Will the Train to Disney World Make Up for No Magical Express?

If you’re in tune with Disney World news, then you likely know that Disney’s Magical Express has officially retired.

You will be missed, Magical Express!

As 2022 starts, guests will be searching for new ways to travel between the airport and Disney property, and there are already a few solutions in the works. One of those solutions is a high-speed railway being built by Brightline, but will it make up for the loss of the beloved Magical Express?

What Did Magical Express Offer?

Magical Express offered free transportation to your Disney World Resort from the airport, and then a ride back to the airport at the end of your vacation. This service only ran to MCO (Orlando International Airport) and Disney-owned resorts. The bus ride was pretty accommodating for most guests, and they even used to offer luggage services and Resort Airline Check-In.

Disney’s Magical Express

What Will the Train Be Like?

First of all, the Brightline line from MCO to Disney World was originally thought to be complete in 2023, but that timeline has since been pushed back to 2026. The proposed plan includes a station at Disney Springs, where guests would then be able to transport to their respective hotels. The Brightline train trip wouldn’t be free, as guests would likely be required to purchase their own tickets for a ride. Buying those tickets could add an unexpected cost to your trip.


Also, you’ll probably need to pick up and deal with your own luggage when riding the train. And while Magical Express was easy to set up for your vacation, this new system might not be as simple…even if Disney forms a partnership with Brightline. Keep in mind that the whole process will take more time than Magical Express, considering the fact that there are more steps involved.


What Are Your Other Options?

So what if you don’t want to ride the train? What are your other options? Well, let’s start with the simplest — Mears Connect and Sunshine Flyer. Both are offering a paid version of Magical Express starting in the new year, and they’re probably as close as we’ll get to the old system. If you don’t want to do that, you could instead use a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft, rent a car, or use a private car service. But keep in mind, these other services will still cost you extra money and you may need to work out problems in advance — like how to get a car seat.

Mears Coach Bus

Will the Train Be Better?

So, will the train be better? Let’s just say that it will definitely be a unique experience and probably fun for the kiddos (and adults!) who don’t get to ride trains often. However, it’s going to be pretty challenging to beat a free service like Magical Express with all its perks. Especially when Magical Express would drop you off directly at your hotel!


We look forward to learning more about the train coming to Disney World, and we hope that it will be a good offering for the guests. As we get more details, we’ll share them with you, so stay tuned to AllEars!

Click Here to Get More Details on the Brightline Train!

Would you ride the train? Tell us in the comments!

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9 Replies to “Will the Train to Disney World Make Up for No Magical Express?”

  1. Everyone is behaving as if there is now no way to get to the resort. Mears Connect is basically DME. It’s the same operator, probably the same buses, maybe even the same drivers. It’ll probably be the same check-in at MCO.

  2. Exactly like the author and other commenters say, even after you get off the train, you’ll still have to get to your resort on an internal bus with all your luggage, party members, etc. Sounds like a poor substitute for the motorcoach directly to your resort’s front door.

  3. I can only imagine the train would take forever!! At least with the buses there is a possibility of only waiting 5-10 minutes. Trains will probably take hours, then you still have to get to your resort, carrying all your stuff along the way. While it would be cool (no doubt), just seems like way more hassle. No train for me.

  4. Why do you write about this now? It’s at least 4 years away. So the guests should just forget all about DME because Brightline is right around the corner? I don’t see there being any way to try and make it look like this will be more convenient than any other form of transportation. The Mears bus service will cost more, maybe even twice as much. But load the luggage and the kids just once each way and you won’t have to wait longer than, what is it, 20 minutes or something for the bus even if it makes multiple stops. The ALLEARS folks love to play the tourist giving guests the heads up on what it is going to be like. So why don’t they send reporters to a few different places like Allentown, Pa or Minot, SD and a few others, do all the planning and make all the reservations and, take four kids, several pieces of luggage and try heading down to a relaxing, stress free vacation in Walt Disney World? Get to your room, get up the next morning at 6:30AM to make your first Lightning Lane reservation. Then , instead of looking at the happy faces of your kids, spend the rest of the day looking at your phone. Try that a couple times, better yet try it with a kid who has autism or ADHD, or is exhausted at 2 or 3 PM after walking 6 or 7 miles and has a meltdown in front of Splash Mountain. And try to paint a happy face on all that. I dare you!

    1. Yeah a train that goes to Disney Springs is supposed to help people arriving at the airport get to their resort. With luggage & kids in tow. Once there you still have to find a way to get to your resort & Disney busses aren’t ment to transport all the luggage for guest transporting to a resort…is Disney going to buy new busses to handle this situation…doubt that. So please Explain to me how the train is even remotely a viable option? Be honest the train to DS is A-years from being a reality & B- completely unsuitable for guests trying to get to a resort.

      Now if Disney would again start picking up guests luggage at the resort for them(& taking it to the airport for the return trip) as they used to do this may be an option…but until then don’t pretend that it is.

    2. Not going to risk free complementary entrance by going negative on the place their promoting as s vacation spot.

      Relief is on the way, mabey !

      The self-inflicted chaos of booking your transportation to their resort by throwing their cost analysis issues at you, so you can resolve that issue. All they have to concentrate on is getting you in their rooms and getting you to their bubble. Your travel issues are your problem.

      Cost cutting to make back losses they absorbed from a public health crisis ( like 99% of society absorbed ) shifting costs to customers to breakeven overtime. Then when they have made back their losses, the cutting of service and shift of fees then becomes pure profit from unloaded expenditures continue on the backs of paying customers.

      So either you pay to play or rebel !

    3. Why are you upset with AllEars? They didn’t take away Magical Express and Fast Passes. It sounds like you are upset with Disney. All Ears is just letting everyone know what the pros and cons are.

  5. I am from Texas – been to Disney World 82 times. The luggage pickup to Disney was great with the yellow tags. That was deleted and now the Magical Express – Disney is milking everyone now. The average person will never be every to afford a trip to Disney. SAD