Have You Noticed These Details in Each EPCOT World Showcase Pavilion?

Walt Disney World is a place full of magic — and much of that magic comes down to the details.

World Showcase Sunset

We love looking at the little details and intricate theming that goes into each and every part of Disney World, and EPCOT’s World Showcase is no exception. The World Showcase has some seriously amazing features; have you seen them all?

Have you noticed these three details in each World Showcase pavilion?

Mexico Pavilion

The Mexico pyramid is a blend of Mayan architecture, Aztec decorations, and Toltec artwork.

Mexico Pavilion

It’s always twilight inside the Mexico Pavilion because that is the time of day for gathering and socializing in Mexican culture.

Mexico Pavilion

In the lobby of the pyramid, the round stone tablet is a replica of the Mayan calendar.

Bride and Groom inside the Mexico pavilion

Norway Pavilion

The grass on the rooftops in Norway is real and meticulously maintained by the Disney horticulture staff.

Guests can meet Princess Anna and Queen Elsa from “Frozen” inside Royal Sommerhus, their cozy cabin in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot. [David Roark]
There is a replica of the Kuli Stone near the Stave Church. The real Kuli Stone is the oldest written record of Norway as a country.

Epcot Norway Viking f/16
Wooden sculpture of a Viking outside the Stave Church

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is inside a building that was designed to look like a real Norwegian fortress, complete with gun turrets.

Relaxation Station in Akershus

China Pavilion

The inside of the Temple of Heaven is acoustically perfect. You’ll be able to hear your voice echo right back to you inside.

China Pavilion

You may spot motifs of a dragon and a phoenix in this pavilion. These traditionally represent the emperor and the empress.

China Pavilion

The twelve pillars inside the Temple of Heaven represent the twelve months of the Chinese year.

Temple of Heaven

Germany Pavilion

On the hour, a giant cuckoo clock chimes in the back of the pavilion with two wooden children featured.

Germany Pavilion

The painted coats of arms outside of Biergarten represent the 16 different regions of Germany.

Germany Pavilion

Knocking on the mural-covered wall at the back of the Quick Service area will sound hollow. This was originally supposed to be the spot for this pavilion’s Rhine River Cruise ride!

Germany Pavilion

Italy Pavilion

One of the lighting features in Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar is made completely from recycled bottles.

Tutto Gusto

One of the kings adorning the pillars is holding a bowling ball. This is a nod to one of the Imagineers, a bowler, who helped work on the Pavilion.

Italy Pavilion

The fountain represents the God of the Sea, Neptune. Hmm… he wouldn’t happen to be related to King Triton, would he?

Italy Pavilion Fountain

The American Adventure Pavilion

The various scenes and animatronics in The American Adventure attraction are hidden underneath the audience when they’re not on stage.

The American Adventure

The clock at the top of the building features colonial numbers, though 4 is represented as IIII rather than IV. This was intended to make the time easier to read from a distance.

American Adventure

The building is one of the few in Disney World that uses forced perspective to look smaller than it is. It’s actually five stories tall and looks to be about three.

The American Adventure

Japan Pavilion

The pagoda has five stories meant to represent the five Buddhist elements (earth, water, fire, wind, and sky).


The statue to your right as you enter the pavilion was a gift from the government of Japan.

Japan Pavilion

Mitsukoshi Department Store is based on Japan’s original and oldest department store.


Morocco Pavilion

The walkway darkens between Morocco and France as a representation of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Morocco Pavilion

You can see the Tower of Terror in the distance behind the Morocco Pavilion. The attraction was painted the clay color to blend in with EPCOT’s existing structures.

Morocco Koutoubia Minaret with Clouds
Koutoubia Minaret (prayer tower) in the Morocco pavilion

Listen closely as you wander the pavilion; you may hear conversations between merchants and their customers.

Morocco Pavilion

France Pavilion

The bridge across to the U.K. pavilion represents crossing the English Channel.

France Pavilion

The Eiffel Tower features several bird-repelling techniques so that one doesn’t land on top and ruin the forced perspective illusion.

France Pavilion Construction

The green boxes along the river are designed just like ones that are displayed along the Seine in real Paris.

France Pavilion

United Kingdom Pavilion

Look up at the chimneys in this pavilion. They were painted with soot to look more realistic. Someone call Bert!

UK Pavilion

The Toy Soldier features an umbrella rack addressed to Mr. Banks, 17 Cherry Tree Ln., London.

United Kingdom Pavilion

When Imagineers named the Rose & Crown pub, they chose the two most common names used in British pub names.

Epcot Rose and Crown Backside
The Rose and Crown Pub restaurant

Canada Pavilion

Only one of the totem poles in this pavilion is real. It was carved by Tsimshian carver David Boxley and weighs approximately 700lbs.


The Hotel du Canada is only three stories tall but appears to be five stories due to the use of windows.

Canada Pavilion
Canada pavilion photographed from a Friendship boat

The landscaping in this pavilion changes over the course of the year to represent the nature and climate of Canada during the four seasons.

Victoria Gardens

What are your favorite EPCOT details? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I can’t wait until Disney World gets back to normal again. I haven’t been back in over 2 years. I was supposed to go in May of last year. But that is when it was closed. When we don’t have to wear face masks and it’s back to full capacity and the parades and fireworks are back then it will truly be back to being Disney World again. Then I am on my way to Disney again. All I do now is watch live streams and all ears videos about Disney World because I miss it so much. Thanks for giving us a taste of Disney World.