Don’t Listen to Everyone Else — Take Your Baby to Walt Disney World!

Many people are of the opinion that family visits to Walt Disney World should be put on hold until the kids are older — and we hear you.  But we think ultimately, everyone should do what is best for their family. And if that means heading to the Most Magical Place on Earth with your littlest family members, we’ve got some tips to help you and your baby have a magical time

Cinderella Castle

Take advantage of Baby Care Centers in every park.

Each of the four theme parks has a Baby Care Center. These are not your run of the mill restrooms with a changing table; they offer so much more for families with babies (and kids of any age).

Baby Care Center — Magic Kingdom

These centers are open during park hours, complimentary, and include a private nursing room with rocking chairs, a changing room with tables as well as a women’s restroom, a feeding area with high chairs, a kitchen with a microwave and sink, a television and tables with seating. 

Changing Tables at EPCOT’s Baby Care Center

Also available for purchase are formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, over-the-counter medications, basic clothing, and more. So if you run out of something you brought with you or you need something you didn’t bring along, the Baby Care Centers are a lifesaver. 

First Aid Cabinet

You’ll also want to keep in mind that these are good places to cool down and relax, too, so if you or your little one need a break away from crowds and in relative quiet, Baby Care Centers are an oasis.

Click here to learn even more about Baby Care Centers — including where you’ll find them in each park.

Have memorable experiences.

Baby might not remember everything (or anything) you do on his or her first trip, but there is so much for little ones to take in. There are many rides with no height restriction (like these rides that are the best for a baby’s first). 

Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Want to be a pro about ride height restrictions? We’ve got all the info you need right here!

And while many children are afraid to meet characters, some babies are too young to be afraid — so what a great time to get those adorable first shots of them snuggling with Mickey! 

Click here for more info on meeting characters at Walt Disney World!

Use Rider Switch so you don’t miss out.

If you want to make sure the kids-at-heart (aka the grown ups) have a good time, too, you don’t have to miss out on rides that aren’t suitable for babes! Rider Switch is a way to experience all the rides and do all the things without having to skip a beat.  Rider Switch is a system that allows park guests to take turns riding, while someone else from their party stays with infants, children who don’t meet the height requirement, or anyone who just doesn’t want to ride that ride.

Height Check at Slinky Dog Dash

Rider Switch is offered in all four parks but not on every ride, so check out our Rider Switch page for details.

If you want to use the Single Rider Lines during your trip with baby — thus usually cutting down on your individual wait times considerably — click here for info on where you can do that!

Maximize nap time.

In some ways, taking a baby to the parks is easier than taking an older toddler or young child. Eventually, someone is going to need to take a nap (even Mom and Dad!).  Babies are often more likely to nap in a stroller and on-the-go than older children. Because of this, it can give you more park time by not having to schedule time to go back to the hotel.  If baby will sleep in the stroller, this is a great time to take advantage of Single Rider lines, grab an adult beverage, or just sit and enjoy some adult conversation.

Maharajah Jungle Trek in Animal Kingdom is a great place to stroll with a napping baby.

A great way to maximize this nap time is to make sure your little one is comfortable.  Clip on a small portable fan to keep them cool (these can be purchased online or in the First Aid Centers and shops in the Parks), shade them with a blanket, and do not forget the sunscreen!

Check out AllEars’ Stroller FAQ if you’ve got questions about navigating the world on wheels.

Disney Resort hotels are baby-friendly.

Disney resorts offer cribs and Pack ‘n’ Plays free of charge. Quantities are limited, so we recommend requesting one when you make your reservation and confirming when you do online check-in.  Disney World Resorts are chock-full of color and music and scents — and babies love all the stimulation! 

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Some areas of Disney World Resort hotels tend to be a little quieter than others, so if your little one needs relative quiet in order to rest, you might want to make some requests when you make your reservation and do online check-in. Rooms further away from pools, on the backside of buildings, and on upper floors are generally experienced to be quieter.

Under three is free!

Yes, you read that right. No, it is not a typo. We used the word free with something related to Disney World. Until a child turns three, they do not need a park ticket, FastPasses, or dining reservations (they can eat off of your plate for free). Note that this is not three and under. Kind of like Cinderella after midnight, after that magical third birthday, you will be paying youth prices. So if you can and have the desire to bring them when they are little, they can experience the magic, for FREE. 

Magic Kingdom

Taking a baby to Walt Disney World is not for everyone — we get that. But for those who do want to expose their little ones to the magic at a young age, there are plenty of ways to ensure you have a fantastic time! 

When did you first take your child to Disney World, and what did they enjoy? Comment below and let us know!

Want more tips for bringing the kids to Walt Disney World? Check out our series of Parents’ Guides to the parks! 

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6 Replies to “Don’t Listen to Everyone Else — Take Your Baby to Walt Disney World!”

  1. If you only plan on taking your child to Disney once or twice, you should wait until they can remember. But if you plan on going to Disney several times, there is no problem taking babies to Disney. I have 5 children and all of them have been to Disney before they turned one. Some of the best photos ever taken were when my kids were babies and they absolutely loved the characters. If you take a baby, just understand that you still need to work around their schedule as much as possible or it might be miserable.

  2. personally I think it depends on the child. I did a cruise/resort/park week with my mother and daughter when my daughter was only 6 months old and we enjoyed every minute. u need yo know ur child’s routine and how they will react. she is 14 now and obviously doesn’t remember it but I made a scrapbook with TONS of photos and told her SOOOO many stories of the week and those are memories my mom and I will cherish and my daughter will have the scrapbook and us to ask. we have gone back atleast once a year since

  3. Up until just the last few years I was always a “never take a kid under 5 to Disney World” type, but over the last few years my opinion has changed. Now I steer more towards-If you will be going to the World every few years/every other year, etc. , taking a baby is fine; however, if you are doing the “once in a lifetime” experience , I would suggest waiting until the children are older. I like to go at least every 2 to 3 years if scheduling & money allows. Last year we took our 9 month old, and I still feel proud that we did it because it was so much fun! I also had a 16 year old so it was the best of both worlds. We didn’t push ourselves or our baby, and everyone had a blast.

  4. Kris you are RIGHT. TOO many miserable babies. PARENTS bring young ones so the PARENTS can enjoy WDW. I have heard parents YELLING at their kids (among other things and more than once) at 10 pm on bus to stop crying. REALLY? Kids are tired from you trying to “do everything”. If you want to bring your youngling that is great! Go for it. This granny brings 5 year old grandchildren for their birthday celebration. They also can walk, talk and fed themselves. (yes I am lazy -no carrying or strolling) It is all about them – we do what they when they want and when they are tired we take a break. But to each his own poison.

  5. One of the biggest arguments I always hear is taking a infant or toddler to Disney isn’t worth it because they won’t remember a thing. When my youngest daughter was 4 years old we took her to Disney World. She’s now an adult with her own baby. My daughter doesn’t remember a thing about that first trip. However, my wife and I remember a lot. We remember her first meeting with Mickey and Winnie the Pooh. We remember that amazed look on her face riding It’s a Small World (to this day her favorite ride). We remember her reaction at the first character breakfast with Goofy. We remember her saying, “Can we take a bwake (her word)” when she wanted to go to the resort pool. Now, my daughter wants to take her 2 year old daughter. My son in law said she won’t remember a thing. You can rest assure I told him a thing or two. 🙂

  6. While I agree WDW tries to accommodate families with babies, in our many many travels to WDW, I’ve seen far too too many miserable babies. Their schedules are disrupted and it’s especially hard on them in the heat. In my opinion, it’s better to wait until they are older.