in the parking lots, so make sure to build in time to walk to the Park gates.

3. Be patient!

To follow up on the building in time tip, you also might need to be patient. Lower capacities, zone seating, and other systemic adjustments can definitely make for longer wait times.

Disney Bus interior

Have patience and be kind to fellow riders and definitely to the transportation Cast Members. They are trying to keep things running smoothly, and they’ll make sure you get where you’re going as soon as it’s safe to do so.

4. Know your comfort level.

If you’re not sure how comfy you’ll be in an enclosed space during a global health crisis, you may want to drive. We’ve been in the Monorail with three different groups in half of a cabin.

Monorail Barrier

Plus, those Monorail barriers aren’t exactly airtight. If you think you might get uncomfortable, plan for alternate transportation.

5. Keep an eye on the hours.

And finally, keep an eye on the transportation hours. These are subject to change every day, so take a look at the signage posted at transportation stations for up to date information.

Pop Century Skyliner Line

Park hours are limited, and so are some transportation hours, so keep track of them and don’t get caught unaware.

Have questions about getting around a reopened Disney World? Ask them in the comments!

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7 Replies to “Five Tips for Riding Walt Disney World Transportation in 2020”

  1. Do you have to wear your mask on the buses? I have heard stories that people are taking their masks off on the buses and this makes me very uncomfortable.

  2. Thank you so much for the information you provide. I am curious if it is still possible to use ride services such as Lyft to get from hotel to parks and back. And if since ride services cannot get to Magic Kingdom are they still able to get to the Ticket and Transportation Center? Thank you again for all the timely information and updates you all provide.

    1. Yes, they are available. We used Uber several times and took it to Hollywood studios to make sure we were there in time to get a boarding pass.