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While the real Morocco is located on the westernmost tip of north Africa, Epcot’s Morocco pavilion is located between France and Japan. From across the World Showcase Lagoon, the Koutoubia Minaret (prayer tower) can be seen towering over the pavilion.

Morocco Pavilion from across World Showcase Lagoon

The showcase re-creates the architecture and atmosphere of this famed northern African kingdom. Three cities are represented: Casablanca, Fez, and Marrakesh. The landscape is dominated by plants of economic importance, a reflection of the integral role agriculture plays in this country.

Morocco was added to World Showcase in September 1984.



Gallery of Arts and History – Often overlooked, this is a wonderful display of the science, music and technology of Morocco. From the outside, the door looks like an ordinary heavy wood door. However once you enter the Gallery and look back through the door to the outside, you will see the beautiful stained glass.

The doors to the Gallery really shine at night.

The current exhibit in the Gallery of Arts and History is called Race Against the Sun. Click here to view the gallery and learn more about terrific physical feats completed in the hot Moroccan desert.

Race Against the Sun

Fez House – To the right of the Gallery is the Fez House which represents a typical Moroccan home. There are beautiful mosaic tiles, carvings, and artifacts from daily life. If you are quiet when you approach the fountain, you just might hear children playing in the distance.

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Restaurant Marrakesh offers traditional Moroccan cuisine and live entertainment, including a belly dancer. Lunch and dinner are served. Advance Dining Reservations are accepted here but are often unnecessary.

Restaurant Marrakesh

Tangierine Cafe is a small open air cafe offering sandwiches, humus, vegetarian platters and desserts. Inside the Tangierine Cafe you will also find a Moroccan coffee and pastry counter.

Tangierine Cafe

Spice Road Table is a Mediterranean-inspired Table Service eatery serving small plates and more. Indoor and outdoor seating is available. A “juice bar” serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is next to Spice Road. Spice Road Table accepts ADRs, and they are recommended (particularly for dining during the nighttime shows on World Showcase Lagoon, which can be seen from the restaurant).

Spice Road Table

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Musical groups perform on the outdoor stage periodically during the week. Check the Times Guide for details.

Music in Morocco

Meet with Jasmine at the Lamps of Wonder in the back of the pavilion area.

Jasmine can be found in Morocco (though usually not with Aladdin)


Morocco and the United States have a very long relationship dating back to the 1700s. Morocco was the first country to recognize the United States as a separate nation. In the lobby of Restaurant Marrakesh there are letters from George Washington and the Moroccan King.

Spend some time examining the intricate tile work throughout the pavilion.

Tile work in Morocco is exquisite

Go into the back section of the Morocco pavilion. You will forget you are standing in Epcot.

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival – Fruits and Spices! The highlights in Morocco include a sea of golden marigolds and the All Spice and Lemon All Spice trees.

Epcot International Festival of the Holidays features storytellers in each country. In Morocco, a storyteller shares festival and holiday traditions.

Morocco Storytellers Sign


Each of the World Showcase Countries has a special “KIDCOT” area which provides an opportunity for your child to interact with a native of the country you are visiting.

Epcot Passports are great fun for kids as they have them stamped at each pavilion around World Showcase.

Aladdin and Jasmine meet guests in the Lamps of Wonder (VIDEO)

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Souk-al-Magreb – Baskets, brass items, jewelry, leather.


Casablanca Carpets – Handmade carpeting, textiles.

Carpets and Textiles

Marketplace in The Medina – Baskets, wicker lamps, leather goods, furniture.

Morocco appears a maze of markets

Medina Arts – Woodcrafts, musical instruments, clothing.

Brass Bazaar – Brass collectibles

Morocco Bazarr
The Brass Bazaar

Tangier Traders – Clothing

Clothing in Morocco


Morocco is the only country in World Showcase sponsored fully by the government and not a corporation.

The Islamic religion prohibits artistic depiction of live objects; therefore, Muslim artists have developed a unique style of abstract design. Rather than plants, animals, and people often found in Western art, Islamic decoration consists of detailed geometric patterns represented in the tile walls and carved plaster of the buildings.

Morocco Details

The prayer tower, at the entrance of the pavilion, is a detailed replica of the Katoubia Minaret that stands in Marrakesh.

The buildings have great religious significance, and so lights from the nighttime fireworks show on World Showcase Lagoon are not on the Moroccan pavilion buildings.

The Bab Boujouloud gate (see photo), which divides the ville nouvelle (new city) and Medina (old city), is modeled after a gateway in the city of Fez.

Bab Boujeloud Gate in HDR 2
Bab Boujeloud, main gate to the ancient City of Fez duplicated in the Morocco pavilion

The King of Morocco sent his royal craftsmen to lay all the tile work, carvings, and paintings in the pavilion.

There is an ancient working water wheel that irrigates the gardens of the pavilion.

Water wheel in Morocco

In 2014, the long-running Mo Rockin’ group was retired from entertaining in Epcot.

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