Disney World’s Magical Express Service to Be Discontinued in 2022

Many changes have come to Disney World in the past year.

Walt Disney World Entrance

With health and safety procedures like temperature checks, new security systems at the parks, modified Park Hopping, and the introduction of Disney Park Pass, things look quite different than they did at the beginning of 2020. Policies are changing for Disney resort guests as well, as MagicBands are no longer free, and Extra Magic Hours haven’t been available since the parks reopened. Now, there’s yet another change for Disney resort guests — Disney’s Magical Express is coming to an end!

Beginning January 1st, 2022, Disney’s Magical Express will no longer be available for transportation to and from the MCO airport. The service will continue to be available throughout 2021 but will end with the start of next year.

Disney’s Magical Express at MCO

Complimentary transportation will still be available within the Walt Disney World resort, such as the buses, monorail, and Disney Skyliner. A Disney spokesperson has told AllEars that while the Minnie Van service still does not have a return date currently set, they hope to bring back the option in the future.

Disney’s Magical Express

For those looking to travel between the Orlando International Airport and Disney World in the future, there is some good news — Brightline plans to open a rail station at both Disney Springs and the Orlando International Airport.

Brightline Train

A Disney spokesperson had the following to say about the end of Magical Express in a statement: “As consumer needs and preferences change, we will no longer offer Disney’s Magical Express service starting with arrivals in 2022. At the same time, we’re also introducing new ways for guests to enjoy their visits, including early theme park entry for Disney Resort hotel guests.

Magic Kingdom

We’ll make sure to update you on any more details pertaining to this announcement, so keep an eye on AllEars for the latest Disney news!

Brightline Announces Potential Opening Date for Disney Springs Rail Station!

Have you used Magical Express before? Let us know in the comments!

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109 Replies to “Disney World’s Magical Express Service to Be Discontinued in 2022”

  1. Major problem with this train idea….first you have to drag your luggage through the airport to where the train will be…it isn’t right there. Then when you get to Springs you have to get your luggage off the train and walk a long distance with your luggage to get to the buses where they are located in Springs…nowhere near the train…next problem? The Disney buses at Springs are not equipped for luggage….they do not have compartments underneath ….so people are going to put all their luggage in the bus where exactly?

  2. Very sorry to hear about this decision, we have always found this the most convenient way to get to the parks from the airport. When we went to Disney with my elderly, wheelchair bound Mother it was wonderful not to worry about our luggage and just devote our attention to Mama. The last time we went to Disney with our niece and nephew and their 3 children (ages 4 to 7), the Magic Bus was a life saver not having to struggle with luggage and herding super excited children experiencing their 1st trip to Disney. Disney really needs to rethink this decision it does not help keep the trip magical.

  3. We will no longer be flying to Disney because of the Magical Express cancellation. After 40+ years of going to Disney, we have lots of other places to spend our money on. Too bad!

  4. Well that’s disappointing. Working on planning our first DW vacation and now having to factor in transportations means we with won’t be staying on property or won’t be spending as much on food and souvenirs. Seems like a silly decision on Disney’s part.

    1. Yes, definitely lowers the value proposition of staying in their resorts. Will lead to folks visiting other places rather than staying just at Disney for their trip.

  5. To me, this is like each time you go to the ice cream parlor and order a Sundae, the cherry doesn’t come with it, then the chocolate sauce, then the sprinkles, then the whipped cream. Finally, you’re left with only vanilla ice cream, but they’re still charging you for a Sundae.

  6. I have let this sink in and read all the comments on this in a couple of threads. And I have to wonder if DVC membership has gotten to the point where Disney can back away and not feel any pain? I mean….for DVC members the conference room calculation may have gone something like: “They have invested a lot of money in their memberships. What are they going to do, pay for this and go somewhere else on vacation? We have them right where we want them.” Memberships begin to ‘expire’ in 2042 or there about. Watch as Disney all of a sudden in 2040 starts to come up with lots of perks to get people to sign up again. If I knew back then, when I originally signed on the dotted line, what I know now…..

  7. We cannot believe they are taking all the magical reasons for visiting WDW and staying on property away. It is way tooo sad…no magic bands with your room, no great baggage care from our local airport check-in to departure from Orlando airport, no free parking for a rental car at your resort. What else will go?

  8. Just for the record. I have sent comments in the past to Guest Services about Covid questions, DVC questions, Magic band questions and the like. In each one of those situations I got a response that my question or comment was being taken very seriously and someone would get back to me ASAP. And they did. 8 days ago I wrote Guest Services about Disney’s decision to discontinue the Magical Express (and the luggage service before that). I have not heard a single word from Disney since. Am I surprised? Not in the least. Disappointed? Absolutely.

  9. We have always used the magical express it made our trip so convenient and having your luggage delivered to your room was so nice and then also back to airport without worry of luggage …it was a part of the Disney experience and our family will definitely miss it … not sure what we will do when we go again ..hopefully they’ll offer some new transportation

  10. THIS IS NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!! So now, if we fly into Orlando, we have to take a taxi, uber, or a train that will go to other cities before we get to Disney Springs…..If we are staying at, say, Grand Floridian, how do we get there from Disney Springs?….more costs to our vacation is how!!!
    If this is how Disney is going to operate in the future, we will NOT be going back to Disney World. This is just another thing that Disney has taken away that makes the trip special to our family! Having the magic express taken away will not just effect Disney but also airlines. That was the beauty of flying to Disney ……get to Orlando quickly….hop on the ME and be able to get to our resort and the parks quickly. The cost for Disney is already sky-high and we can not afford another cost to our family for a Disney trip.

    1. I agree. We have a short stay planned for Aug 2021 so I am happy to hear that ME will still be running, but I fear this will be our last stay on Disney property. Having that convenient and free transportation to a hotel that costs more than others in the Orlando area (even the value resorts!) makes the cost worth it. A cheaper hotel with a rental car and parking fees may now end up to be a better deal for us. The only remaining perk I can see (especially as they take away extra magic hours) is being able to book fast passes 60 days in advance rather than 30 days. I’m not even sure what the fast pass situation looks like now and what it will look like in Aug.

  11. This article is now on page 5 of the All Ears news thread. And it is still drawing comments. Are you paying attention, Disney?

    1. If you haven’t, comment on the parks blog page about this. It’s over 300 comments and only 1 or 2 are positive.

  12. With Brightline’s recent announcement about rail stations at MCO & Disney Springs, maybe Disney will contract with Brightline for an alternative mode of transportation after ME is discontinued.

    1. The question is will Brightline operate like an intercity passenger train or like a subway? How often will the trains run? You signed up for DME prior to travel. They knew who was coming, the flight you were taking with arrival time how many in the party, and what resort you were going to. The buses could be scheduled accordingly. Will the train operate in a similar fashion? Does anyone think Disney did this and had no idea what the reaction would be? A great deal of angst and hard feelings could have been avoided by making the announcement with “We know this will be hard on our loyal customers, but here is how we hope to make the change easier on our guests….”. Instead they just threw it out there in a here you go fashion.

  13. Disney has been taking away everything that makes staying in a resort hotel special. Starting with stopping the complementary luggate tags – it was a small thing but getting luggage tags and then magic bands built anticipation for the trip. The things that make staying on property worth a significantly higher price are almost all gone. The last time we went, we stayed at a nice condo that cost much less. We took Uber to the parks which didn’t actually cost that much and was quicker and less hassle than using Disney busses. When we left, we decided that it was still worth paying more to stay at a Disney hotel because of all the magical extras. Without extra magic evening hours, magic bands, Magical Express and dining plan and fast pass options, what is the point of paying so much more?

  14. I live in Michigan and I’ve used the Magical Express numerous times while staying at Disney World. I think this is a huge mistake. I didn’t rent a car because of ME and you had me and my $$ locked in. I loved arriving in Orlando and immediately the magic started. So sad…I understand the need to cut corners but I think this expense paid for itself in the long run. Disney is losing the magic that made it special. It is a shame because my grandchildren love Disney because I took them and we stayed on site. It is getting too pricey for the average person.

  15. I made many trips with my spry but elderly aunt to Disney World. The luggage handling service was the best part of the Magical Express. I can’t imagine lugging my suitcase, her suitcase, our carry-on, my purse, my coat, etc. through the airport to a train station while still needing a hand free to help her. This is a big loss for people traveling with elderly or disabled companions, and I’m sure for families with children too.

    1. You are correct…but….it may take a while, but, the big loser is going to be Disney. Their prices are already so high and you add all the extra charges you are going to be hit with, it is not reasonable to even consider Disney as a vacation now.
      They are still making billions but the greed “to make a few more dollars” is what will hurt them down the line

  16. I think the last straw is on its way—It seems we continue to lose parts that make Disney a great retreat. I understand the revenue drain and the need to address those issues–however, Disney is taking away the magic piece by piece–if this posture continues, WDW will become just another theme park–it appears that we need a change in leadership–whats going on reminds me of the days of Ron Miller—my parting wish is stay customer focused!!!!!! Thanks, Tom

  17. Is this what Walt would have wanted? Happiness and a magical feeling in your heart was his MANTRA….NOT obstacle courses to navigate, especially for us seniors, families and everyone who still believes in Walt’s dream. Build it and they will come…and that’s why it’s called the “magical express”. The magic begins on the bus! PLEASE RECONSIDER

  18. This is so sad. I don’t know how this is deemed to not be a need anymore. This is all I’ve ever used and it has always been packed. It was part of the magic. You can get there and forget about your worries right from the airport. And as far as them saving money, if I must now rent a vehicle I will not be dining in the parks as often as I will have the means to leave and spend less money without a huge wait for dining, especially with the dining plans removed. Have they considered that at all?!

  19. I travel to other destinations but I make multiple WDW trips yearly due to the convenience factors like ME, resort airline check in with baggage handling, resort delivery of purchases, etc. The elimination of the perks that make a WDW trip easy (as well as the current trend towards forcing one to be constantly tied to a smart phone) has me re-evaluating allocating my vacation time and dollars towards maybe one Disney trip a year instead.

  20. What a shame. It was a nice perk of staying on property & made life so much easier not having to rent a car. Anytime I was there the buses were always full.

    They keep taking things away & people including myself will find more all inclusive vacations to spend my thousands of dollars on.

  21. Very upsetting- just paid off our dvc, which we love. Why not keep Magical Express and charge a fee? I would pay for it – the vacation begins there!

    1. I agree with keeping it and just adding a fee. My family is 12 people. It would be a nightmare to arrange alternate transportation for all of us.

  22. This is so sad. Knowing our luggage was leaving us in Wisconsin and would end up at our hotel was awesome. WE loved our ride on the bus and not having to worry about anything at all was wonderful.

  23. The Express was a great advantage when considering a cruise line. Without it we will have to consider another line. Sad that something used by so many will disappear.

    1. Disney is losing visitors with each cutback the magic is disappearing and will never be the same – we have visited twice a year for over 20 years – no more sad to say

  24. Before you know it, there will be no guests at Disney. Use your heads Disney – don’t take away Magical Express. You will lose more money with people deciding not to visit WDW then you will save by eliminating Magical Express.

  25. This probably ends us going to Disney World, or at the very least – staying at a Disney Resort. What is the advantage besides making advance dining reservations? Extra Magic Hours are going (to be replaced with only Early Admission). The Dining Plan’s rising costs and fading benefits made them not worth it a few years back… Really – why would I pay the extra to stay in Disney? I get more value, more perks and free parking staying off-site. HOW DO WE as a group do a mass deluge of complaints to Disney letting them know how much this is angering it’s fan base?

  26. Very unwise decision by Disney. Not sure if it is just greed, or something else. But people expect premium service when they are paying premium prices.

  27. Our family, kids and now grandkids, (now 14 of us) have vacationed at WDW for 30 years. We are DVC members and have greatly enjoyed our Disney family vacations. However, the magic is steadily fading and the loss of Magical Express may be the final Take away for us. We are scheduled to visit WDW for 7 days early June this year but It may be our last visit, sadly. We are invested greatly in time, money and emotionally.

  28. One aspect I have thought about is this: Disney is blaming the changes associated with Covid for this. Does anyone think that things will be like they are now in 2022? Mark my words, the parks will be packed in 2022, social distancing will be a luxury not a mandate, and the profit margin for Disney will be through the roof once again. I wonder how many smiles Disney is willing to give up? And when you are leaving Disney for the return home and you are tired and you have to drag your bags and the kids and find a way to the airport, will the thought “That was a blast. Can’t wait to do all this again” be rolling around your brain? Just wrote an email to WDW guest relations to remind them Mickey doesn’t look good with two big shiners that were self inflicted.

  29. So Sorry to hear this news. We are DVC members who must fly to Orlando. We normally visit WDW two times each year with our extended family of 6-8 people. We really appreciate the baggage handling to our room and free transportation to and from our resort.

  30. It certainly seems very shortsighted on the part of Disney to discontinue Magical Express. We have used it more times, than I can count. Over the last 20 years, we have driven to Disney World once! We fly into Orlando and take the Magical Express to our onsite Hotel and spend the majority if not all our time on Disney property. Didn’t have to worry about luggage, especially great when the kids were little. I hope Disney will rethink this decision.

  31. A Disney vacation used to begin the minute you got to the airport. Drop off your luggage at the counter, take a nice big deep cleansing breath, take your children by the hand, and have a magical time. I get it. the pandemic changed everything. Disney lost a lot of money. But so did everyone else. The pandemic will come to an end. Disney has now cut all the perks of a Disney vacation. Now this. Oh you can take a train. Really? How often will they run? Every hour? It changes everything. They want $100 + for a one day park pass. DME was figy=ured into your vacation price. So will the cost of a room drop? Not a chance. One of the things I would say to people who asked me about being a DVC member was : It is not cheap. But Disney treats you special. The Disney Way was what I would say to them. Now what do I tell them? This may have been a cost cutting measure, yes. But profit can be regained. Good will and the allegiance of your most loyal customers , once lost, will not be so easy to regain. Hang on while I let the smoke clear from my ears.

  32. This is the most upsetting PERK Disney has taken away. This will end my many yearly visits to Disney because as a senior the luxury of leaving your luggage at the airport and arriving in your room at Disney was truly a convenience. I will not be lugging my bags around and scrambling to get transportation. Disney has eliminated just about everything which made a trip to Disney Magical. Makes you wonder if they really want to have people continue to go to Disney. I will make my final trips in 2021…. and then I’m out. VERY SAD.

  33. One thing no one has mentioned yet is that families will now need to bring car seats on their vacations and lug those around on top of their luggage. Uber and Lyfts won’t have them.

  34. We’ve been DVC members for about 12 years and I’ve personally gone since 1972. This removes the last bit of value of staying at WDW. We haven’t gone in about 5 years due to the slow chipping away of magic and perks, but I have to say I can’t see us going back in the future because it won’t get any better.
    Iger and Chapek have no idea about guest experience.

  35. We come from Toronto every year. My boys gasped when I told them…”What? No cartoons? … That was the best part!” And for me…the luggage magically arriving in room was priceless. This really is a deal breaker for us.

  36. I experienced schlepping our own luggage through the MCO airport recently. It was a burden. It was truly the Nightmare Before Christmas. I saw many families trying to pull heavy suitcases , wrangling an overloaded stroller and keeping their little ones in tow.It’s a long walk to get on the Magical Express. I knew this was only a temporary situation , so we endured it. Now, shockingly, Disney is taking away the complimentary service completely. No more convenient transportation and luggage service. We loved it. We want it back. Period. Isn’t enduring standing in line for thirty minutes just to get into the Mexico pavilion bad enough? How about having only one door to enter a multi block emporium? Standing in line twenty minutes just to get into anywhere is the norm. I don’t even mind the masks for now. Disney World has become inconvenient. Different. Cast members watching, always watching. No one connected with smiles, or facial expressions. It takes a full measure of patience. It could be worse. It could be Disneyland, seemingly shut down forever.

  37. I just sent an email to Disney.

    I just read on All Ears website that you are discontinuing the Magical Express Service in 2022, this is beyond disappointing. We have been to WDW every December from when my son was in first grade thru his senior year of high school and just came back this December after being away for 7 years. We LOVE Disney Magical Express and the convenience and fun of the ride to/from the resort. Yes, I have taken ride shares and town cars to Universal when we have stayed there, but the Magical Express service was a huge onsite perk that was looked forward to once you arrived at the airport. To remove this service from guests and those jobs from employees is extremely disappointing. I am sending this email in hopes this is shared with anyone who cares, mainly upper management that makes this type of financial mistake decision.

  38. A train to Disney Springs, then a resort bus to your DVC property. Try that as a family of 4 with a week’s worth of luggage. Then repeat when leaving. Oh, and the extra early hours at the parks – they’ve had this for years. But now it’s a new perk?

    Disney – wake up – you’re not fooling anyone!! The magic is draining out of WDW!!

  39. Wow!!!!!! I don’t even know what to say. This is BEYOND disappointing not only to us guests, but also to the employees losing their jobs. I never rent a car and have always used this service. Beyond disappointed in this decision.

  40. This news is super disappointing!! Magical Express & Extra Magic Hours were the top reasons I chose to stay on Disney property rather than at an offsite hotel (most of which offer free shuttle service to all of the parks for WAY cheaper). At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney starts charging people for fastpasses whenever they decide to bring it back since it seems like they are trying to cut every possible cost. This really has left a bitter taste in my mouth and I don’t think I will be visiting Disney anytime soon. It sucks because I was really hoping to plan another trip once covid is over and the Canada-USA border reopens. (I live in Canada)

  41. This is it, the last straw. Over the last several years management has eliminated most of the things that made WDW and being a DVC member so wonderful. We’ve lost the Malestrom, Artists Point, Mizner’s, the Grand Floridian Orch. and now the Magical Express! This is clearly a greedy and shortsighted way to save/make more money. I’m really disgusted and appalled, and as a DVC member, going to make my outrage known. I would urge all others to contact member services as well. I see a lot fewer trips to WDW in the future.

  42. This is another reason I will not be able to visit WDW. I don’t drive so would have to take a Taxi or other services. They are so expensive. I had thought about come in 2021 but without a meal plan and now no bus service, I just can’t do it. Very Sad.

  43. How is this even a financially good decision? If I have a car, I am no longer trapped in the Disney bubble. And “hotel guests will have an early admission “ perk. Isn’t that called “ extra magic hours”? Disney is becoming less and less magical; I may soon reach the age of not believing and replace annual trips to magical world I fell in love with as a child with strolls down memory lane in a Disney photo album.

  44. Please don’t end magical express! It is such a huge benefit to our large family that flies. To not have to get out luggage. Oh and getting back to the airport, we had to do that once, recently , $150!!!!! And that wasn’t even all of us.
    We fly southwest solely for the luggage perks, we use the magical express solely to take is to our favorite place. It is such a huge perk for our family.
    I am the mom of seven and grandma to nine. We can’t do Uber/Lyft. We’ve used mears before for other trips, the problem is that we arrive at different times, from different places. I know mears is the contractor for magical express.
    I pray you can find away to keep this service in the next year. In the meantime we will use it in Oct.
    please reconsider ending magical express.
    Thank you for your time.

  45. Seems anything that made Disney easier or less expensive is going away. What are they giving us in exchange…Less hours higher prices longer lines. I have chosen Disney for 25 plus years because of the convenience of Magical Express to and from the airport full park days plenty to do. Now it seems take away limit hours raise prices and smile while they take it all away. Just wait the Free buttons they give out will soon cost you $5.99

  46. In the last trips we made, we have never used the Magical Express, and we didn’t rent a car either. There are various limos that will take your party to your hotel from the airport and do the return trip. I’ve never used Lyft or Uber, but I have to imagine they are options also.

    We tend to use Happy Limo. In our last trip in 2015, it was $66 each way (plus of course adding a tip for the driver) for a private SUV just for the 3 of us. In addition to the normal trip, you can have the limo driver stop at a Publix store along the way for 15 minutes, so you can get things like snacks or water that you don’t want to pack or pay Disney prices.

    So figure the cost might have gone up, perhaps to $100 each way (for 4 people) and a $20 tip. I’m sure Mears will still run the service, and it may be cheaper than the limos.

    From afar, the main advantage of ME, was you didn’t have to pick up your bags — they would be automatically routed to Mears. And similarly, when you exit, you just drop off the bags at the check-in. However, according to the various guide books, you might not have access to the bags for several hours, so you needed to pack whatever you needed for the first day in your carry on luggage. In addition you needed to check in for the return trip something like 2-3 hours before the pickup. In addition, you are traveling on a bus with other people. I generally get a migraine when I’m on the plane, and having another leg of the trip with people would be agony. These are serious disadvantages to me, but perhaps not to most people.

    1. How “Happy” will you be with your limo service when there are hundreds of families competing for a ride. Have you ever seen the sheer number of people who go through the ME area at MCO?

  47. This will change the way I feel about Disney. Going way to far with eliminating things. I have been going there almost every year since 1990. Even now, am overlooking the magic band cost, no parades or fireworks less offerings everywhere.My heart goes out to all businesses trying to survive, and to support them I am willing to travel even now. In the past one of the main reasons we chose Disney over Universal EVERY year was because of the conveniece with the bus and cost to arrive and depart. We dont take a car to Disney because we do not leave the property , so eliminating the bus is very disappointing. Hope it is reconsidered. That is going to far. Thanks

  48. I really love the magical express such a fun way to ease into and out of the disney zone. The drivers are always amazing and knowing that ride is there makes air travel much more pleasant. I’m going to miss it and really hope dosney thinks twice about this 🙁

  49. As changes at Disney go this one makes me the most angry especially because it is not a temporary change. All the comments have already said this, but the disney resorts cost….a lot more than other Orlando area resorts and in the past I paid up because the free and easy transportation balanced it out. But if I’m going to have to pay for an uber anyway I might as well save money on my resort. And most Orlando resorts offer attraction shuttle services soooo…the train solution while is probably more sustainable and eco friendly maybe shouldn’t got to disney springs? What a hellish place to try to navigate with who knows how much luggage? Some people stay for weeks at a time!

  50. This might be the most short sighted idea ever and is the straw that is breaking the bank for me. Especially concerning that this comes as a Disney Shareholder seeing the stock at all time highs. At this point they have cut most things they can and have people planning the minutes of their trip with Fast Passes and the dining months in advance. How do I know where I want to eat 6 months in advance. Worse is they keep raising the ticket pricing and reducing the value. With that said we are the idiots who keep paying more for less. Before COVID they trimmed park hours and made more event based tickets and the park was still packed. Looks like less time at Disney if I have a car to see other sites.

  51. How do they expect you to get to your resort? Rent a car? Pay the overnight parking fee. When we go to Disney it’s to get away from traffic, not have to worry about driving to and from anywhere. Hauling luggage through the airport and carrying it to our room. The bus ride is fun and you get to see other resort along the way. Putting in a light rail from the airport to the shopping center won’t help those of us needing to get to the resorts, really? What are we suppose to do, ride it to the shopping center and get on a bus to the resort with our luggage? Have you ever ridden a bus from the center to a resort or tried to get on one a certain times? Crazy. Disney is shooting themselves in the foot with this crazy idea. When 2022 starts who’s to say this “Covid” will still be around. Let’s pray that we won’t have to wear mask, the Parks are back to 100% and Disney has come to their senses. If they continue with these crazy ideas they are going to keep pushing families who depend on the Magical Express away. Renting a car, taking a Uber or Lyft or other transportation from the airport is expensive and a family who plans and saves for their trip needs the Magical Express. Please Disney, think again about taking this treasure away from those of us who love it.

  52. This is by far the most negative feedback I have seen about a policy change that I have ever seen on this site.

    Everyone should contact Disney directly to let them know their displeasure.

  53. All Disney Vacation Club members should contact the office to discuss getting out of their contract. Without the convenience of bus service to and from the resort, luggage transfer and airline baggage service on departure, the DVC has diminished the value of the time-share investment. Perhaps current members might discourage family and friends from purchasing DVC shares. I strongly suggest contacting DVC as this is a huge cash flow resource for Disney, it feeds the parks!

  54. I don’t see how they can say it’s consumers preference when, I’m sure most consumers love the magical express. It’s so sad, that was one of the best parts of staying on property. Now we not only have to pay higher prices but now we have to also find out own way from the airport. Wow, not smart Disney. They just keep taking away everything that makes it magical.I feel like it’s for their own benefit not the consumers. I would even pay a service fee to still have them do it. That was one of the things that made staying at the resorts amazing. No magical express, dining plans, magic hours, or fireworks. Can you still have you shopping sent back to your room at least? Why not save money and stay off property.

  55. What else is Disney going to cut out? The bus and luggage to Disney has always been easy and helpful for all families.Do they realize that there will be Chaos if everyone has to rent cars and how much traffic that this will cause.How many more jobs are going to be lost? A train with people have to carry luggage through airport with small children? Has anyone really thought this through? Why not charge a family a fee of $5.00 to take the bus.I think people will pay ! It’s supposed to be The Happiest Place on Earth! All these changes are only making people think twice about going to Disney! There are a lot of family places to go and it feels like Disney is pushing people away!

    1. The Magical Express was started in 2005 , Before that Disney had no included transportation from the airport to Disney World and there was no Chaos we just paid for a ride from Mears to get there, and it was actually quicker getting there but that’s expected when you pay for the ride. Mears was there long before Disney had them doing the Magical Express for them and they will still have their jobs doing it for a fee from travelers again and a Train Ride to the Parks is coming too so the sky is not falling Chicken Little.
      We loved the Magical Express too and are not happy with all the cuts and higher charges and we will not be going anymore for all the cutback and money grab reasons not just because they are going back to how it was for transport before 2005.

        1. I don’t like the charge for parking either, especially since you already pay enough to stay at the resort. If you still use Mears for your transportation it will be cheaper then renting a car and paying for parking too. Another enjoyable thing about the ME was getting to see some of the other Resorts that they would stop at before they dropped you at your Resort.
          Trust me, I’m not defending their decision to stop the service, and maybe they will provide something similar when the train service starts running. With all the other money grabs and less Magic They lost us as hotel and park guests before they decided to do this. Universal and Sea World will be fun to see now.

  56. They used to say that in order to get all the magic of Disney then you needed to stay on property. Well, Disney has been taking away so much of the magic and then charging more for it. The incentive to stay on property is gone now that getting there will cost so much more. Sounds to me like I’m finding another vacation spot. Too bad. We made over 40 trips in the last 30 years. The sense of value is just gone. Getting rid of ME is just the last nail in the coffin. I’m guessing that the Mears ME contract is set to expire on 31 December 2021 and Disney didn’t want to commit to another multi year contract with the railway to Disney on the horizon.

  57. I love Disney but they continue to raise prices while continually cutting out perks! No fast pass, restaurants that aren’t open shops that aren’t open, resorts that aren’t open and wait times for some attractions over an hour. I am ready to back but with all the changes I can’t decide if it worth it.

  58. I’m actually surprised by this tbh. With Disney doing so much to discourage people using a car on Disney property to discourage them from leaving the resort (with the introduction of parking fees at resorts), I find them discontinuing the magical express an odd choice. If they had made to charge people a small fee to use it, I could’ve understand it. But discontinuing it completely??

  59. Terrible mistake! Disney’s Magic Express is essential for guests traveling from all over the world that arrive at the airport.

    Disney should change their decision on this one!

    1. This is a big mistake. As said, people travel from all over the world to WDW and this is essential for them. Everyone spends thousands of dollars to come and you can’t even give them transportation from the airport. I am afraid that you are going to be losing a lot of visitors because you keep taking more and more away from the visitors. You are taking the MAGIC out of magicial experience. Think twice about that decision. We were planning another trip next year but will rethink that. Two day drive to get there and two days back cuts our vacation time in half.

  60. “As consumer needs and preferences change”. I need to get to WDW from the airport and I prefer to use Magical Express.

  61. Why would they do this?I would even pay a fee since don’t want to pay to rent a car I won’t use except to and from airport with internal Disney transport. This from the new guy as a way to cut more job and cut out perks? Dump him. As a senior, I can’t and won’t lug suitcases on a train…then off train to a bus somewhere….this looks like the end to my yearly Disney trips.

    1. MEARS Will still be available to use as transportation for a fee, My wife and i used them long before Disney had them for the Magical Express buses and if we go back to Florida we will use them to go to Universal and Sea World since we are done with Disney since they keep taking things away, laying off the Cast Members but still giving HUGE BONUSES to the executives that really do nothing but sit behind a desk while the Cast Members make the MAGIC.

    2. Wow,this is just about the worst Disney news I’ve seen in forever. Been going there and recommending WDW to ALL our friends and family for decades. Literally not probably coming back, if we have to drag luggage from baggage claim at Orlando, to a train, get dumped off at Disney Springs, THEN drag it all along to find a bus to our resort?? Really? The luggage handling, start to finish, was a HUGE part of why we adored our Disney trips. This is like the nail in the coffin. Hope they reconsider.

  62. It seems that Disney is taking away little by little the nostalgia that give Disney the edge over other vacation areas. It has become more expensive and less and less cost effective. Sad commentary on our state of affairs in this world.

  63. This makes me sad. This is a big deal. If I have to rent a car or pay Uber, why stay at a resort hotel? ME is so convenient and really does help keep guests on property.

  64. Magic Express was a fantastic perk. I personally feel this is a huge mistake Disney is making. They are eliminating to many services that made vacationing at Disney magical. We used to drive down to Orlando but we quickly realized how convenient the Magic Express and luggage service was and never went back to driving. Taking this option away is not a good change. We looked forward to the ride from airport doing the Disney trivia to get us Mickey ready. Our family is saddened by this development.

  65. I’ve used DME well over 20 times. Ever since it began. Loved it. Before there was Magical Express I would often rent a car and sometimes stayed off property. After DME began I have stayed exclusively ON Property. Mostly because of how easy it was to hand off my luggage in Indpls and have it arrive at my room. And the reverse, checking it at the resort and picking it up in Indy. If DME no longer exists… wow… that’s a huge shame. I know it will probably change how I plan some of my trips. Will I still stay on property? Sometimes. But it is likely I will choose to stay off property a lot more since I will need someway to get back and forth from the airport. Sad that this perk is being sunsetted.

    1. Can only echo the sentiments already expressed! We stay at high end resort so we can access the parks we prefer and can get to most easily. We get into “Disney-mode” as soon as we drop off our luggage in Boston and still feel connected to the experience til we touch back down. The logistics of juggling luggage, small children, and reservations will definitely impact our decision on heading to Disney after 2021. As a shareholder, I will have to consider impact on stock as the consumer continues to get less for more! Very disappointing!

  66. The magical express is one of the reasons Disney World has been so appealing over the years. If you are staying at a Disney hotel the magical express picked you up at the airport and nearly sang “Be our guest” while they transported you to your hotel. This made it so much easier than renting a car and driving. This has also been a reason to meet my grandchildren there rather than Universal. Don’t know Disney’s reason for this but I’m guessing most travelers won’t like it.

  67. So disappointing – it’s the perfect way to begin and end our vacation. It’s a real perk being taken away from guests staying on property…definitely need to voice our disappointment as a group.

  68. This is horrible news! I absolutely loved the comfort of knowing my extended travel to and from the airport was taken care of. I even would have been willing to pay for the service direct from Disney. I don’t understand why they are ending this? What is the best most affordable way to get back and forth. Yes I agree, with the added cost of travel, parking fees, etc. and lack of convenience…makes Disney that much less magical!

  69. I suspect most people wont want to lug their week long vacation luggage on a high speed train, then through disney springs to wait for a bus to connect to their disney resort. The two dont compare.

  70. Magical express was a big reason to stay on property. That saved us a bunch not having to pay Mears or uber to get back and forth from the airport. Def disappointed in this decision by disney.

  71. As someone who has used ME for forever, I hope Disney realizes that people/families cannot afford to pay the parking fees if those stay in place. If I have to rent a car then there is no incentive to only remain at WDW; we could split time at Universal and other attractions too. By saving money to get rid of buses they are losing rooms, meals, and shopping from families like mine.

  72. I have taken my extended family to Disney for over 30 years at least once a year. The bus service to the resort has been fantastic for us. So will Mears still offer this service at an additional cost?

  73. No reason to stay on property without extra magic hours and magical express. This might just be the end of our family trips to Disney.

  74. Another ridiculous cut from Disney. It’s become less and less about guest experience. As a DVC member and annual pass holder I consider this a slap in the face. I guess I will be reconsidering all of this. If I have to rent car I might use my points but I will explore other things to do rather than spending my money on Disney property.

    1. Everyone commenting here about their unhappiness over the change should ABSOLUTELY complain to Disney directly. If they are bombarded with complaints that is the only way they know they should keep something!!! (Just be polite, customer service workers are humans too)

  75. I would much rather have the transportation than early hours. Those benefits are not even remotely equivalent. I’m really disappointed, we were preliminarily planning a trip for 2022.

    1. It irritated me that they would offer the early hours like it’s a new perk! No, this is something Disney had but took away due to Covid. Also, why did he respond to the question about why ME was taken away by bringing up early morning hours? Those 2 things aren’t even remotely connected?!

  76. Used The Magical Express all the time. Very disappointed they are cancelling. They want to know how to make trips more enjoyable, that was one of the best ways, no worries getting both ways to airport etc. Been coming from Canada for many years, how to get there for the 50th, but that will probably the last.

  77. That’s a major pain in the butt. Not a massive fan of Disney cutting all these things and not giving anything back in return.

  78. We loved the magical express. We used it three times and thought it was easy and got you into the Disney spirit even at the airport. Very sad to see this discontinued.

  79. The transportation to and from the airport was a huge draw for staying in a disney hotel. I think they’ll really need to come up with more incentives to make it worth it. It seems like they’re really toning down perks in a bad way.

      1. I totally agree, one of the biggest perks for staying on property is the DME. Specially in my case that live in another country.
        If we have to plan for transportation now we might as well choose a cheaper place to stay. That’s very sad news