These Adorable Disney Characters Have Been Hidden Around Epcot for Festival of the Arts!

The Festival of the Arts has arrived over in Epcot! The festival focuses on arts of all varieties, ranging from culinary, to performing, to visual. From interactive art experiences, to Disney character portraits, there is so much to see and do at this year’s festival.

Festival of the Arts

Of course, since we’re in Disney World, the Festival of the Arts wouldn’t be complete without a little extra magic sprinkled in. That’s right — Epcot has hidden characters around the park, and today we’re checking out where you can find some of ’em!

Chalk Full of Character

The official name for this ADORABLE touch of magic is “Chalk full of Character” — and you can see Figment near the World Showcase entrance inviting you to play along!

Taking a stroll around the World Showcase, you’ll start to recognize some familiar faces! Stopping by the Mexico Pavilion, you might spot a familiar face — it’s Dante from Coco!

Dante Wall Art

While he’s pictured as a regular dog on one side, on the other you can spot spirit Dante! The beloved colorful pup is showcased in amazing detail on the wall of the pyramid.

Dante Wall Art

Over in the Morocco Pavilion, you can see Abu from Aladdin, who was painted in a way that makes it look like he’s grabbing for the pot hanging on the wall.

Abu Wall Art

This one might be a little harder to spot! Over in the Italy Pavilion, it’s easy to miss this little guy painted on top of the exposed brick.

Jiminy Cricket Wall Art

But, if you wish upon a star, you’ll be able to see Jiminy Cricket himself!

Jiminy Cricket Wall Art

There’s also Pascal from Tangled over in the Germany Pavilion, and it looks like he’s getting into the artistic spirit of the festival.

Pascal Wall Art

We also spotted the ever-changing Pascal in another section of the Germany Pavilion, this time rocking a different set of colors!

Pascal Wall Art

In the UK Pavilion, Robin Hood, Little John and Skippy are hiding out on the wall behind some bushes!

Robin Hood Wall Art

Also in the UK Pavilion, Peter Pan’s shadow looks like it’s trying to sneak in through the window. Maybe the Darlings are inside?

Peter Pan Wall Art

At the America Pavilion, Amos from the Disney short Ben and Me is hidden above a window!

Amos Wall Art

The little mouse is Benjamin Franklin’s helper in the classic short, so it’s fitting that he’s been painted with a key and kite!

Amos Wall Art

One of our favorite finds might be towards the waterfall in the Canada Pavilion. Can you spot it?

Koda Wall Art

That’s right — it’s Koda from Brother Bear, getting ready to munch on some salmon right by the water!

Koda Wall Art

The Snowgies from Frozen are having a blast playing around on the wall of this building in the Norway Pavilion.

Frozen Wall Art

Just look at those cute little guys!

Frozen Wall Art

Also in the Norway Pavilion, you can spot Grand Pabbie from Frozen, whose cleverly hidden above the seating area of Kringla Bakeri og Kafe.

Grand Pabbie Wall Art

Duffy and Gelatoni are right at home in the Japan Pavilion, which is fitting as they are two of the mascots over at Tokyo DisneySea! It looks like they’re painting a picture of Mickey Mouse on the beam of the building.

Duffy Wall Art

And who are those little guys prancing along the wall?

Aristocats Wall Art

Why, it’s Marie, Tolouse, and Berlioz, of course! The Parisian kittens from The Aristocats are right at home in the France Pavilion.

Aristocats Wall Art

The France Pavilion is an especially popular one for Disney characters! We also found Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast.

Lumiere Wall Art

And, of course, you can’t not include Remy in the France Pavilion!

Remy Wall Art

Remy is holding some raspberries, maybe getting ready to bake something delicious?

Remy Wall Art

Yup! Right across the way, Remy’s brother Emile is indulging in a delicious raspberry macaron.

Emile Wall Art

In the China Pavilion, Little Brother from Mulan is keeping busy chasing a bone on a stick!

Little Brother Wall Art

Nearby, Mushu and Crickee are cooking up all sorts of trouble!

Mushu Wall Art

The hidden characters around Epcot might just be one of our favorite elements of the Festival of the Arts! Were you able to spot them all?

Will you be visiting Epcot for the Festival of the Arts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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