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Experience the diverse culture and unspoiled wilderness of our neighbors to the north. Turning right as you exit Future World to begin your tour of World Showcase you will enter the Canada Pavilion which showcases the Rockies, Furriers and Trappers and Indians. The landmark you will see is Hotel du Canada, patterned after the French Gothic design of the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa. Beautiful gardens, the Rocky Mountains, and a refreshing 30-foot waterfall are all part of the landscape of Canada!

The Canadian pavilion represents a variety of the cultures you would find when visiting, including Native Indian villages, a French-flavored chateau and the Scottish influence of the Maritimes.

There is a lot to enjoy at the Canada Pavilion including the beautiful Victoria Gardens, the Rocky Mountain Waterfalls and the Totem poles.

The landscaping also represents a variety of themes: evergreen and deciduous plants create a northern theme, elaborate floral displays are part of the Victoria Gardens and the plantings in the rock work form the backdrop for the area.


An updated "O Canada!" film in the Canada pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase debuted in September 2007. The 14-minute motion picture, presented in CircleVision 360, includes scenes highlighting Canada's natural beauty, cities and diverse populace, and is hosted by Canadian actor Martin Short.

Walt Disney Imagineers collaborated with the Canadian Tourism Commission on the film, which includes Canadian Idol winner Eva Avila singing the music of "O Canada!"

The movie opens in 360 degrees of swirling snow, with a voice-over announcer stating "fact" about Canada, such as it snows 24/7, most Canadians live in Igloos, and things of that nature. Then through the swirling snow appears Martin Short, who sets the announcer straight about Canada. The film then moves to a daytime scene of Niagara Falls (the Canadian side, obviously). From there it moves westward, with stops at various cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, the Canadian Rockies, the Enchanted Forest, back towards Quebec, Montreal, and interspersed with scenes from the old O Canada movie. The new movie then segues into the theme song Canada (You're a Lifetime Journey), and it features a montage of scenes from around Canada. After the theme song, the screen goes back to Short, who does a brief outro.

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Le Cellier offers sit-down dining featuring steaks and seafood paired with the wines and beers of Canada. The restaurant does not sell mixed drinks, only beer and wine.

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Musical groups perform on the outdoor stage periodically during the week. Check the times guide for details.


Be sure to walk through the Victoria Gardens to the Rockies and watch the waterfalls. It's near the back of the pavilion on the right side. It is cool and a quiet place to relax, especially in the heat of the summer.

CanadaDon't miss the fun photo op out front!

Want another quiet place to "Take 5"? Walk up the steps, go between the two shops to the back of the pavilion — you'll find a couple benches and very few people.

There is no seating in the movie theatre. You stand against lean rails as you watch the 360-degree movie. If 360 movies tend to make you dizzy, stand in the back.

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival – The Victoria Gardens, dazzling bedding plants and cascading color on the mountain highlights the flowers at Canada!

Epcot International Festival of the Holidays features storytellers in each country. In Canada, follow the Canadian Holiday Voyageurs on a musical tour exploring seasonal customs of the Great White North.

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Each of the World Showcase countries has a special "KIDCOT" area that provides an opportunity for your child to interact with a native of the country you are visiting.

Epcot Passports are great fun for kids as they have them stamped at each pavilion around World Showcase.

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Trading Post and Northwest Mercantile – Gifts representing Canada's frontier days including maple syrup items and lumberjack shirts.


canadaA crew of eight people spent more than two years researching, photographing, and editing the film, O Canada! The filming encompassed all the Canadian provinces during all four seasons of the year.

The Victoria Gardens were inspired by the famous Butchart Gardens near Victoria, British Columbia. A stand of maple trees has been planted adjacent to the gardens in honor of the country's national symbol.

Many young people from Canada work in the pavilion and help to explain their country to the world. Those included are students participating in the World Fellowship Program who study management and the hospitality industry under the direction of Disney professionals. These and others brought to Walt Disney World Resort through a unique cultural program are replaced by a new group of "ambassadors" each year.

The filming device used to create that "you are there" feeling in the O Canada movie includes a special five foot tall, 400 pound camera rig, comprising nine different 35mm cameras, arranged around a tubular shaft containing the motor that drives the mechanisms for all the cameras.

The Rocky Mountains section was created using Forced Perspective. The plants at the bottom are much bigger than the ones at the top, in fact, the higher you go, the smaller the plants. This makes the Rockies look larger and taller than they really are.

How do you show a Canadian winter in Florida? Disney horticulturists plant all white flowers during winter months to give the appearance of snow on the ground. As spring approaches, white flowers remain in shaded areas (to look like lingering snow) and are replaced in the central areas with colors.

Originally a cafeteria style restaurant, Le Cellier became a Steakhouse in July 1997.


Off Kilter Celtic Rock Band in CanadaThe original "O Canada" was a 17-minute CircleVision 360 film that provided you with breathtaking views of the countryside. There were more than 50 scenes of people, places and events in the movie including: Gulf Island British Columbia, Calgary Stampede, a toboggan run in Quebec City, Changing of the Guard at Parliament, Fife and Drums in Ontario, the Vancouver harbor and much more. Click here for a listing of all 56 scenes. Shows were approximately every 20 minutes. The movie was replaced in September 2007.

Off Kilter was retired at the end of September 2014, much to the dismay of their loyal fans.